Lene "VividXP"

What I can do
Program (including: Javascript, C++, C#, Ruby)

What I'm Doing
VividXP's Word Wrap
VividXP's Custom Map Descriptions
Breeze Template "RTP" Pack - It will include character sets and some tilesets.

What I'd Like to Do
Sprite for someone's project. If you have a project and are looking for help, send me a message and I'll see what I can do. The only exception is RMXP RTP sprites, I hate them a lot, so I'd rather not bother.


Breeze RTP Project

Lene's Breeze RTP Project

1/28/2012 - Female Tavern/Bar Pack
  • Waitresses (Barmaid, Diner, Cocktail, Bunny)
  • Bartenders (Formal, Nightclub)
  • Lounge Singers

The Breeze RTP is a collection of character sets made using the Breeze template by greenraven. Long story short, I like the template, they're easy to make so I'll sprite as many characters as I can stand.

Terms of Use

This work by Lene is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
Everything you find here is free to use with credit to me ("Lene") and the template creator, greenraven, unless otherwise specified. Also, it's not required but I'd appreciate if you are using anything to let me now by replying or hitting me up @twitter.

I will consider all requests. However, all requests I do will be posted publicly and fair game to anyone and everyone, so keep that in mind before you request something.

Coming Soon
  • Male Tavern/Bar pack
  • Cleric/Clergy pack

Base Templates
Adult Female

Adult Male


Fully Realized Character Sets


Bits and Pieces
To mash together, use in a character maker, etc.


Accessories (Hats/Pins/Headbands/etc.)

To-Do List (Suggestions Welcome!)
  • Male Bar/Tavern Pack
  • Soldiers
  • Children
  • Clergy/Clerics

Pixel Art Repository

If I recall correctly, this is my first post here after lurking on and off for several months. I want to start on a productive note so here are some things I've made/edited/done.

Terms of Use
Anything I post here is free to take and use in your games as long as you credit me (as "Lene"). It's not necessary, but it would be nice, to let me know what you've used by either replying or hitting me up on Twitter.


Lab Worker
Used the female Tyke-2 template, but the sprite and face is androgynous imo

Breeze-Village Girls

Breeze Template Hairstyles

Breeze - Rogue/Thief Character

Tyke Child

Tyke-2 Fighter/Prince/Noble

Tyke-2 Civilian

Modern/Brownstone Tileset

Tileset Example

Twin Daggers Icon/Character Set
Character set was made for the XASABS Script

Windblown Plants Character Set
Quick How To: Set these sprites to stop animation and it's an easy way to get an effect of plants blowing the wind.

I'm working on an RTP of sorts for the Breeze template. So keep an eye out for more along those lines.
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