Okay, my computer died, so working on some basic stuff for a while, just some mapping warm ups really, nothing major or with a massive storyline as such. May link all small games together eventually. OH if you're on Mabinogi EU then feel free to add Laudable12 , Carlonis or Lucrecis (better off adding Laudable12 really) just let me know who the hell you are <.< x)




I actually like this;
yeah the sword is very bold, but why does that matter? I think it looks really good actually..
I have no problem reading the font, even without my glasses on... :/

but yeah, I like this and kinda hope you didn't alter it (at least not too much)


Have recently edited this map and made it look more realistic (i.e. the walls aren't infinite and they look a little more..suitable..

EDIT: Will update when I'm on my own PC again...


Heh, that's just the kind of world that this is ^^


It looks a bit "dodgy" on the path, too. Excellent mapping, by the way.

Oh yeah, I didn't notice the little squares on the corners.
Still, a nice map though xD


Excellent mapping, one issue: your mountains look a little dodgy in places.. I don't really know how to describe it. But other than that, well done!


If I'm honest, it doesn't quite work for the male hunter. Since his bow is so very large, you can't see his right-hand side. I'm sure this is correctable, though.


Yeah, I had a problem originally, in that you could walk over these walls. Managed to sort it out in the end, but left all corrections in place. Perhaps the super chunky walls can be removed now... :)


And all that empty space gets filled later on with more people who take part in various quests.
Wow, this sounds like a lot of work even to me :/


Wow, you're right, don't know how I never noticed that... Meh, it's cool, so I'll let it go :)


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