I enjoy playing and creating games (mostly RPGs) and have a love of story and characterisation above graphics. I've been into RM* since '96 and have used all makers - started on the PSX makers, found and used a patched version of the SNES RM, then moved to RM95. When I found RM2K I finally decided to join some forums and I've been a part of the community ever since.

Absolute Justice

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Wolf and Kid
Save your best friend, a wolf.



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Smash Bros 5th Fighter

I'm glad for it. We were lacking in women for the current DLC group, and Byleth's attacks are very versatile for various playstyles. Also, it's deserved. 3 Houses is SUCH A GOOD GAME - like, definitely my game of last year. It's just so good that it deserved to have representation in Smash.

And it looks slick as fuck. There's amazing music and the stages are pretty fucking cool. Frankly, while I get why people might be sad that another FE character got in, I don't understand why they're so down on this particular choice.

Was it expected? Yes. But so what?

Besides, we're getting SIX more, so count the extra as a make up if you're that broken over the choice. I, for one, stan Byleth's inclusion. Fuck the haters, brah!

Now, I won't be upset if they decide to add some BoF or Suikoden characters to the mix on next pack, but the chances for that are nil.

What Night for a Knight.

You can't really let things like this weigh you down. It's human to take from past stories and weave them into our own. It's how those stories stay alive in the human conscious. So many people have told their own interpretations of this or that person through-out history that if we had the originals to line up against what we think we know about that person, we'd be incredibly surprised at how much of a difference there is - and what actually made it through the tellings to today.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Nothing is new under the sun and taking old things, repurposing them into something new, is normal. So, ya know, don't fret it.

Like, for example, just yesterday I was watching an anime that had Oda Nobunaga reincarnated as a Shiba Inu - and him looking at how he was represented in the modern era and going "but it wasn't like that!" and in my mind I was going "What if the real Nobunaga saw everything that his name had been applied to over the ages since his death? What would he feel? How would he react?"

In the end I figured he was dead. It didn't matter how he'd feel about it, just like it doesn't matter what stories are told about us after we're gond. We won't know, we won't care, we don't get a say in what of us gets passed on and what doesn't. Those who knew us will paint us differently than how we percieved ourselves. They see what they see of us, our motivations guessed at and our feelings unconfirmed. They'll pass that on to others and what, in the end, does it really matter?

We've always been - even now, when we're alive - part of the grand story that people tell. We've never been who people see when they look at us, not completely. And they will never know who we really are even those who know us best, so... what? Does it matter? People will love or hate you based on what they see of you and it's always been that way. People will make fun of you or take you seriously based on their experiences with you, too.

It's just what life is - leaving lots of little stamps that make up a picture of you, but that picture will never, ever be all that you ever were. So, essentially, it really isn't an issue that we do the same to others, because we do. We can never know all that they were, all that they could have been, all the thought or felt or did and why.

That's why I think it's fine to mess with historical knowledge and use it for your own. All that they were has been twisted and lost to time - as with everyone the further you go from people who actually knew them being alive - so does it really matter if you make Merlin a cross-dressing asshole who married a frog?

No. It really doesn't. Do what you want, he doesn't care.

Hello, where do I submit rpgmaker VXACE games?

The denial would have shown up in the Notices.

This is also not the place to post about such things being that it's someone's introduction thread. Please make your own thread in User Feedback if there's something site-centric you want to know about/have questions about/find an issue with in the future.

Seasons of RMN III

Time for me to start working on this.

Is it possible to be in two seperate teams?



I recommend getting a natural english writer/speaker to take a look at your dialogue. This should probably read something more like:
"This teleportation was so disastrous, it was like an albatross landing."

Goaling It 2020

Dude. This is so far from appropriate for anywhere, especially a game dev forum. That makes me uncomfortable and I'm not even the target of your aims. Jesus.

They exist, they aren't encumbered with men. They just pick up the creepo vibes. Dial the creepy desperation down about ten notches.



It can take up to a week (as it says in the text when you add a game to the site). If it gets denied it can take longer since the time resets.

You'll get a notification that it's been accepted or denied when it happens. If denied, the notice when clicked on will let you know what needs fixing to get it accepted. Just update the game page (Hover over your name in the black bar, click on Manage games and pick the game) then resubmit.

Also, please keep in mind timezones and that sometimes people get busy. If you're game is taking well over a week or you have other questions, feel free to PM me and I'll check on it. >.<)b


This is fine - reawakening older topics not to ask but to answer and give extra info/etc is okay.

If it were to ask a question it'd be better to make a new thread, but putting forth a solution is a-okay! There's a reason we don't really lock or delete old threads, after all. Some of them we actively encourage bringing back to life (like the writing challenge ones).