The Unfinished

PM me when you have a demo out.

Everlasting Journey

Tell me when a demo is out. Pm

Luminous Vestar

PM me when a download is up

Everyday's an RPG

PM me when you have a demo up k.

Starless Umbra

PM me when you have a download ready.

Neo Lescia

PM me when there is a download.

Balmung Cycle Part I: The Messenger and the Heretic

I wonder when Part Two is going to be out. Can't wait to try it even though I haven't played this one yet. I wonder if it's already out.


Please hurry up and make a download. I think a no battle comedy RPG game will be fun!

Versus Xerza 01: Ultimate Showdown

PM me when you finish the sequel, this game looks cool
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