Lene "VividXP"

What I can do
Program (including: Javascript, C++, C#, Ruby)

What I'm Doing
VividXP's Word Wrap
VividXP's Custom Map Descriptions
Breeze Template "RTP" Pack - It will include character sets and some tilesets.

What I'd Like to Do
Sprite for someone's project. If you have a project and are looking for help, send me a message and I'll see what I can do. The only exception is RMXP RTP sprites, I hate them a lot, so I'd rather not bother.



Homework Salesman

Dusting off my account (/o\) to echo, 'play it'!
There is A LOT to do. A LOT. And when I say A LOT, I mean A LOT.
I'm at Day 57 and almost 24 hours in and I'm not even done yet. :P


First off, I am loving the game! I'm 13 hours in and I've enjoyed making my way through the world and doing all the side-quests.

However, I have no idea where to go at the moment.
I just found the hidden sanctuary...I went to the forest to the east but there doesn't seem to be a way out of it. I tried going back through the hole in the blockade but everyone I talk to keep saying that they need to go north....

Breeze RTP Project

Yes, I am definitely planning on doing other races. On my list are elves, kobolds, cat people, merpeople, nagas, and more that I can't off the top of my head. If you can give me a good idea of what a parlant bear is, I'll add that too.

Beginner's Intimidation and High Standards

I only read the first page so this may be a bit of a tangent, but if you have come out with a working demo/game/prototype you're probably in the top 10% (which is generous) of pretty much any given community. That's the hardest part. You can only get better from there, so I'd take the criticism in stride, ignore the outright haters and remind myself that I've already accomplished something.

With that said, before you get to the demo stage, I'd probably keep my progress on the downlow. Show a few friends you know won't psych you out of continuing to work on your project.

Breeze RTP Project

Lene's Breeze RTP Project

1/28/2012 - Female Tavern/Bar Pack
  • Waitresses (Barmaid, Diner, Cocktail, Bunny)
  • Bartenders (Formal, Nightclub)
  • Lounge Singers

The Breeze RTP is a collection of character sets made using the Breeze template by greenraven. Long story short, I like the template, they're easy to make so I'll sprite as many characters as I can stand.

Terms of Use

This work by Lene is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
Everything you find here is free to use with credit to me ("Lene") and the template creator, greenraven, unless otherwise specified. Also, it's not required but I'd appreciate if you are using anything to let me now by replying or hitting me up @twitter.

I will consider all requests. However, all requests I do will be posted publicly and fair game to anyone and everyone, so keep that in mind before you request something.

Coming Soon
  • Male Tavern/Bar pack
  • Cleric/Clergy pack

Base Templates
Adult Female

Adult Male


Fully Realized Character Sets


Bits and Pieces
To mash together, use in a character maker, etc.


Accessories (Hats/Pins/Headbands/etc.)

To-Do List (Suggestions Welcome!)
  • Male Bar/Tavern Pack
  • Soldiers
  • Children
  • Clergy/Clerics

Challenging/Very difficult game

Is Phylomortis still around? Half the battle is parsing the dialogue (no shade...okay, maybe a little) but the actual gameplay should be challenging enough for most people.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Here is my updated wilderness tileset with the new grass (mostly) implemented and a redrawn rockface. I draw the diagonals over again to make them hopefully look a bit more organic. I'm still working on some more curved segments:

I'd like to see what this screenshot would look like if the color of the grass had less saturation and was a pinch lighter. The stone wall looks fine. You might want to make a few extra tiles so people can break up the rock face a bit.

Please tell me RMN likes Hip Hop!

I am an unapologetic hip hop fan. Most people's criticisms of the genre come from a place of ignorance of the diversity of the artists who produce hip hop. I also blame Lil' Wayne.

I've recently been listening to Kendrick Lamar. I generally like what I hear but I can't watch him. He does this shuffling thing where he doesn't look the camera in the eye and crosses the line from eccentric to creepy.

J Cole has always been good and he got a record deal and the album from that is really good.

I am skeptical of hip hop/rap going in a more electronic route but Tech N9ne and his dubstep tracks surprised me with how good they were. Technicians is just brilliant.

Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) has some well produced tracks but I can only listen to so much of Camp because he's a grown man and he needs to get over the fact that some black kids said he was acting white and stop rapping about it. It makes so much sense that a lot of his fans are white hipster girls (yeah, I said it, come at me).

Pixel Art Repository

With the exception of the wall tiles, the templates I used for the sprites and the sprites in the tileset example screenshot, yes, this is all me.

Pixel Art Repository

We shall.

Your tileset looks great. But the way you placed them makes them look strange.

I'll leave the mapping to the people who are actually competent at it. Now that you mention it however, I think having a good mapper willing to make sample maps with a custom tileset would be a huge help. It would be easy to spot mistakes (missing tiles, awkward positioning, etc.) and then they could suggest things to add that aren't obvious to me (the person who wonders how to use pretty much half the tiles in a given RTP tileset).

I'm focusing on character sets at the moment, but I do have a village tileset that I might want a mapper's help with. Just putting it out there for the future.
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