A dork that likes to doodle.

I plan on making a several games in the future! I currently am working on a horror game (titled "Milk.") and a short game for a webcomic I am working on.

It will be a while before I actually get anything done, but I look forward to playing a lot of really cool games until then!

Icon is temporary until I have the time to draw a nice one. Icon does not belong to me!

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Surreal Run-and-Gun 2D Platformer
Pen Pals
Find your mom as a panda.
Living Playground: The W...
A game about friendship, kindness, cruelty, and geese.
Monster Love Party
A short comedy horror game in time for Halloween!
ovnogesl v3
A short story of a boy who is awakened by a recurring dream
April was a Fool
No, you can't date the Dragon.