[RM2K3] How to go about releasing an epiodic game?

So I'm considering doing a game in episodes, sort of the same way erm... "The Way" did it.

But I'm not too sure about how to go for it.
I've thought long and hard and I see two roads I could take:

1 - How "The Way" did it. Basically, each episode is a new project, and players have to manually import their save files into subsequent episodes

2 - Or I just create, say, 10 maps (just a number), for episode 1. Then, Episode 2, IN THE SAME PROJECT, I add 15 more maps, bringing the total to 25. Then, I put up a zip/rar file with 16 maps: 15 new ones, and 1 updated map that's supposed to be the map where the player last saved, with an updated event to progress into map number 11. Players then unzip/unrar the maps (and assets, I know), and overwrite the other map. (Did that whole thing make sense?)

I believe that Lun Calsari did it like option 1, because option 2 could corrupt projects, but I want to know for sure. What kind of problems can I run into with each option and, are there other, better options to do this?

[Plug-In][RM2k3] More interesting conditions

I've been working on adding some conditions to the ones already existing in the database, to make games a little more interesting. To that effect, I've created this plugin.

Additional Conditions

The plugin currently has 4 conditions (1 Condition, 2 Boons and 1 Hex, as I call them):

- Bleeding
- Healing Breeze
- Retribution
- Painful Bond

Once a party member is inflicted with this status, he/she will start losing health at a rate of 1 HP per tick. This condition lasts roughly 6 seconds and it's automatically removed. Skills can remove the condition prematurely; if the condition lasts its full duration, the party member would have lost about 50 HP.

TL;DR: Health degeneration

Healing Breeze
Once a party member is enchanted with this boon, he/she will start gaining health at a rate of 1 HP per tick. This boon lasts roughly 6 seconds and it's automatically removed. Skills can remove the boon prematurely, as a sort of enchantment removal; if the boon lasts its full duration, the party member would have gained about 50 HP. Counter balances Bleeding.

TL;DR: Health regeneration

Party members enchanted with this boon will reflect 33% of the damage incurred. The boon lasts 17 seconds and can be removed with skills.

TL;DR: Retaliation, baby.

Painful Bond
Party members hexed with P.Bond will suffer damage equal to 10% their max HP when attacking. This hex lasts 10 seconds; can be removed.

TL;DR: Melee shutdown.

How to install?

You need to make sure your project is patched with DynRPG.

Then, download this and un-RAR into your DynRPG folder.

Couple of notes:

As of now, Bleeding HAS to be the 4th condition on the database; similarly, H. Breeze, Retribution and P. Bond HAVE to be 5, 6, and 7 respectively.

The conditions don't have to be named like that, of course. Bleeding can easily be Poison, for example.

To Do:

- Find a way of customizing the condition so it can be any from the database (Except for 1, which is Death)
- Add support to customize condition, boon and hex duration
- Add support to customize if a condition can be stacked in intensity; for instance, increase the amount of HP drained in 1 tick, to make the degeneration in Bleeding faster or slower.

Thank you!

PS: If you find bugs, please let me know.
PS2: I've added the Code::Blocks project to the download so you can make modifications, bug fixes or functionality additions as needed.

Designing the Title Screen

I've been developing this game for some time now, and I have to recognize that my obsession with little details has led me to only have 1 and a half "stages" done, but I want to continue. Now, I've already created a nice storyline, custom graphics and decided the name of the game, and how many chapters it will have (Even chapters names). Now, I'd like to create the Title screen, but I'm lacking ideas.

So, just to poll people around, what is the thought process behind your creation, as far as title screen goes?
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