[RMVX ACE] How to Trigger Event With Item W/O using it

Does this help any? ^^;

[RMVX ACE] How to Trigger Event With Item W/O using it

I do.

Event below player makes me unable to use the door, or do the event, at all o:

[RMVX ACE] How to Trigger Event With Item W/O using it


Alright! I've got the door to work, there's just one issue now. I cannot seem to go back and forth between the two rooms. I can get into the room just fine, but once I exit it, I cannot go back. I'd like to be able to go back. Suggestions? ^^

[RMVX ACE] How to Trigger Event With Item W/O using it

You need a conditional branch that checks if item exists when interacting with the door. Door should be same as and action button.

If item exists:

door opens

Id item doesn't exist:

nothing happens

Or if you don't want the door to be visible at all unil you have the item.

You need to check a condition on the top left side that just says what needs to exist.

Both of these won't use the item.
The only way to remove the item is to tell an event to do so.
I'm assuming this is a key item.

I'm appreciative of your explanation, but I'm afraid I don't fully understand it. Do you think you could explain it in a bit more detail (tell it to me like I'm 6 if you must) or provide images of the process?

Hello! Finally Here!

Well, I've had this account for some time, but I'm finally getting involved in making games and whatnot, so I wanted to introduce myself!

I'm Lex, and I absolutely love RPG Maker games. I've wanted to contribute to the horror and RPG genres for some time now, and hope that with my release of my first game (a test more than anything) that I'll be able to do just that, and improve from there!

Anyway, thanks for reading~

[RMVX ACE] How to Trigger Event With Item W/O using it

Hello! I'm having a little trouble with this scenario:

There is something that a character cannot find until they have item. However, they only need to find it and not use it to trigger being aware of this event.
*Paper obtained by character
*Paper tells character what to do
*Character finds door and can now interact with it

--And doing the reverse would be game-breaking.


On the Edge of Candy Space: A Memory

Alright, I need to be certain. I downloaded this game and started playing it-- the story was engaging, the characters were well fleshed out (despite how little they knew about themselves), and the character art and sprites were done well.

However... was that it? I know it's supposed to be a 30-45 minute game, but the ending sort of shocked me. I felt like there was going to be more- perhaps I missed something?

Sunset Over Imdahl

I intend to do a playthrough of this. I've already played some of it, and I'm really interested to see how the story goes!
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