What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Etrian Odyssey 4 is on the rage but I'm still playing the second game.
I want a 3DS ;_;

[Poll] Which Touhou character would you like to be playable?



Why your name?

It is my nickname plus the answer to life, the universe, and everything!
...Well actually I got the number randomly from a certain online virtual pet game several years ago. When I register there, the site generated a random number and add it to my username. Since then the number got stuck with me.


Lana42 :D! It's been a while!

It's been a while since I last active on the other forum so it took me a while to remember who you are xD How are you Rhyme? I'm honored to have someone remember me ^w^


I will say I did a little digging and I am impressed by what I found.

what did you found? xD Thanks btw!

You can listen to my recent works on the RMN Music Pack page under my name, and some of my older works on my Soundcloud account.

My finished works are really few though, because I usually took a very long time to compose a track.


Hello everyone!
Sorry I'm not really good with introduction umm...
I'm a selftaught composer, and I joined RMN several months ago to participate in a composing challenge. I'm here again now to participate in the currently ongoing music pack event. I make games too occasionally but it usually ends up becoming a neverending project.

Well that's all I guess. I hope I can contribute to the community in any way. Nice to meet you all! :)

The RPG Music Challenge - Phase 1 Results!

Because of my slow connection, I had to see the page source to find the links and download all of the songs with my download manager. Sorry for the rant D:

I've listened to all entries, and got confused too at first. But in the end I choose Entry 11.

Special mentions:
6 >> best MIDI entry in my opinion

23 >> fourth place for me
27 i love chiptunes! xD
30 >> second place

32 >> third place

and the two late entries are great too. You took your time well i guess :D
Cant wait for the submissions on the next phase >w<
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