Hello, you probably want to know more about me huh? Well too bad.

Anyway I love to play games. Actually not games in general, I am a major fan of rpgmaker horror/ puzzle games, so if I find something like that around here, I will review the crap out of it!

I usually review games on weekends, because that is when I have freetime and I also tend to use the words: little, damn, crap a lot while writing so yeah.



Accepting Criticism

What exactly are people meaning when they say "premature"? Do they mean reviewing a game as a demo before it's finished, or not getting through the entire game (how ever long that game may be)?
Premature means if you don't check out the whole game and rush into reviewing it which then may lead to false conclusions. However, I think Cash's decision on not giving the game a rating was fair since he admitted it himself it was premature. Nouin shouldn't have acted on the review since it didn't get a negative rating in my opinion. He just lured trolls towards his game and the situation escalated. It's a pity...

Accepting Criticism

I don't really think that Nouin cared for the ban. He didn't actually hide the score, he was trolling with some smiley faced rating icons as if he wanted to get banned in purpose. He was warned three times from kentona but he did it again and again.

@Cashmere, I don't think they stopped working on the game since they are posting updates on tumblr. That would be really stupid if they would stop the development just because of being banned on rmn.

Also your first review was really a bit premature, have to agree with the developer. But you did a good job on the second one, even though it seemed forced since the comment war started.


Hey :3
First of all: great! Simply as that, this game so far is great in my opinion, and I can't wait for it to be released in full version :D
Second of all: I have made a playtrough of it, so if you want, you can watch it here:
That is all I had so say :3

I think the same

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Please if you want to comment on Corfaisus's review then don't do it here. Go do it on his review. I am pretty sure I mentioned everything and I am not going to change my mind despite what anyone says, if you think differently please go do your own review on the game and don't force your opinions upon me.

Deleted Review


Your other reviews are quite good so I don't want to dismiss your contributions, but deliberately padding the rating of your friend's game is against our rules as outlined here:

People cry foul when they see things like this, and with good reason. You're allowed to review your friend's game but please make sure you do so in an honest and unbiased fashion.

Excuse me, you can remove this review, you have the authority to. However I don't find it to be fair, I was being totally honest with every single review I did. Just expressing my experience as a player but as I said, do as you wish.

It Moves Review

You're welcome man, it was a nice experience.

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I personally love this demo and it left me hooked wanting more. Just because I express my opinion it does not mean I am a friend of the developer, you can either agree or disagree with this review. Everyone has its own opinion, and this is my type of game.

The reason why I gave it a perfect score was mainly because it deserves it in my opinion. I review games objectively as a normal player. According to my experience, this is my cup of tea and I want more of it. So 5 stars.

Feel free to check out my other reviews.

Thanks for reading

Deleted Review

You just said that you thought the guy got a demo confused with a full game. And it says in the first line of the review that it's a demo. That's pretty conclusive.

A demo is meant to show off the merits of the full game. Demos generally don't have time for deep story, but if you play a demo where you have no idea what's going on, that's still a potential problem. My own demo was deemed "heavily lacking in the story department" and I took that to heart and changed it. The whole point of making a demo is to gather feedback about how you're doing. If you throw that feedback in the garbage because "it's just a demo" then you've kinda defeated the whole point.

Instead of pedantically taking this review apart and pretending you can judge the mindset of the person who wrote it (which is extremely silly, by the way) why not just write your own review?

I actually did make a review on this game, just waiting for approval. ^^

Deleted Review

The first line of his review was "Team Galanx's Konstandin is a horror game demo..." :/

It's a little hard to misunderstand after that.
The first line of his review was "Team Galanx's Konstandin is a horror game demo..." :/

It's a little hard to misunderstand after that.

The review does not sound so "demo". It's like he had it on the back of his mind that it's a full game. I might be wrong, but I never played a commercial game demo that had a story, it just showed me how to play it, maybe kill some boss in a specific event and that's it. No story. Had to wait for the full game to see what happens next and how it came to that boss fight.

Deleted Review

To elaborate, the game is based on a legend of a cursed knight named Konstandin. It is the exploration of the mind of Rinor and his growing mental insanity. On the gamepage, it has a bio outlining the character of Rinor. Apparently he earns his living through art commissions and design, and is a typical gamer who enjoys playing online games. This seems like a really interesting character, but none of this deep personality is revealed in the game. There is no exploration of his loving, kind or caring traits which are described in the bio. Character development will help the player confide in the main character, but in this game, it is non-existent. There are no introductory scenes to help us establish rapport with the character. There is no reason to care at all.

@Cash, after reading your review, this caught my eye. You mentioned all the time "in this this game", I think you meant "in this demo". I guess you misunderstood this demo with the full game? Because that's how your review sounds. You basically reviewed this as the full game in my opinion. I totally agree that this review was kinda premature, don't take it personally though.
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