I enjoy playing and creating games (mostly RPGs) and have a love of story and characterisation above graphics. I've been into RM* since '96 and have used all makers - started on the PSX makers, found and used a patched version of the SNES RM, then moved to RM95. When I found RM2K I finally decided to join some forums and I've been a part of the community ever since.

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New Developer Mapping Help Thread

Frankly, I've gotten a lot of newbies coming through the queue and I usually send them to the screenshot thread for help, but more often than not they get scared off by either the harshness of the critique they see there or the personalities firing at each other (sometimes). So this thread is just for new developers to post in for feedback.

- Be kind. These are newbies who are still learning how to put maps together.
- Be detailed. Examples are appreciated, so showing and detailing what they need to improve on is a good idea.
- Be patient. Some are going to take a bit longer to learn than others.

We can be a bit boisterous at times so kid gloves in this topic, please.

Things you'll probably find here:
- wrongly used tiles
- huge maps
- bare maps
- clashing graphics
- weird design choices
- new mapping
- only newbies. No experienced users allowed to post images here!

To new mappers:
This separate thread is for your convenience. Feel free to post your stuff here to get feedback and grow as a developer in a safe place.

I'll be sending people whose games need a little work this way but I encourage any newbies who stumble their way here and feel intimidated by the normal Screenshot thread to jump in here and get help.

To those who help out here: Thank you. It's hard enough learning by yourself, a forum can help but only when people reach out and support each other.

Tales of a Queue Keeper

Kentona, while I was away, took over the queue and had such a rip-snortin' good time dealing with the crazy and sharing the stories with you that I decided, well, sometimes you just gotta vent.

So hey, in this topic I'll be sharing general anecdotes from the past, present and future of the Queue. I'll be omitting names of games and people, though I might share a few screenshots when warranted.

Let's start with a few oldies but goldies~

The Case of the Hydra Account

Some of you might recognise this story. It's been brought up on occassion and it's one of my faves to break out during RM parties.

A while back now, about halfway through my current tenure as Queue Keeper, a game came through the queue which promised a plethora of amazing systems. The description plot-wise was a bit bare, which is fine for a free-roam type survival game, but the thing that tripped it up were the screenshots. The creator of the game showed off images of not only terribly used default tiles, but horrid window skin examples (green text on red background, with very fancy, barely-legible font).

Of course, I explained that the current images weren't quite up to site standards and to check out various links that I had gathered a few times in the past to give to those whose games get denied - a few of the better mapping tutorials and a link to the screenshot thread.

Cue the game being resubmitted about half an hour later, no changes made. Again, I explained that the maps weren't quite up to standards. He resubmitted again, this time with a small note in the description that he was working on custom graphics and thus wouldn't show off any other screens. Fair enough, but again, since they weren't up to site standards, I couldn't let them pass - if they'd only been bland, maybe I would have, but they were quite badly crafted, so I once more denied, again pointing him towards the links and suggesting maybe waiting until he got the graphics pinned down before resubmitting.

Then began the shitstorm. It started with a topic in which he demanded to know what 'below standards' meant, why his game wasn't accepted, and what the standards were. I replied, and he went a bit crazy about how he'd 'been making games for 9 years and no one ever complained about my mapping before and how dare you not give me a detailed account of why each and every screen isn't good enough to be on this site!!!"

So feedback was given, he pressed the issue by citing the fact that his game was a WIP that and you can't expect decent graphics from a game that is still in production (like that stops anyone else on the site at all from posting decent or semi-decent images of their games), he growled a bit, I cited the bad content ban which allows us to deny any submission to the site that we see fit and the topic was locked.

Then came a new topic where he publicly called me out (he also resubmitted his game yet again), telling us to kiss his ass and that if x game of mine was considered high quality mapping vs his own, then he could see why it didn't fit in, and insinuating that for some reason my pride was bruised. (Which is hilarious as he picked one of my prettier games as an example, instead of the couple of shit games I do have on the site.)

He was promptly warned, to which he sent a PM: "Haha, hope that ego feels better now, good luck with your "high quality" game there buddy...", then began to spam the queue with his horribad game over and over again, despite warnings not to. He added small jabs in the description like "To reviewer. please improve your perception and downgrade your pride before denying. Thank you." and even replied back to officially being warned with
"Ha, that's not demeaning in any way. If anyone took the time to actually read the description they would realize it was a tech demo. I've already started work on a tileset that is not RTP and revising it to the map of the tech demo. These will not be uploaded on the site out of shear principle, you can continue your better than thou attitude, and the stroking of your own ego all you want. But whats there already with RTP is a damn sight better than what I've seen from your games. So you can spam your terrible tutorials all you want but I'll keep submitting on this account and new accounts, I'll mask my IP address a million times over and for the rest of your miserable 8 year old life you can continue hitting the deny button. I don't care one way or the other."

By this point it had been going on for a few weeks. I was even quoted at one point as saying: (I'd swap him for S4D any day. Xand, come back. All is forgiven!)

Finally, after that, we banned him for it.

But that wouldn't stop him. Oh, no. Not a bit. Not this man. This was the super spammer of 2014, after all, and the holder of the record for most account evades thus far.

I warned the team he'd be back, guessing at within a week, and not even a day later...
His very first account evade was created. And thus, did terror rain down from on high - the first boss battle of the submission queue had begun!

Every day or so I would find a new game in the queue... with the same description and screenshots. He never tried to hide that it was his game, he just kept making new accounts and resubmitting - no comments, just that game, in the queue, day after day.

I have to admit, I liked his naming style for the new accounts. Some great names there:

And a bunch more. Every day, for about half a month, he submitted his game and created a new account. At about 9 we started a betting pool to guess how many he would make. Eventually the fight ran out of him at 18, giving kentona the win.

He finally capitulated with one last PM, saying that he'd lost the will to fight, that he is not nor had ever been a troll but was extremely stubborn and that if I wanted to ban his new account he'd just leave. While he admitted that he'd gone out of his way to be difficult and aimed at me personally and that it had been a matter of pride for him, he never actually apologised for any of it, but I let him know that the act of actually creating new accounts was what was seeing him banned this time, but that if he wanted to return in the future he was welcome to do so, after his ban ran out.

And thus, the many-headed hydra was finally laid to rest. He has yet to return, probably (hopefully) finding a new lair in which to show off his game. I do hope he used that stubborness he showed in order to improve on his game and create something awesome, though.

The Case of the Hidden Sex Maniac

Sometimes we get quite questionable games come through. As Queue Keeper, certain combinations of words in the description of a game will have me sending a PM off to the creator, asking for more details on what, exactly, they meant by what they wrote. Usually it's when they mention mature humour, rape, sexual content and the like. I have to make sure that certain standards aren't over-run.

Most of the time, there's no issue. There's a few sexual jokes or there's scenes of rape, and they're good about adding tags and not going too far with the content. Sometimes, though, it gets a little... questionable. And sometimes? Sometimes people lie.

Case in point.

We had a game come through the queue that I was iffy about at the time due to the mention of rape and sexual content. When I got in contact with the creator, asking him to detail some of the scenes (I have learned not to just ask about them in general or people will downplay the scenes - you gotta ask straight up for detailed explanations of the lead-up, the scene and the fallout) he mentioned a few sexual encounters with women that were basically just fade-out scenes and one mention of rape when it came to a monster. I asked him to tone that down a little, then, when he said okay, let it on the site.

Little did I know...

About a month later I got a report from one of the members about this game not being properly tagged. Checking it out, I found the game I'd been initially quite iffy about. The comments on the page were quite shocked at the content in the game and how the game got accepted to the site - especially with no warnings being added to the page. Curious, I jumped in and checked it out.

And was subsequently horrified by just what I'd let on the site.

See, one of the issues with the amount of games that come through the queue (and how they're handled) is that you really can't play them all - indeed, you can't play most of them as downloads have yet to be added - so you're stuck judging based on what is presented to you. If the creator decides to straight-out lie to you about the content, even when you ask them for more details about questionable stuff, there's not much you can do. You haven't played it so you can't say whether or not the game is as it has been advertised.

And this game... wowsers, this game. For one, the scene where I'd asked him to tone down the rape mention had instead been amped up quite a bit. For two, there were many, many more instances of straight-out rape and the whole game revolved around sexing up every woman you came across - crassly and with no consideration of them being anything more than pieces of meat with which to grow a new race of your people. Hell, most of the women didn't even have names, instead being called things like 'bitch, whore, prostitute' and the like.

The lying, the lack of clear warnings, and the extreme misogyny and sexual content saw it removed from the site until such time as it was reworked in a way that it wouldn't offend half the world to play.

The Case of the Porn that Wasn't

A funnier case, this time - sometimes I get it wrong. I'll admit to that. I try hard to make the proper judgement on games, and if I'm at all worried that I might be wrong about something, I'll make sure to ask for more examples to better judge by.

The game in question this time was one that I've since grown to love (and recently streamed for some of you on the slack channel). It was a case of a badly-presented image in a game that reeked of questionable intent. A dating visual novel, that looks badly put together, it included an image of a scene with a black bar across a couch. The way it read seemed to be pornographic in nature, so I was worried about what, exactly, was hidden behind the black box.

Thankfully, that game had a download attached to the game page, so I gave it a download and learned that it was a spoiler that was hidden, not porn. That game went on to be my pick for GOTY 2014, and has become beloved by quite a few people on the site, even spawning a few taglines for the site (OK CAN and YOU CANNOT GUESS THIS PLOT TWISTER!!!).

Sometimes good things come from checking.

The Case of the Fake Rembrandt

Anyone else remember that time in Gaming World where some guy took maps from Ara Fell and tried to pass them off as his own? No? Just me? Well, Pepper-ridge farm remembers. So do I.

It's not often that we get people who steal others' work in the community, and when we do it usually results in them being called out or having an instant ban applied. We don't have a lot of time for people who steal from their peers, after all, especially as a lot of us are game creators ourselves.

This is a short case. I was going through the queue not long after being promoted to it, when a game came to my attention with some pretty bad mapping. I gave the usual 'game currently doesn't meet site standards when it comes to mapping, please check out a few tutorials and make use of the screenshot thread for feedback' spiel, denied the game and carried on with the rest of the queue. Very typical stuff.

The next day I checked the queue only to find the game resubmitted, this time with a new set of maps. A very pretty new set of maps. One of which looked passingly familiar...

Now, something a fair few people don't realise is that there are ways out there to check images to see where they came from, and the few times I've questioned the validity of a game's maps, I've used this method (also to check where certain images come from when people claim them on their game pages). Thinking it odd that this game, which only the day before showed some very, very bad mapping, I checked out the images to see if there were some matches, and boy howdy were there ever!

The creator of the game in question had grey-scaled the images, but the details were still there, and easy enough to match up with their full-colour versions, which, shock of shocks, came from a bunch of different games. Of course, this wasn't going to stand, so I happily sent him a deny, told him that we don't tolerate thieves on the site and reported him straight to kentona to take care of.

He went without a fight. Most people do.

The Case/s of 500 Characters of More

This is a more general case and one that happens pretty often. People find it hard to say anything about their game for some reason, often giving one sentence about the general plot then nattering on about either:
= how they got in to game making
= why they made the game and how
= asdjlfahsdgha;sdhgahghasd;lalsjdrajsdghasgbhaohgaw;oehtfiahrgkhasd;lfjla;dsjflasdjglasdthere that's 500 characters right?
= page stretching letters

Today, someone even added a random youtube video to their page in order to make up the word count. Not their own video, just something they found on the internet and thought was funny.

I find it a sad state of affairs when people want others to play their game but can't find anything to say about the game to get people interested at all. If you can't find something to say about it, why should people bother to play it, after all? There's really no incentive.

Sure, you do get the occassional game where you really can't say much about it because of the type of game it is - a minigame or tech demo, usually - but for the most part it's horror games, RPGs and the like, usually with gameplay of up to an hour or more, that have this issue.

I like to try and prompt some ideas out of the creators - tell us a bit about the hero, why they have to do this thing, what the thing is they need to do, what their aims are/were whilst doing/before doing this thing, something about the setting or world in which it's set... etc.

3-5 sentences is the minimum I ask, and it's pretty short, all things considered. One paragraph about who the characters are, why they're doing shit, what shit they're doing and maybe where the shit is going down if they need to reach a bit. Give the player something to latch on to so that they know the basics before going in.

Instead, sometimes I just get this:
Jack has to save the world and his sister and the sword he found of his dead dad.

If you'd like to hear more stories, let me know. ^.^

First Time Gamers

Ever watched with horror as someone played a game for the first time and just messed up so, so badly? Let's share these little anecdotes of hilarity.

Okay, so I just watched my brother play Fallout 3 for the first time. It's his first time playing a game like that so he had no idea what he was doing. At all. He usually only plays either shmups, Terraria or jRPGs, thus he had no idea. No fucking idea at all. It was hilarious. Below are the chat logs that I was sharing with friends as it was happening.

His first mistake? Putting ALL his points into strength. All of them. Every one of them. Dear god. It was hilarious while it lasted.

He made it through the introduction just fine - had a little trouble with the roaches but managed to get out alive. Barely. But barely is still alive.

He then decided to explore instead of visit Megaton. Best idea. I at least got him to save his game outside of Megaton "Just in case." A very good idea, because he ran into a little ant problem.

"What's that? What's that? IS THAT A GIANT COCKROACH!!! Oh, it's an ant. IT SPIT FIRE AT ME HELP IM ON FIRE HOW DO I SHOOT!!"
and then he died
"Was I supposed to save? Why am I all the way back here? Did the ants follow me? Ooooh, what's that?! WHY IS THIS DOG HURTING ME I JUST WANTED TO PAT YOU DIE YOU BASTARD!"
"Oh, I'm dead again. Where's my gun?"
:shoots all ammo for testing purposes:
"Ha, they won't kill me now!"
*** Liberty facepalms as he runs into another ant and died ***

he died again
then spent all his money on a gun he has no ammo for - selling all his items for it
and skipped past the prompt to blow up the town because he thinks it's like a shmup

and now i'm leading him to the supermarket
"You can get good loot there, don't worry."
serves him right for not listening
"This is the way to the ants"
"no, bro, it's near there but not quite"
"if there are ants I'm running"
fair enough
"Look in the bin"
"ew no"
"dude... look in the fucking bin"
"it's jsut a bin!"
he's used to shmups and jrpgs
he should know that looking in stuff is always a good idea
...he looked in the bin and found some stuff
"why do I need this is there crafting? there's crafting?! I love crafting!"
he loves crafting

serves him right since he wouldn't listen when I told him not to
so I'm tellin ghim to go to the supermarket
after that, the school~
"is that a school?"
yes, brother. yes it is
"COOL. Bet there's tons of stuff in there!"
maybe I should let him just go in there?
he'll get wrecked
it'll be great
"What the shit?!"
first corpse
"Are there gonna be bad guys in here?"
yes bro. yes there are
and it will be wonderful
"Hey, can I talk to that guy?"
no, bro, no you can't
boom, dead bro
it was wonderful
"Those school kids are really mean!"

he didn't save at all
so he's got all his stuff back from the last save
this time he might listen to me

"I want their weapons. Can I loot their bodies?"
"You have to kill them first bro"
"I like this Moira chick"
he has to be the ONLY one
most people afaik hate her
or at least find her very annoying

"Can I shoot that guy?"
"uh... sure?"
kills the sherrif
saves straight after
half of town running after him
why bro why
he's dead again
and he saved over his last save
meaning he's pissed off the town
and running for his life

oh god
this is hilarious
gee, I wonder
he might need to restart
oh god, he got out

and punched the trader

now he's being chased by him as well
to be fair, he was beating back some of the residents and the trader was in the way
it was an accident

it's brilliant
he's begging me to help him find another town
he's gonna have fun getting to the next area
he didn't manage to purchase any stimpacks
or ammo
or anything
before killing the sherrif
"THere's a city. I bet I can find a shop there"
bro, no
no, bro
don't do that
oh dear lord

he ran into another ant
he ded
and back in town
with the townies chasing him again
this is gold

wow, one of the townies head-shot him
and respawn to townies chasing him
run bro run!
he made it!
and this time he didn't punch the trader!

aaaaand he's heading back to the school
brother no
he ran out with only a few bars of health left
and is blaming me for not telling him it was hard

oh god, he ran into a rabid dog
annnnd he's dead
at least he's not respawned back in town again, though
yay, he found the map!
he's heading to the nearest town
it's the cannibal town
oh this should be fun~
oh god
he's hiding behind every rock
and creeping around
it's gonna take him forever to get there
brother, no
no, brother no
keep creeping
...oh ffs
he's shooting at it >.<;

him and his fucking crafting
oh, he used a grenade and managed to kill it
huzzah! level up!
he put all his points into big guns
he doesn't have any big guns
the way he's playing he's never going to get a big gun
oh god
he's picking up empty bottles
"they're worth a cap!"
brother... no

he doesn't even have a home
and he killed the guy who'd give him one
this is great

oh fucking hell
*** Liberty facepalms ***
he found the fast-travel
...and travelled back to Megaton
where everyone wants to kill him
"hey, look! I can go here!"
"wait!... :SIGH:"
i fuckin wonder

he reloaded from his last save which was about halfway to cannibal town
at least he's learned to save
"Why am I out of bullets?!"
because you fire at anything that moves
yes brother there is
"SHould I shoot the little girl?"
"Save first."
"Good idea."
well, she was bound to get shot at least once this playthrough

and now he's screaming incoherently at the father and neighbours who are stabbing him and shooting him

"So I don't shoot the little girl this time."
smart thinking bro
smart thinking
...he just stole in front of the father

aaand out come the guns

o brother, dear brother

he's trying to kill everyone
this is great
comedy gold
he's getting owned by an old man wiht a baseball bat and a house wife with a knife
"Do you want me to play for you?"
butthurt bro
I even had it on easy setting

[Event] Golden Age of Game Mak

So a new event is on it's way, starting Saturday and running for a week!
Check out the event page here:

Not everyone is doing the IGMC and we decided to keep idle hands busy by offering up an event of our own in celebration of the recent release of RM2K.

Jump on in if you've the time, and earn yourself a badge.

[Sharing] Give Away Your Extra Programs/Games/etc

Alright, so a lot of us bought Humble Bundle or have extra keys and versions of things like Ace and the like hanging around. Let's compile them in one thread so that people can easily find it if they need it.

If you have an item to share, post below. I'll compile it into a list in this post for easy reference, and when stuff gets taken, let me know and I'll scrap it off. This way we have an easy-to-find-and-reference list of give-aways. Simple.

If you want an item PM the person who owns it. When you receive it/sent it off (either party) report back here to let us know. I'll remove it from the list.

Edit for Reordering because fucking hell. >.<;
Games are marked with *

Axis Game Factory + DLCs

Game Guru - Just the engine; DLCs have been claimed
Axis Game Factory: Drone Kombat
Axis Game Factory: AGFPRO Zombie Survival Pack
Axis Game Factory: AGFPRO Zombie FPS
Thief Gold *
Hitman: Codename 47 *

Axis Game Factory: AGFPRO v3.0
Axis Game Factory: Drone Kombat
Axis Game Factory: AGFPRO Premium DLC
Axis Game Factory: AGFPRO Voxelsculpt
Axis Game Factory: AGFPRO Zombie Survival Pack
Axis Game Factory: AGFPRO Zombie FPS
Game Guru Set (engine + 6 DLCs)
App Game Kit 2
Labyrinthine Dreams *
Aveyond: Lord of Twilight *
Whisper Of A Rose *

Whisper of a Rose *
Game Guru engine x6
Populous (origin) *
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition (origin) *

- eron *
- Amygdala *
- Cruel Arena *

-Axis and DlCs *
-Hoven The Sages Spinel *
-Particulars *
-Deep Dungeons of Doom *
-Hero of The Realm *
-Saints Raw 2 *
-Costume Quest *
-Contagion (2x) *
-Broken Age *
-Blackguards *
-Contraption Maker *
-Frozen Synapse Prime *
-Citizens of Earth *

-Particula *
-Dead Bits *
-Platypus 2 *

Pitiri 1977 *
Faerie Solitaire *
Fish Fillets 2 *
ARMA: Cold War Assault *
Super Splatters *
MirrorMoon EP *
Teleglitch: Die More Edition *
Ship Simulator Extremes *
Sengoku *
Screencheat *
Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes *
Star Trek *
Beware Planet Earth! *
Magicka Wizard Wars Paradox Playtpus Robe
Batman™: Arkham Origins DLC
Red Faction: Armageddon Path to War DLC
The Lord of the Rings Online: Steely Dawn Starter Pack
Gotham City Impostors: Professional Kit

Mountain *
SUPERFIGHT Closed Beta Access *
SUPERFIGHT - The Joiner Micro Deck *
War Thunder key. *
GUNS UP! key. *
Neverwinter key. *
Warframe key. *
Armoured Warfare key. *
Blade + Soul key. *
Twitch key.
Wildstar key. *
EVE Online keys. *
XSplit key.

Quick breakdown of what the Humble Bundle items are.
- Game Guru is a game creation engine. The one named 'Game Guru' by itself is the engine while anything with a name added to the end is a DLC pack for it.
- Axis Game Factory named stuff are DLC for the Axis Game Factory.
- RPG Maker VX Ace Deluxe contains a separate key for Luna Script Engine.
- App Game Kit 2 is an app making game kit.
- Stencyl is a game making engine.
- Sprite Lamp is a program that makes shadowing sprites a cinch... if you know how to program a bit.

We Are! Talking about One Piece~

Yohoho! I dunno where this should go! But here's as good a place as any for now~~~


One Piece is the largest manga in the world at the moment, just recently being added to the Guinness Book of World Records for the Most Comic books Published by a Single Author. It's also a huge franchise with themed restaurants dedicated to it (including a ship restaurant) and it's own store. No, not a store devoted to anime in general - a store devoted solely to selling One Piece merchandise.

I wanna ride the mini-Merry. ;.;

Needless to say, it's big. One of the most read manga in the world, consistently at the top of the sales charts and the only one of the 'Big Three' to still be around.

Look at Luffy with that hard-earned award.

One Piece, if you don't know, follows an adventurous youth by the name of Monkey D. Luffy, as he gathers a crew and takes on the goal of finding the mythical treasure, One Piece, and becoming the King of the Pirates. Along the way they will make friends and enemies and learn the secrets of the world in which they live, be entangled in wars and deal with evils on a social, personal and world-wide scale. They aren't out to save the world, but to conquer it, and you'll never have more fun cheering on the 'bad guys' as you will in this manga.

The worst 'bad guys'.

The manga is both hilarious, silly, crazy, interesting, painful, touching, sad and amazing. Written by Eichiiro Oda, it has been on-going for well over 15 years, selling out even the well-loved Dragon Ball. Racism, slavery, corruption, tragedy, death, nakama-ship (combination of crew/family/friendship), cover-ups, fighting against 'fate' and many, many more topics are touched on in the almost 800 chapter series (which is still on-going).

The anime is not quite as well received as it could have been due to bad translation and censorship up the wazoo by 4Kids, but is now in the capable hands of Funimation. Sadly, the initial release to Western shores was plagued with horrible voice acting, nonsensical scenes and destruction of plot elements, leaving most people wondering just what the fuck was up with this shit... to put it mildly.

This is a pity because it is one of the best series you can find, being both easy to read and very deep. It is a manga that is written so that a child could understand it, touching on topics that an adult can appreciate, and has kept a large following through all the time of it's publication.

Currently there are 790+ chapters of the manga and while that can be daunting for new readers to decide to tackle, just keep in mind that it will be one of the wildest and most fun rides you will have, so if you're looking for a good read, you know what to do!

Now that you've been edumacated a little, let's talk shop.

Be warned, there will be spoilers for old and new chapters in this thread.

[NSFW] Let's Write... (Rape)

The Let's Write... series will be based on exploring themes most people don't write - whether because there's a stigma for writing that theme or it's just something people are uncomfortable about writing.

This thread will be a safe area for people to experiment with darker themes and express themselves with writing that they usually might not.

Note that there will probably be content in this thread that is not safe for work environs. Reports of such will be ignored.

That is, there's going to be dark shit going down and if anyone complains about the content of the work within this thread I will laugh and remove your comment. You have been warned. I am not going to police written pieces. Be as dark (or not) as you like, it's all about exploring and feeling safe to do so.

The ONLY rule is that if you do touch on extremes, to please bold a tag at the top of your post so that people know to skip it. That's it. If it gets too excessive or explicit I might edit a piece to be in hide tags but that's as far as I'll go - any writing is welcome as long as it hits the theme of the topic.


  • Mind Break

  • Metaphysical

  • Power

  • Pleasure and Pain

Note that you can choose to do all, one or none of the prompts. As long as there's a written piece on the theme it'll count. You have two weeks.

Surprise Release! Suikoden III to North America... TOMORROW?!

So apparently, in a surprise turn of events, Suikoden III will be released in North America tomorrow! And double-surprise~ It's also going to be available for Europe at the same time!

It's available for the PS3 via the PSN store, so don't miss out on this classic RPG!

Suikoden III was the first of the series to be made with 3D, as well as the first on the PS2. It's a story of three countries and three groups who have to learn to work together in order to find the truth about the Fire Bringer and bring to light the machinations going on behind scenes, forcing their countries into a war that could spell the end for the Grasslands.

As tempers flare among the three countries, the 108 Stars of Destiny must once more be summoned to war!

Suikoden III is unique in gameplay, telling a story through three separate story lines, following three main heroes through their versions of events. There are also three minor PoVs aside from the main three.

Chris Lightfellow, the newly appointed Knight Commander of the Zexen Knighthood, struggles to balance her duty in a time of war and her personal desire to find the truth about her father whilst learning what it means to follow your heart and be true to yourself.

Geddoe, the leader of a mercenary group working for Holy Harmonia, is sent to search the Grasslands for rumours of the Fire Bringer, a group of 'terrorists' from the past who's leader held the True Fire Rune.

Hugo, the son of Lucia, leader of the Karaya Clan, is sent on a peace-keeping mission to Zexen, only to find himself caught up in a chain of events that leaves him in the center of a fiery war.

The Suikoden series is well-known for being set in the same world, with frequent call-backs to previous (and in some cases, future) games in the series. It's a cult classic which is well loved for both it's lovable cast of characters, interesting world lore and dynamic gameplay elements.

[NSFW] Let's Write... (Suicide)

The Let's Write... series will be based on exploring themes most people don't write - whether because there's a stigma for writing that theme or it's just something people are uncomfortable about writing.

This thread will be a safe area for people to experiment with darker themes and express themselves with writing that they usually might not.

Note that there will probably be content in this thread that is not safe for work environs. Reports of such will be ignored.

That is, there's going to be dark shit going down and if anyone complains about the content of the work within this thread I will laugh and remove your comment. You have been warned. I am not going to police written pieces. Be as dark (or not) as you like, it's all about exploring and feeling safe to do so.

The ONLY rule is that if you do touch on extremes, to please bold a tag at the top of your post so that people know to skip it. That's it. If it gets too excessive or explicit I might edit a piece to be in hide tags but that's as far as I'll go - any writing is welcome as long as it hits the theme of the topic.


  • Broken Hearted

  • Void

  • Natural Conclusion

  • Euthenise

Note that you can choose to do all, one or none of the prompts. As long as there's a written piece on the theme it'll count. You have two weeks.

Battleborn: Deathlock Arena [Awaiting Transmission]

You wake one night to find yourself (and others) in the middle of a large arena. Above you is a starlit sky, filled with constellations you've never seen before and three moons. A crowd is cheering, shouting and laughing as you try to piece together what is going on. Last you recall you were falling asleep in your bed, content to drift to dreams.

A large person stands on a podium high above the crowd, smiling down at you. When he talks, you listen... in horror....

You precious few are the Battleborn - men and women who were marked at birth to become mighty warriors and defeat an evil being far beyond the galaxies you call home. Indeed, in a few weeks you would have all met a mentor who would have sculpted you in to an elite unit of powerful heroes. Alas, for you, that is not to be. You see, such beings of natural battle abilities would be wasted on something as simple as a quest to save the universe. Worry not, you now have a higher calling.


Yes, yes. You, my precious Battleborn, are to join the Deathlock Arena - a place where the most powerful and worthy battle it out to become supreme champions. For glory. For honour. For your lives.

And ultimately, for the enjoyment of this glorious crowd!

As such, you will each be trained by my staff for the next three weeks and make your inter-galactic debut in a fight to the death. Of course, we'll make sure you each have the exact same chance as the others. You may choose how you want to train and in what. You will have technologies made available to you that you have never seen or heard of before.

But make no mistake, my precious Battleborn... you will fight.

And all but one of you will die.


Become the Champion... or die trying

The Deathlock Championship is a 16-person tournament where you create a character and take part. You will be given a series of choices to help you create your character, then battles will occur until a final champion is called.

It's pretty elementary... bar the twists.
- You will not know what stat is what when choosing.
- You will not know what element is what when choosing.
- You will have input into the battles, based on the skills that you are given based on your stats, elements and weapon choices.
- You will win a money purse from winning a battle and may use the money to purchase items that can be used in battle.

So, if you want to take part, fill in the sheet below! Will you make it to the top or be cut down in your youth? Will you survive to be the Battleborn?

Battleborn Creation Mechanics

Character Sheet
Alias: (a secondary name)
Weapon: (you may choose any weapon type you wish)
Money: (what is left if you use the shop. Start with 500)
Stat distribution: (10 points to distribute into the stats below)
Strong Against: (choose one element to be strong against)
Weak Against: (choose one element to be weak against)
Items: (if you bought any, add them here)


You have 10 points to add into these stats.

Pick one as your strength and one as your weakness.

You start off with 500 Reen to spend. You will gain more as you battle and after each fight you will have access to the store, where you can buy any of the following:
Risk Lace: 250 - 1 use - ???
Slam Pack: 300 - 2 use - ???
Double Dice: 450 - 1 use - ???
Mire Match: 150 - 1 use - ???
Bluff Notice: 250 - 1 use - ???


There will only be 16 Battleborn in this tourney, so it's first-come, first-served. Winner will receive a badge.

  • Ilan
  • Pizza
  • Marrend
  • Seiromem
  • Majoracanking
  • pianotm
  • Addit
  • NeverSilent
  • Cap_H
  • LockeZ
  • ExtremeDevelopment
  • kentona
  • Sated
  • Fruebis
  • Ratty524
  • LightningLord

All Battleborn have entered the arena.

Matches have been decided. Strategies sent in.

Now waiting on battles to start...