Okay, my computer died, so working on some basic stuff for a while, just some mapping warm ups really, nothing major or with a massive storyline as such. May link all small games together eventually. OH if you're on Mabinogi EU then feel free to add Laudable12 , Carlonis or Lucrecis (better off adding Laudable12 really) just let me know who the hell you are <.< x)


Quick question

Is it just my computer, or does VX take forever to open on all other computers too.

To be honest, it's probably just my computer ^^

If it's fixable, then I would really like a solution to the problem!! :)

Easy question about spritesets and facesets

How big are they in RMVX..?
Like, how big length and width are they meant to be to come out properly. I ALWAYS end up getting it wrong and giving up...

So someone please answer with as little sarcasm as possible?

Sort of like 'new game +' but not really...

I want to implement a system into a project I'm currently working on...
I want to make it so that, during the game you meet the elven race and after doing a few quests for the elves, you may start a new game, of a fashion, playing as an elven character. But I want elven characters to have a different starting location and quest sequence.
I have no idea where to begin to do this.
I'm using RMXP.

EDIT: Oh! And the player must also be able to carry on their human save...
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