I'm just a guy who likes creating things. Currently trying to blindly make his first video game. Member of the Sugary Sweet Machines.

The Endless Empty
A surreal post-life adventure.


Custom HP MP Colors for each actor?[RMVX ACE]

So I am working on a game where each actor in the party has a color associated with them. I would love to be able to change the color of their HP and MP bars in battle to reflect this. I know how to change colors of the bars overall for everyone by changing the window file in the database. Is there a method to link HP/MP color to a specific actor or a script out there to do this. Thanks.

Hi! Looking to start playing and making games

Hi everyone

I just discovered this place and it looks really cool. I just started working on a game in RPGVX Ace and I thought it would be useful to join a community if I run into any hiccups. I've been working on music and animation for the last few years and I wanted to combine those elements into making a game.

Also I'm always willing to try out other peoples games, the more bizarre/surreal/weird/artsy the better.

So yeah, glad to meet you. Hope I can become part of the community
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