I enjoy playing and creating games (mostly RPGs) and have a love of story and characterisation above graphics. I've been into RM* since '96 and have used all makers - started on the PSX makers, found and used a patched version of the SNES RM, then moved to RM95. When I found RM2K I finally decided to join some forums and I've been a part of the community ever since.

Absolute Justice

Site last broken: 7th January, 2017
Before that: 24th May 2016
Wolf and Kid
Save your best friend, a wolf.


AngelStarStudios and Spammer Mail

Recently a few people have reported getting PMs from both a scammer and someone who is working on behalf of Angel Star Studios.

We've banned both of those accounts for different reasons.

The scammer is pretty obvious.

The ASS one is due to the shady practices and downright toxic behaviour of said 'studios' who have acted in bad faith towards many people they 'worked' with to release games on Steam. If you want to check out details about them, check out their name on Twitter, where some of their past 'clients' and others who have had interactions with them have shared their stories, or this thread on Reddit:

Either way, be wary of people who promise you good, easy things. It sucks but sometimes they're out to get more than you bargained for and are only too happy to sacrifice others for their own gain.

No More Lonely Hearts!

It's Valentine's Day and there's a lot of lonely hearts out there. Time to pair up!

This is a Pixel Quilt with a bit of a twist! Instead of one large quilt, this time we have small half-hearts for people to pick!

The full-sized heart completed:

- Pick one half of the below pairs of hearts.
- If you're the first to pick that half, pixel the part you chose (either left or right) and post it in this topic.
- If you're the second to pick a half in a pair, wait until the first half is posted, then fill in the missing half!
- Use the heart half provided as a base and pixel your art there!
- Picture should match along the middle as well as possible.
- Recommend a theme of cute/love/romance/etc but you can pixel whatever, really~
- There is a set number for a reason! You'll see when we finish them all~ This is the reason they're a bit on the small side. ;p
- A badge will come your way when all the hearts are filled if you took part!

We'll start out with allowing one choice per person, but will allow for more than one later on if needed.

Here's the bases to pick from:

Left Heart Piece

Right Heart Piece


Heart A - Ocean and Muffle

Heart B - Illy and esby

Heart C - TheRPGMakerAddict and Tar-sama

Heart D - Amysaurus and Dyluck

Heart E - NikkyoConsortium and orochii

Heart F - AtiyaTheSeeker and pianotm

Heart G - RPGMakerAddict and Delsin7

Heart H - calunio and orochii

Heart I - Fflo and Mirak

Heart J - El_Waka and RPGMakerAddict

Heart K - Zorga and coelocanth

Heart L - Liberty and JustAShyDoge

Heart M - awe_famsquad and Liberty

Heart N - Soulrain and CrazyBabi

Heart O - NikkyoConsortium and OzzyTheOne

Heart P - JustAShyDoge and Illy

Heart Q - el_Waka and Sooz

Heart R - Zero-vx and NikkyoConsortium

Heart S - el_Waka and akoniti

2020 Misao Official Results!

2020 was a rough year for many people, but despite the darker times our world has been dealing with, creativity will continue to shine. Many great games came from the site and continue to bring smiles to peoples' faces, connect people with each other, teach and help people experience new worlds and ideas!

I hope this next year will also be one full of people playing and drumming up interest in each others' games - and that we can continue to discuss and support each other, both old and new, despite everything that has been going on lately!

Enough of the sentimental shit, though. The Misaos have been tallied!

Without further ado, here are the official* results for the 2020 Misao awards!

Misao for Best Game Title
The most clever, original, witty, or cool game title of the year.

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

Runner Up:

Misao for Best Game Profile
The raddest presentation and marketing of the game.

The MirBox

Runner Up:

Misao for "Eye Candy" Award
Raddest Graphics & Artwork. An excellent example of art direction and cohesive vision.

Beetle Ninja

Runners Up:

Misao for Summoner of Sounds Award
The best soundtrack and creative use of sound.

Beetle Ninja

Runner Up:

Misao for Excellence in Narrative
The project you think is most effective at telling its story. Think in terms of its presentation, writing, clarity, cutscene direction, or Shyamalan twists.

Therapist: Mind Manager

Runner Up:

Misao for The "How the Hell Did They Do That?" Award
The game that displays the most technical prowess and feats of ingenuity in gameplay.

Therapist: Mind Manager

Runner Up:

Misao for "Best Short Game" Award
The best under-1-hour game that you played this year!

Moonsong: First Verse

Runner Up:

Misao for The Dark Souls of RMN
The game that delivers the best challenges or coolest puzzles.

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

Runner Up:

Misao for Punniest Game Alive
Comedic game of the year. Pick the funniest game you played this year, with the best humour and/or the best/worst puns.

Beetle Ninja

Runner Up:

Misao for Trippiest Game
The game that was most strange, bizarre, psychedelic, offbeat, and quirky released this year.

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

Runner Up:

Misao for Year of the Hedgehog
Best use of animals/doggos/pets/hedgehogs in a game this year.

Shooty and the Catfish: Fully Reloaded

Runner Up:

Misao for Best Event Game
For the best of the event games that came from this year.

The game with no name

Misao for Not Dead Yet Award
Given to the best old game that was finally finished this year.

Exile's Journey

Runner Up:

Misao for Star Stealing Prince Award
The game that used the best original assets this year.

Beetle Ninja

Runner Up:

Misao for "Everlasting Journey" Award
The game that has the most content to offer.

Exile's Journey

Runner Up:

Misao for Best Non-English Game
Given to the best translated or non-English game released this year.

Phileas's Mirror

Misao for Most Promising Demo
The demo released this year you think has the most potential to be amazing

Soma Union

Runner Up:

Misao for Game of the Year
The absolute best game you played from RMN for the current year.

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

Runner Up:

2021 Misaos - Thoughts, Ideas, Plans

The Misaos have some issues that have become apparent over the course of the last few years. Ideas have been thrown around but the biggest issue seems to be two-fold:

1- Games are being nominated for categories that they do not fit and due to how the site works, cannot be manually removed.

2- Not enough nominations within categories to allow for a good amount of fitting games to judge from.

On top of those issues are the usual ones:
- not enough people playing the games to nominate/vote them
- not enough marketing during the year to keep the misaos in mind

Now, bar having some edits to the backend to allow edits to the Misaos, I've come up with a kinda simple idea that might help cover some of these issues.

- Keep the normal nominations as they are. No change to the set-up of the nominations at this point - through the year you can nominate the games on the site that you think fit a specific category.

- Use another site for the voting section. This would use the usual nomination round-up using the base form results, but curation would occur to cut out games that don't fit in the proper categories and add games that were well-recieved during the year.

- Adding games that were overlooked or not nominated. Usually we require 2 nominations to get a game into a category for voting. In this case we'd have a couple of staff who have played games over the year to nominate their top picks. Possibly tap the top reviewers of the year for their thoughts, too, and also add any event winners and front-paged games from over the year (both Featured and Spotlights).

- More instances of rounding up and review drives to get people playing more games released during the year.

- More marketing for Misao Nominations, possibly including raffle draws (there's one on at the moment!!!) and mini-events with badges.

Of course, this is just an idea on my part, but one I think would help get the Misaos back into swing. If you have ideas, let us know.

(NSFW) Example for topics with NSFW art in them

We ask that if you have art of a NSFW nature that you lay it out as shown in this topic.

Things we DO NOT allow:
- overtly sexual art (fluids, sex, hentai, etc)
- art that is extreme in nature (guro, vore, fetishism, etc)
- art that is inciting hate or deliberately inflammatory (Pro-Nazi symbolism, Anti-Semitism, homophobic, etc)

Don't make me add to this list. >.>

Check the post below for how to handle sharing your NSFW art!

Fear the Deer :: 2021 Gammak Challenge!

The rules of this challenge are as follows:
- The game must be playable in order to get the badge.
- The game must feature a deer prominently.
- The game must be started and finished within 2021.
- The game must have at least 10 minutes play time.
- The game must have an accepted game page on RMN.

You will need to post a link to it in this thread when finished. Also, feel free to share resources here too!

You will then receive a Deer badge worth 50MS.

I hereby declare this the Year of the Deer.

Deer have a lot of different symbolism attached to them. Not only are they a symbol of peace, but also one of determination, survival and sovereignty. In many cultures, the deer is a symbol of spiritual authority and their antlers serve as a symbol of regeneration and renewal.

Across many cultures, the deer symbolizes piety, devotion, harmony, happiness, peace, longevity, sensitivity, intuition, gentleness, fertility and softness. They are often considered messengers of a spiritual being, translators and guides to those who are lost.

Deer me!

Merry Christmas! (and other assorted holidays)

Hope you all have a wonderduf christmas and that next year isn't filled with plague, hate crimes and assholes!

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2020

It's that time of year again, folks! Time to get your share on~

What is this?
Why, it's Secret Santa, of course!

It's a simple thing, really. Throw your name in the hat and get one in return. You are that person's Secret Santa and must keep the name secret from anyone! Then, before the due date below, you get them a present. On Christmas Eve, you will receive a gift from your own Secret Santa and happy fun times are had by all~

What counts as a present?
We usually like to keep it site-centric so stuff like reviews/media for games, short games that cater to that person's tastes, something for their game (resources/scripts/etc), a piece of fanart or fiction, a cool new avatar, something you think they'd like... that kind of thing. If you have a hard time coming up with ideas, you can ask me as an intermediary to ask them what they'd like.

If you have another idea for a gift, PM me and I'll let you know if it's fine.

So, how do you get in on this action?
Easy! Just give a holler in a comment below before the cut-off date. Simple, eh?

Rules are as follows:
- First rule of Secret Santa club. Don't talk about Secret Santa club.
- Second rule of Secret Santa club. See rule #1.
- Sign up below by leaving a comment that lets me know you're joining in.
- In that same comment list a few things that are your interests or that you'd like to get. It could be a review for a particular game of yours, the fact you like legos and spiderman or something of the like.
- The cut-off date for joining is the 9th of December.
- You will have until the 22nd of December to send me via PM the gift for your Secret Santa.
- I will be posting who had whom in this thread on the 26th so don't go spilling the beans before then!

- If you suddenly need to drop out, PM me ASAP and I'll do some rearrangements. It would be preferable that you don't drop out, though.

- While it is not a requirement to have a game in order to join, it makes things a lot easier on your Secret Santa if you do. In the case that you do not have a game, put some thought into what kinds of things you like when you make your list.

- Please make sure your gift is of a decent quality. Put some thought and/or effort into the gift.

- Please do not include illegal or pirated items in your gift. Especially pirated games. I didn't think it needed to be said, but apparently, it does.

How to submit
- For video submissions, use a free-hosting video site. There's plenty out there - Vimeo, DailyMotion, Googledrive, Twitch and the like.
- Send me the link via PM before the due date.
- For reviews and artsy stuff, send me the text/image/etc via PM before the due date.
- Do not add your reviews, arts or videos to the site until I say so in this topic.

Santas >> Gifted

Liberty >>> Illy
Frogge >>> OldPat
OzzytheOne >>> Cap_H
pianotm >>> kory_toombs
Aldu >>> Avee
AtiyaTheSeeker>>> Marrend
Delsin7 >>> bicfarmer
Mirak >>> Aldu
Fomar0153 >>> AtiyaTheSeeker
Marrend >>> Acra
El_Waka >>> pianotm
Acra >>> psy_wombats
bicfarmer >>> OzzytheOne
Cap_H >>> Dyluck
OldPat >>> Muffle
Avee >>> Fomar0153
Dyluck >>> calunio
calunio >>> El_Waka
kory_toombs >>> Frogge
Cashmere (Benny)>>> Delsin7
Zakariya >>> Mirak
Yomi-chan >>> Zakariya
psy_wombats >>> Liberty
Illy >>> Yomi-chan

Any questions, feel free to ask~

Hexatona Elf
orochii Elf
Cash Elf
Fomar Elf
orochii Elf

On thin ice this year -
Xurxerth, Healy

Banned from future Secret Santas -

RMN Donations

There's been a change to the current RMN Donation account - it's been updated to a new account for better access and usage.

This means that the old account is defunct and if you have a recurring donation that goes through you'll need to update it to the new one. Easily done, though!

The new account is linked to our Donate links, so just throw your deets that way and it should all be fine.

Thanks for all the support you guys send, it's super appreciated, no matter if it's a one-off donation or a continuous one. We love ya'll~<3

A Collection of Firsts

First games - the bane of all developers who seek to make something from nothing. They're rarely any good and tend to be quite embarrassing to look back on, but sometimes they're worth sharing with the world.

Let's celebrate our shitty first games by sharing them in a thread (because let's face it, most of them won't get past site standards). Use either your locker or an off-site host for linkage.

Use this handy form: