Infantry for life!
Lead developer of Seraphim Creations. I enjoy doing pixel art as well:)
Kingdom - Caligula
RPG game that features the mad Emperor Caligula.



Frogge's Maps Workshop

Or edits, map addons that would fit with the RTP style.

Ace's Little Anime Art Shop [AFFORDABLE!]

"AFFORDABLE!" Is a term that means something to each person. The work is good though.

Frogge's Maps Workshop

Nope, make custom maps and we will talk.

I Am Alexander

Hephaestion is too sexy for armor apparently. Not that I'm complaining if it means eye candy.

He is a very beautiful man.

People that continue to work on projects that probably are a lost cause.

Well if you are enjoying yourself and having's not a waste at all. 8 years though....

Weekly Speedpainting Series

Ehhh my eyes....

Ratty's Drawings and Other Artsy Things

Always nice to see your work!

Rob's Workshop!

I have never seen a style like this, very interesting for sure! Keep up the good work!

[ARTIST FOR FREE] anime/characters/CG

Ah it breaks my heart to see a talented artist working for free on games that will probably never get finished. If you want some paying work from someone that finishes games PM me.

[ARTIST FOR HIRE] Anime/visual novel/Chracters/CG

Wow very nice art, and very high prices lol.