Iris Island
An enjoyable experience gathering/quest completing, light-RPG. (Version 1.8)



Iris Island


Hehe :D

"Stay on TRACK, kick those FEET, and don't forget to JUMP. The path to surprises may be OUT OF SIGHT."

Each last word is very important. I encourage you to visit the Miners' camp and then think on it.

If you find it, there is one other hidden place you can hunt down for rewards, but I warn you to save before you try:

"Wave farewell as you jump farther than he who tried before. Bring potions across the lake of fire, towards a cave of riches galore."

Iris Island


Not a problem. It's the designers' responsibility to communicate well in their game to the players. It was my fault for not leaving more indication.

Iris Island

When using the shortcut in the mines, did you press 'A' to jump into the hole? It is elevated off the ground, so you need to use the jump key to get into the passage.

You will be able to find more weft and warp yarn by pursuing the pirate quests. After a couple quests in, a trade-ship will arrive. There, you can buy the yarn you need. And after the ship is gone, yarn will be stocked in general store.

Iris Island


First, complete the quest given from the Captain's Journal. Then, begin the next pirate quest to gain access to the chest in the Captain's room.

Iris Island Review

I really enjoyed reading your review on my game, thank you so much Synthesis.

I hope to make another game like Iris Island, but improve on what I've learned and make something far greater. It's been a great first experience watching everyone play and enjoy their time, and the fact that you've spent an entire afternoon playing is really fulfilling to hear. :)

1) I am %100 agreed with you on the skills. While recently re-playing Iris, I too found cooking to be an inconvenience with all the text screens. I would go back and change a lot of things now, but I am trying to save my lessons for future projects and let the old ones be as they were. However, I still go back to fix what glitches I come across.

2) I'm sorry about that, I wanted to have the boat still available at that point in the game, but I ran into an issue there and had to temporarily cut it out. Sorry I didn't give any warning. I swear I won't steal any more boats. :D

3) That is probably one of the biggest lessons I learned making II, and I promise that next time I will implement save prompts. (They sure saved me a lot of hassle back in my old Splinter Cell days, ha-ha.)

4) I had someone else just recently tell me about running into Frem here when he wasn't supposed to. I have patched that up since then, so hopefully there won't be anymore issues in that area.

5) I'll keep that in mind for the future and make sure to test out visibility more often. I'm working on a secret project right now that deals in a lot of dark rooms, so I'll definitely remember what you said.

6) I've run into a lot of people who were getting stuck at certain jumping points. That's my fault for not putting in tutorials, but I shall avoid that mistake from now on.

Again, thank you very much for your review. It was a delight to read, I gained more insight on how I can improve, and having a new review on Iris Island has made my night.

You take care Synthesis and I hope we meet again!


Iris Island



The crack in the wall is in the little passage to the top-left of this picture. Mine through that deposit of iron and then you will find the hidden entrance at the end.

Iris Island


Thank you so much! Of course, always ready to help. I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed it. :)

Iris Island


If you are referring to the chest in the same room as the diary, that is not the one that contains the treasure. The next step of your quest in to go inside the first level of the Magma caves (The entrance level) and search for a hidden room that Captain Crusty Beard hid in. You will need a pickax to break down a section of wall.

Iris Island


Head over to the west side of the Dweller village and look up to the left of the Crystal Castle entrance. You will find a crystal deposit there. Once you've retrieved the crystal, plant it near the bodyguard on the east side and make your way into the cave.

After you are inside, you must find you're way around another guard. The game will warn you if you are getting to close to him, so make sure you don't walk up to his path. Instead, take another route to the right, sliding on the ice. You will find something around the way to immobilize the lookout.

Iris Island


Hey, no problem at all. Glad to help!

If you haven't been to his shop yet, visit Aylax in his general store at the market district. His building is the one right next to Serik's Food Store. Aylax has a mission to collect pearls for him. After completing this quest you can purchase a net and fishing rod from his store. You will need to be at fishing level 5 to use the fishing rod. Once you are fishing with the rod, you will be able to catch boots at random.

As for the broken track, just bring the monster, Frem, his 10 boots and you will know what to do next.