Reminder that I'm doing an Extra Life 24 hour stream about 12 hours from now! Join me in the linked channel and donate for children's hospitals!


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Donate during the stream to get your name attached to one of the moemon we'll be playing later in the stream!

Things we'll be doing:
- RMN Halloween Event games - will be playing at least an hour of each, if not more
- OddRabbit's card game, Chroma Core - will be giving it a try to see how terrible I am at card games.
- Moemon Randomised Nuzlocke - it's Pokemon FireRed if Pokemon were cute girls. Randomised for fun and Nuzlocke so it's possible to fail (oh boy).
- if there's time, then donator-approved game

10am Saturday Australian Eastern Standard Time

11pm Friday UTC

About 12 hours from this post.
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