What I like about checking back on this site is seeing how little has changed and unfortunately I don't mean that in a good sense.

Like, I honestly want to like this community? There is still a bit of nostalgia that has me taking a peek once every few months? (That and I recently reset my hard drive and most of my old projects were erased, so I came back recently to try to re-download them once I even remember they exist with my scatter-brained ass)I just don't want to put up with the rotten baggage again.

And Unity, I'm pretty much reminded of when wetmattos gave her excellent suggestions on how to restructure how this community a while back and idk I haven't seen a whole lot of evidence that it was put into action? I'm sorry if I sound like this difficult grump but I just feel like I and a few others have already given our thoughts on the matter, I just want to see how it was ever implemented.

Keep in mind, one person (who was new at the time) trying to restructure the entirety of a community isn't some guarantee that it'll happen. Did she deserve what happened? Fuck no. But to act like RMN is at fault for not acting on the advice of one short-term member is absurd, frankly.

People are bawking at you because you took the time to make a status which basically just says you don't like the place. It's not taking action, it's not helping, it's barely doing anything but making you a target and forcing people to feel bad for keeping you away even if it isn't their fault at all.

I mean, besides that, telling people they're missing the point isn't gonna help either. I think you know that- you've seen the drama, you've seen the fights, so don't try to start one by prickling people about it, or you're just contributing to the issue you want resolved. You can't resolve it by simply coming around to say "I'm still not here".

I dunno. The recent drama in the mascot thread had a quick resolution, which to me is pretty new for RMN. The mods did stuff, the people involved did stuff. It was an improvement. I don't feel great about taking an isolated example and playing off the whole site over it.

E: Here I am posting with my fucking old account lol

Looking to Make Pixel Art.

Yeah, if it's a project remotely close to the scale of one of yours then it wouldn't be a good idea. Plus, I'm not good enough to take on something of that level of quality yet.

EDIT: I may do something on my own, not sure, just need to see if people are interested first.

Looking to Make Pixel Art.

Just wanted to quickly drop in and ask anyone if they wanted some pixel art for their game. Basically, while my friend learns to code, I want to take some time and practice my pixel skills.

Right now I work with 16x16 tiles, but I do want to get practice with 32x32 tiles or maybe even upwards of that at some point. I've been working on some character templates, so it would be nice to get to use them as well. This is completely free, of course.

Any takers?

Gamespot Thread

I think it would be best to do alternating mondays. This isn't the featured game or anything, so I don't think it should have as much staying power, just to balance it out a little.

Monopoly would be a good candidate for a hidden gem, since almost everybody either hated it or didn't care about it when it was released, and for the fact that someone made a working version of Monopoly in 2k3 of all things. It really deserves more attention.

RMN4 is here!

The site looks beautiful so far guys. Great job.

Still going to poke around for a little though.

Workshop and Showcase

Doing that wouldn't improve it at all. People would have good screens maybe, but what we're looking for is overall better games on the front page.
This is what it boils down to

At first, yeah. Eventually everything should work out to be somewhat better overall though, since we're keeping the good stuff where it is and improving the bad stuff.

This is essentially to make us more respectable by improving the overall quality of games on the site semi-dramatically.

Workshop and Showcase

Or we could just increase the minimal amount of screenshots/images needed for a gamepage to exist, as well as having said images being approved for the gamepage itself. That way, the admins won't have to spend time making an extra section for certain games to spike up the quality standards of this place.

Doing that wouldn't improve it at all. People would have good screens maybe, but what we're looking for is overall better games.

Workshop and Showcase

I'm probably doing a bad job of explain this, so pardon me. Basically I'm saying that I want a system like halibabica suggested, one that takes a game and asks "Is this something that should be coming up on the frontpage? Something that will make people take us seriously and draw them into the community and the games?" if not, then just say it should be improved, and put in the workshop until it meets a high enough standard to be publicly displayed. I'm not saying that standard has to be insanely high and elitist, but just enough to be considered a good amateur game.

Superhero Movies

We don't have IMAX around here (Too far out in the boons) so I can't really say whether I like it or not. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the jist of IMAX is a bigger screen and better picture?

I think I might like that, but then again, it could also get annoying as regular movie screens already fuck with my eyes after a while.

Superhero Movies

Agreed, I absolutely love Superhero movies. To me, it's almost like the perfect movie to see in theatres, it's just what you expect to see playing when you think of seeing movies.

I think my favorites would have to be the Spiderman and Ironman movies. Somehow I haven't seen the new Batman movies though, I need to get on that.