I enjoy playing and creating games (mostly RPGs) and have a love of story and characterisation above graphics. I've been into RM* since '96 and have used all makers - started on the PSX makers, found and used a patched version of the SNES RM, then moved to RM95. When I found RM2K I finally decided to join some forums and I've been a part of the community ever since.

Absolute Justice

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Before that: 24th May 2016
Wolf and Kid
Save your best friend, a wolf.

Quirky Creations :: a playlist on

Odd games in all shapes and sizes. These are interesting bites of code and eventing, each quirky and interesting in some way. Not your typical RPG fare.

An RPG about a wizard who can't use magic
Card War: Game of Death
'Card War: Game of Death' is a monster-card-game with an AI-Enemy.
10 Minute Infinite
Ten minutes to grind, recruit, gather items, and save the world.
Another Day
Escape in this short choice adventure!
Happy Birthday
When a party for a wealthy family’s 10 year old daughter ends with the birthday girl dead and her sister missing, the detective isn’t exactly conventional. Short murder mystery adventure.
Morphos Metaphor: Penumb...
A group of high school students investigate a supernatural occurrence in an abandoned hospital all while wielding supernatural powers of their own.
Melon Journey
A short adventure game with Gameboy-style art
Five: a 24 Badaptation
Winner of RMN's 5-hour contest. Jack Bauer has to save RTP Land in five hours!
The Legend of Ace: Trial...
My contest entry for the Nugget Crash Course. Save Princess Sasha!
~ alter perfect ~
vx ace contest entry
A fast-paced evented sports simulator!
Madeline's Misplaced Mis...
A Victorian House Hidden Object Game.
Faery Tale
To kiss or Not to Kiss? That is the question.
Twice inbred iterations of garbled nonsense and glib surrealism coalesce to create a game.
Fat Farming Girl
A Harvest Moon Style Indie Game.
The end of the Witch of ...
After years of struggle, the church has caught the evil Witch of Lorven. This is her fate.
Gilded Age Board Game
An APUSH project.
Chocobo Panic Space
Pacman style game with chocobos
Iris Island
An enjoyable experience gathering/quest completing, light-RPG. (Version 1.8)
Explore a city, and do what you want. Date a citizen, get married, buy drugs, explore a haunted house, rob a bank, and more. Featuring a day/night system. Choose from one of 36 characters.
Get ready for a colourful experience!
Make some beautiful art!
Level up a Number !
A flower collecting game.
I'm Scared of Girls
Surreal Action Game
Magical Unicorn Adventur...
Rope physics platformer with summonable unicorn
Zephyr Skies: The Winter...
Nathaniel Everard must unravel the mystery of a kidnapped girl and an elusive sage...
Help a lost penguin find his family in this ice-sliding puzzle adventure.
Heartache 101 ~Sour into...
Add on to the story and create new datable characters for everyone!
Axari: Zuzine
you are a Zuzine collector you collect Zuzine orbs.
Spelunky is a Roguelike
Deep down, you knew it all along.
Short Disco Dance game in Hell
The Sound of Flames
A choose your own escape game.
Super Puzzle World
A mario puzzle game full of surprises!
Metroid influenced platformer with a few RPG elements.
Trick, Treat, or Die: Th...
Command your mob of children in a candy war against AI, a friend, or online!
RMN The Room
A silly EXPERIMENTAL game for a three-day contest. Play at your own risk. Braincell lost may occur.
Space Funeral
pain voyage
Migget Chainsaw Hands
A wave platformer
Grace's Diary
A visual novel + point and click adventure. You control as Grace, a highschool girl who is worried that her friend, Natalie, might be in an abusive relationship.
Otome, slice of life, otaku culture
Rocket Burn
A 90-second game of Newtonian action.
like scrapey scrapey
Tastes Like Spelunky
Spelunky with a delicious twist!
Action 52 RMN - Real Men...
Sixteen games, Fourteen Creators, Twenty Four Hours Per Game, Zero Quality Control
The Muddy Sand Game
A Veritable Sandbox of a Timewaster
Return Of The Yeti
Action Puzzle Game
Quest for Colour
A time-critical game to rescue the world from the imminent decay of greyscale.
RMN Christmas Card 2009
A community game welping: "Happy holidays from RMN!"
Tokens & Tigers
Submission for Kentona's Befuddle Quest 3
I Expect You To Die
3 hour competition entry. Theme: Playable Super Villains
Tina of the Stars
Grab some stars and save your fairy friends!
A certain puzzle game with a story attached.
Befuddle Quest
Official Community Puzzle Game
Jeremiah's Bedroom
A horror game created by me for release something day VI
Project Blue Sphere
Fun like PacMan
Elegy's Eve
a cute Halloween game made in one month!
A violent gorefest platformer.
Professor McLogic Saves ...
Solve randomly-generated logic puzzles for the betterment of humankind
Shepherd's Call: Revenge...
A timeless role-playing experience.
Battle City RM2k Gold
A remake of Battle City for NES
Zero's Impossible Fortre...
Build platforms in this platformer!
Learn a mysterious alien language by using their computers.