How did you and rpg maker meet?

A number of years ago my Pokemon nostalgia from my childhood kicked in after playing a new Pokemon title, and I got very much into it. I came across a place that made them, and found the RPG Maker route of making them. The rest is a long history of failure and less success. My current project actually is the first I'm trying to make that isn't a Pokemon fangame, lol.

Favorite super power

I'd like to slow time at any rate I want, at will. So much potential there.

[Poll] Judging whether to download a game? What do you look for?

Basically, they are the resources that come with the game maker. They are therefore the most accessible and a lot of people use them. VX and VX Ace have character generators, but they are still considered RTP because they have the same style as all the default characters.

Ah, good to know, thanks. Basically what I was suspecting, then.

[Poll] Judging whether to download a game? What do you look for?

Question, since its a term I haven't seen used before coming here... What are RTP graphics or RTP-based graphics exactly?

Difficulty: Challenge vs Frustration

Oh, I just meant that while challenge can lead to frustration (and can also be rectified with difficulty levels) that this discussion is more just about the gameplay elements that are immediately frustrating and nothnig else. The sort of things that difficulty levels won't actually make any less frustrating.

Fake difficulty, like selecting random paths -half of which lead to death- won't be any less frustrating if an "Easy Mode" gave you more time to make your decision, for example.

Wasn't a dig at you or anything, for the record.

Okay, I get what you're saying. Maybe I said it wrong originally or you didn't notice it. I noted that frustration can come from with bad game design (what you're referencing) or a lack of skill (or patience if you;'re dealing with grinding games). Difficulty levels was a simply the typical tactic I pointed out in fixing the issue with a lack of skill. It was a bit unrelated to the bad game design stuff you're talking about.

Really, I was just pointing out that frustration isn't solely bad game design, and as a designer people just need to be aware that both are easily capable of creating frustration.

That's all. And no, I didn't think it was a dig at me or anything, lol.

Difficulty: Challenge vs Frustration

I don't believe you have to offer difficulty levels for everybody. It's a nice thought and you can if it makes the game more appealing, but at some point you risk watering down the game for the sake of mass appeal.

Not everybody has to like every game :)

I was more saying for if you want to eliminate as much potential frustration as possible, that was all. I agree that its hardly necessary if you don't care to try to make the game appealing to that group.

Difficulty: Challenge vs Frustration

LX, you're correct technically: anyone will get frustrated with a challenge being too great, and will ultimately just irritate the player if they can't defeat it.

This discussion is more about the two concepts from a development standpoint: things the developer can do that are just challenging, or things they can do that are likely only to frustrate people without really having the same "challenge" element.

I thought I addressed that?

Difficulty: Challenge vs Frustration

Eh... frustrating is not defined by its cause. If something is too difficult for you, it will be frustrating. In the end, frustration is just a reaction to a challenge being too great. It can be because of bad design. It can be because of a lack of skill. Its still frustrating if you can't win. The trick is avoiding the bad game design that causes it, and to provide a large enough variety of difficulty levels so everyone is happy.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Just finished my custom menu interface. I'm really liking how the concept turned out. You can use the arrow keys for almost all of the navigation. Its simple, not overbearing, and looks good. I'm quite happy with it right now.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I think the equipment would look less awkward if the equipment had shadows to give more of an effect that they are leaning there.

Though the overall Map looks great, easily.