I enjoy playing and creating games (mostly RPGs) and have a love of story and characterisation above graphics. I've been into RM* since '96 and have used all makers - started on the PSX makers, found and used a patched version of the SNES RM, then moved to RM95. When I found RM2K I finally decided to join some forums and I've been a part of the community ever since.

Absolute Justice

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Wolf and Kid
Save your best friend, a wolf.

Winterruption Event :: a playlist on

Games created for the Winterruption Side-quest event of 2017!

Words are for meaning: once there is meaning, one can forget the words.
Fancy Pants
In times of great hardship, a man is only as strong as his inseam.
The World Is Destroyed A...
Play as the fallen hero in this side quest-driven Adventure game.
A Most Inconvenient Even...
A curse must be lifted, but there's so much to be done.
My Family, My Suffering
"Would you like it, if you were born into a criminal family?"
Sidhe Quest
When everything goes wrong, it's up to our heroes to go and do a bunch of other stuff!
An Unwanted Engagement
Four mythological secret agents just want a relaxing beach vacation...
The Sunset Sheriff
The Adventures of Sheriff Libby
Eye Sore (*Ouchie)
Looking at it will hurt!