I enjoy playing and creating games (mostly RPGs) and have a love of story and characterisation above graphics. I've been into RM* since '96 and have used all makers - started on the PSX makers, found and used a patched version of the SNES RM, then moved to RM95. When I found RM2K I finally decided to join some forums and I've been a part of the community ever since.

Absolute Justice

Site last broken: 7th January, 2017
Before that: 24th May 2016
Wolf and Kid
Save your best friend, a wolf.


Suikoden Mafia [GAME ON, PEEPS]

This mafia game will be a bit different to past games on the site. There are two ways to win - with the death of the assassin or the death of the target. Town is to protect the target and hunt down the assassin. The assassin is to hunt down the target and escape unscathed.

Those are the basics - there will be a little more to it but we'll get to that when the game is on~

Standard Rules:

-Plurality lynching. Someone has to die (though you are free to vote no-lynch). Ties will be handled as they occur.
-No quoting mod PMs. Or else. You won't like 'or else'.
-NO FUCKING SUICIDES! Please and thank you.
-Day phases will be 1-3 days IRL
-Night phases will be about 12-24 hours, depending on how fast people PM their power uses.
-Try not to post or talk after the hammer.
-Format votes and day actions thusly: #lynch target #action target #cancel
-Non-talking will be punished.
-Dead stay dead unless otherwise asked to haunt the thread.
-If you cannot or no longer wish to play, PM me so I can find a replacement.
- DO NOT EDIT POSTS (Do as I say, not as I do)
- Fake power usage confuses people. Don't do it please.

Game Specific Rules:
-After the desired number of players has been reached I will PM you a character role and your Star. Please do not share your Star for no good reason. Stars will be what your power is based on, and should be kept as secret as your powers or roles. Indeed, Stars will be what the assassin is aiming for so unless you want to make a target of yourself... :/

-Character roles will more than likely NOT match up with Star roles. This is to save people from Google lynching. ;p

Special Events
Some powers allow for a special event to occur after a lynch. These will be announced by myself in the thread and allow for some extra interaction after a lynch. Keep an eye out for these events.

You may find items that can be used during night phases. These will not override your abilities, if you have any. That is, you may use an item (only one per night) and your ability at the same time. To use an item send me this tag in a PM during the Night Phase you wish to use it:
##Use <item>

What is Mafia again (edited from the previous thread which was stolen from the thread before it)

At the start of the game, every player will receive a PM from me personally, stating their role. (This PM may be not be screenshotted or otherwise shared.)

Player roles in this game will be divided into teams - Town and Assassin. There may or may not be other teams aside from these two.

Town players are in the majority. It's their objective to find and kill the assassin among them before the protected is killed. When you are Town, you don't know the alignment of any of the other players, and you'll have to find out yourself who is the assassin, and kill them by vote or night power, if you have one. Some town may know the roles of others.

There is only one assassin. They can kill one player of their choosing every night and may have another power at their disposal. As an assassin player, your plan is to stay incognito, and act like a regular townie, while killing the target you were given. You win when your target is eliminated and you survive.

In addition to this, there may also independent players. These players are not aligned with the assassin or the town, although their goals may coincide with either faction.

The game is divided in two turns:
- Day phase:

The game starts off with a day phase. During the day Everyone can talk in this very thread. Additionally, Everyone has the option of voting (publicly) for who they think should be killed that day- that includes the assassin. Once a certain amount of time has passed (usually 2-3 real life days), the Day phase will end and Night phase will start. At the end of the allotted time, whoever has the most votes on them will be lynched. We're not playing majority this time around.

- Night phase:

During Night phase, Nobody is allowed to talk in this thread. However, there may be some who can talk in their own separate thread. The assassin can decide upon a player to kill to that night. Certain Town players may also have actions that they use during the night, which will be explained in more detail in their role PM's. After about 1 real life day, the night will end, all night actions will take effect, and another day will start.

When you have died (for instance by vote, or night kill) you will receive a PM stating your death and cause of death. From then on, you are never allowed to type in this thread anymore, and neither can you vote - unless otherwise noted by the mod. When a player dies, their role and identity will be revealed as well.

If you think this sounds like fun or you want to try something a bit different, feel free to sign up. We'll start with 12 slots but can go larger if needed.

Current Signees
- ivory - ivoryjones
- Gourd_Clae
- pianotm
- Ebeth
- PlatinumAshes
- Jeroen~ - Jeroen_Sol
- T-man - TungerManU
- Happenstance - Happy
- unity
- theSOFTESTofDUDES!!! - Dudesoft
- wildwes
- Ilan - Ilan14
- Sooz
- Amodthatisn'tlibertyjoinsthefray!Shi~ - Shinan
- Mr_SuNa
- wabbits - rabitZ
- MajoracanKing - nameiswhatitsaysonthebox
- YM - Yellow Magic
- Marrend~

12 is the least we need, but we can have more players. I'll wait another 24 hours before starting~

[RMVX] Strange graphical bug

I was reviving an old game and went to check it out only to find a most puzzling graphical glitch that I've never seen or heard of before.

Basically, TileA2, TileA3 and TileC are not showing up in the game (leaving only blank spaces where they should be showing graphics). They are all in the relevant folder (system) and all are .png files, follow the correct naming sequence and each is a normal graphics file. They just don't show up in the program at all for this one particular game.

I've tried:
- Removing all scripts.
- Checking the script area that denotes what graphical files to reference (they all point to those particular files in that same folder)
- Recreating the files from scratch.
- Substituting other files of the same names.
- Making a new game and copying over ONLY the map files.
- Making a new game and copying over the map and map information files.
- Checking the files in another game.
- Reinstalling VX.
- Reinstalling the RTP.

Frankly, I'm running out of ideas as to what to do. I don't want to write this game off since it's almost completed but I have no idea what could be causing this issue!

An odd thing is that the files do show up in the resource manager as being in the folders however, when I hit "Preview" a blank image shows up - not the actual graphical file. For some reason the maps themselves refuse to read those graphics as existing, even in a new project!

Anyone have an idea as to what is causing this?

Indie Game Making Competition Results are in!

The results for the IGMC are finally in, one and all! Here's the official winners~

Grand Prize Winner

Remnants of Isolation by Red_Nova, Unity and sooz

Congratulations to Remnants of Isolation for winning $10,000 and more as the Grand Prize winner!

RPG Category Winners

1st Place: Antagonist by Nivlac

2nd Place: Last Word by Merlandese

3rd Place: Cope Island by Zds

Celebrity Judge's Choice: Last Word

Humble Bundle Choice: Exeunt Omnes by Adam Hasvers

Non-RPG Category Winners

1st Place: Daemon Detective: Gaiden by Yal

2nd Place: Oh! Ko! by mostly useless

3rd Place: Little Briar Rose by Flame

Celebrity Judge’s Choice: Goats on a Bridge by Cabygon

Humble Bundle Choice: The Vendor by Galenmereth

Most Shared Game: Purrkour by Emergency Squid Studios!

Most Buzzing/People's Choice: Ars Harmonia by youarebritish

A hearty congratulation to all the winners and everyone who took part in the contest! Good job, all of you!

For more information about the prizes and winners, check the official topic.

Submission Rules: Update - Addendum added because ffs people!

Due to an influx of new games on the site that have tried getting around our standards rules, we are not accepting any unedited sample maps as part of the three required in-game maps needed to have your game accepted to the site.

The idea behind showing three images is to show off your creation and ability as a game creator. As sample maps are already included with the engine, unless they are heavily edited they will be placed in the same category as Title screens, game over screens, concept art and the like when taken into consideration for game acceptance. That is, they are a non-entity and will not be counted as part of the required three.

Honestly, none of us thought something like this rule would be required but it seems we were proven wrong.

Thanks for your attention and please, do carry on gaming. ^.^)b

ADDENDUM: Please, if you've a game page that you no longer want to use, either mark the game as cancelled or delete it. DO NOT REUSE FOR ANOTHER GAME! Not only is that unfair on those who subscribed to that particular game, it also means that it hasn't gone through the the submissions queue and been checked over for quality.

If anyone sees something like this happen, please report it.

Levelling Up! Create your Birthday Character!

So... Adon likened Birthdays to levelling up and I'm taking it one step farther! Yay~

Here's what's doin'. For each year of your life you get 5 points to distribute to the following stats:-


You also get one point for each year that you can add to the following elemental affinities. These - with your stats - will govern what skills you learn.


Lastly, you may add one point per weapon/armour type (that is, one point total each 'level' to cover both types). This can also unlock skills.



So, basically, each year of your life equates to 5 stat points, 1 equip point and 1 affinity point. Distribute them (starting with a base of 0 for each) and I'll let you know what skills you unlocked. IDK, I think it might be a fun little thing to do.

Build yourself a character! Go Go Go~

(This is just for some fun, nothing serious~)


Jeroen: Ensign Wind Mage Soru

LVL: 17 -> 18

HP: 90 -> 96
MP: 152 -> 160
ATK: 2
DEF: 9
MAG: 17 -> 19
SPD: 22 -> 23
LUK: 6

Fire: 1
Wind: 11 -> 12
Water: 2
Non-Elemental: 2

Bow: 5 -> 6
Staff: 6
Light: 5
Medium: 1

Sprinkle: Heals a small amount of health to party.
Gust: Small wind damage to a single enemy.
Air Slip: Small wind damage to enemy party. Has chance to confuse.
Concuss: A concussive force is expelled from the staff, dealing wind and physical damage to a single enemy. 60% chance of Stun.
Air Lock: Doubles chances of hitting the enemy with an arrow.
Gale Pierce: Uses the force of the wind to deal high damage to a single foe. Can cause Bleed.
Air Defence: Nulls any attacks of wind element for 3 turns. One ally.
Boost: Light Armour Duration: 3 turns. Target: Self. Increases defence.
Skip: Light Armour Duration: 3 turns. Target: Self. Miss casting turn to gain three on the next. First strike. Chances of extra turn increased.
Guardian: Medium Armour Duration: 5 turns. Target: Self. Increases defence.
Haste: Medium Armour Duration: 5 turns. Target: Self. Increases speed.
Speed Demon: User’s speed, dodge and crit is tripled for five turns. Defence drops to half.

Fast Cast: Allows user to cast two spells per turn for three turns. Impervious to debuff but may only be used once per battle.

Guardian Beast
HP: 120
MP: 130
ATK: 0
DEF: 18
MAG: 40
SPD: 8
LUK: 2

Earth: 15
Water: 3

Staff: 10
Fist: 2
Medium: 6

Swampland: Slows a group of enemies and does light elemental draining damage for 5 turns.
Rock Toss: Small earth damage to a single enemy.
Rumble: Small earth damage to enemy party. Has chance to stun.
Clay Break: Stops enemy by enveloping them in clay and does slight continuous damage while inflicted. Attacking may cause either instant death or remove the status effect.
Bludgeon: A heavily damaging attack that deals earth and physical damage to a single enemy. 60% chance of Mind break.
Tremor: Strike the ground with the staff to deal medium earth damage to all foes. 60% chance of Unbalance.
Guardian: Medium Armour Duration: 5 turns. Target: Self. First turn counts as using 'Defend' command. Increases Physical Defence.
Magic Sphere: Medium Armour Duration: 5 turns. Target: Self. Absorbs all Water/Earth spell damage. Increases HP/MP+50%. Increases Magic Defence.
Haste: Medium Armour Duration: 3 turns. Target: Self. Increases Speed.
Earth Defence: Nulls any Earth attacks for 3 turns. Self-use only.
Clay Wall: Halves damage of and counters with same Earth attack for 5 turns. Party-wide.
Upper: Passive. Boosts DEF by 10%. Boosts MAG, MP and ATK by 5%.
Fumble: Passive. You are prone to dropping your weapon in battle. Weapon will have a 3% chance of unequipping.

Light's Guard

HP: 110
MP: 80
ATK: 0
DEF: 20
MAG: 15
SPD: 20
LUK: 1

Holy 10
Non-Elemental 5

Staff 7
Heavy 1
Medium 7

Fumble: Passive. You are prone to dropping your weapon in battle. Weapon will have a 3% chance of unequipping.
Slow: Passive. Your speed is cut by 10% when wearing Heavy Armour.
Heal: Restores 35% HP to one ally. 50% chance of adding Holy element to base attack.
Heavenly Light: Deals small Holy damage to enemy party. 60% chance of inflicting flinch.
Baton Pass: Slight non-elemental attack damage to one enemy. 75% chance of inflicting any current status ailments to the enemy. Ignores ailment defence.
Sacrament: Imbues all ally weapons with Holy element (in addition to other elements already imbued). Increases defence against Holy attacks.
Fortitude: Heavy Armour Duration: 5 turns. Target: Self. Doubles defences and increases HP by 50%.
Shell: Heavy Armour Duration: 5 turns. Target: Self. Doubles Magic Defence and nullifies Holy and Non-Elemental spells damage.
Shift: Heavy Armour Duration: 3 turns. Target: Party. Increases Dodge by 50% and double's speed.
Guardian: Medium Armour Duration: 5 turns. Target: Self. Increases defences. Cast turn is considered equal to using 'Defend' command.
Magic Sphere: Medium Armour Duration: 5 turns. Target: Self. Increases Magic Defence. Increases Holy and Non-Elemental Defence.
Haste: Medium Armour Duration: 3 turns. Target: Party. Increases speed.
Blessed: User’s Magic attack is tripled for three turns. Physical attack is halved.
Holy Defence: Nulls any Holy attacks for 3 turns. Self-use only.
Upper: Passive. Boosts HP by 10%. Adds 5% to MP and LUK.

Breaking Breeze

HP: 5
MP: 85
ATK: 0
DEF: 0
MAG: 55
SPD: 13

Wind: 15
Light: 1

Sword: 16

Fumble: Passive. You are prone to dropping your weapon in battle. Weapon will have a 3% chance of unequipping.
Death-Touched: Passive. Technically you are not one of the living. You will die after 3 turns. You cannot be revived in battle.
Stiff Breeze: Passive. You have literally no defence at all. Any critical hit will kill you.
Starwind: Heals a small amount of health to party and removes negative status ailments.
Gust: Small wind damage to a single enemy.
Air Slip: Small wind damage to enemy party. Has chance to confuse.
Twist Storm: Large Wind damage to one enemy. If enemy dies, causes splash effect on enemy party of 60% damage.
Swift Slice: A precise sword strike dealing wind and physical damage. First strike. 40% chance at double attack.
Air Iai: A heavily damaging attack that deals wind and physical damage to a single enemy. Never misses, ignores elemental defence.
Blur Play: A swift series of 5 strikes that deals medium wind and physical damage to an enemy. Never misses. Lowers magical defence 50%.
Air Defence: Nulls any Wind element attacks for 3 turns. Self-use only.
Air Wall: Halves damage of and counters with same Wind attack for 5 turns. Party-wide.
Wind Guardian: Drains any Wind attack for 5 turns. Party-wide. Increases Magical Defence by 75%.

[WEEKLY EVENT] Idea Bounce!

Hey, we've all been there - that terrible position of having some great ideas and needing to bounce them off someone to judge whether or not they're really as awesome as you think they are. Alas, no-one is around and you're stumped. What do?

That's where this small 'event' comes it. Just a two-day li'l thing to get the juices flowing.

What do?

Sign up here!
Put a time (GMT) and day that you're free for idea bouncing within the two days (those being Saturday and Sunday of each week for the next month) and get ready to bounce!

I'll put you into a few time groups and give you a link where you can jump in and talk about your thoughts, ideas and bounce off other creative people of the gam mak persuasion.

So sign up and let the juices flow! Time to bounce~

Sign Ups
- Marrend
(Sat 9am-1pm)
- CashmereCat
(Sat 12am-12pm, Sun 12am-3pm)
- pianotm
(Sat 1am-5am)
- nurvuss
(Sat 7pm-12am, flexible, evenings)
- LockeZ
(Sat/Sun 6pm-6am)

Twitching the Trope

Okay, so we all know what a trope is, right? (If not, check this link and curse my name for the next few hours while you try to escape. Have fun. I'll see you back here when you're done~)

So, tropes and clichés. Both refer to recognisable ideas in stories. One is hated, the other, liked. And both are often confused for the other. Do you use them to your advantage? Do you hate one or the other? Do you try to alter them in some way to create a new version,?

If so, how do you change your details? What tropes have you lampshaded and how? What clichés have you twisted and added to/subtracted from to make something a bit different?

Really, I'm just interested to see how people change the 'normal' things in games and make them different. What do you change to break the mold?

I'll give an example of what I mean. Elves. Those pointy-eared bastards who are holier than thou and so fleet of foot. Those jerks in tights who leap lightly and keep to themselves, deep in the forests fair. Every fantasy RPG seems to have them - or at least some race resembling them.

I do too - Welves. Still fair of face and voice however, Welves are not assholes who look down on others. They are in-touch with the spirit realms, but not aloof. They like people and love to mix with different races. They travel far from their home forests, collecting stories and songs, learning from each person they meet and harking their wares to the world.
Dancers, singers, storytellers, tinkers and travellers, they speak many tongues and are happy to teach others their ways. They are a happy, content people who give generously. Welves hunt and heal. They do not lie, but lie by omission; make better lovers than warriors (and have more than one lover at a time, often different genders).
Welves are not stoic, are not easily cowed and do not judge. They see things as they truly are - lying to a Welf is pointless as they know when you do it and simply won't care if you do.
They have pointed ears, lovely voices and are gentle, kind, considerate. They are tall and slim of build, come in all skin colours and breed strong (meaning that children of mixed race throw more often to their Welven side than whatever race their other parent was) and take in all who are of Welven blood - kin or not.

They are elves if they were nice and not assholes. Welves are awesome. They are the Mary-Sue of the races. ;p

Another? Another!

An amnesic character who decides to give up on finding her identity and instead chooses to live a new life. She's searched and since given up. Will she find out who she really is? She no longer cares. She's content with her life now and looks forward to what the future will hold for her. Yay for an amnesic who decides it's time to get over it and move on instead!

So... Twitched any Tropes lately?

Who is your RMN OTP?

OTP - One True Pairing. 'Shipping - putting two characters together as a romantic couple.

Get your ship on and list your favourite RMN OTPs all~

Who do you ship? Why?

Ship is short for Relationship. 'To ship' is to romantically couple two (or more) characters together, regardless of whether it's true to the story they feature in or not. Shipping is the act of doing so.
"I 'ship Harry and Hermione."
"I hate people 'shipping Harry with anyone other than Ginny."

For example, some people might 'ship Picard and Beverly as a possible canon romantic couple (that is, true to source), whilst others might 'ship Worf and Picard as romantic interests instead (backed up by various interactions between the two).
A very common 'ship in Star Trek is Spock and Kirk, due to the extreme closeness of the two characters.
Another very popular 'ship is Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, though it's practically a canon relationship that was hidden due to time prejudice against homosexual couples.

Basically, if you've ever looked at two characters/people and said "I think x and y would be a great couple!" you've partaken in the act of 'shipping.

[New Rule] Art Accreditation on Game Pages

Lately we've been upset to notice that there have been instances of people adding art to their game pages but not crediting the creators for that art. As many of you know, there are a lot of artists in the RM community and it not only shows disrespect for them and the content they create for both their own games and others, but also for artists in general.

This is going to stop as of now.

Taking art without giving credit is not on and if you are found guilty of this you will be either warned or banned depending on the circumstances.

The steps will go as follows:-

- Any art on game pages that are not created by yourself should have at the least the name of the creator added to the description (if an image) or in a sub-text/comment (if on a page). A link isn't required but adding one would be nice.

- If we find a page that has not got proper credits, we will open dialogue telling the creator to do so. Sufficient time will be allowed for changes to occur - 24 to 48 hours.

- If there has been no change without good reason, a warning will ensue and the game creator will be asked to either provide credit or remove the image.

- If the image is removed and later put back up again with no credit, banning and remote removal of the image will occur.

- If we find anyone claiming to have created a piece and find out it's not theirs, banning and the removal of the game page will occur. We take stealing seriously.

- This only affects images on the actual game page.

- This doesn't affect art made for your game by someone else, but frankly, you should be giving thanks via credits (at the least!) to that wonderful someone who made you your awesome graphics anyway.

It's very easy to find the credit for a piece of art. Open a Google page, go to images, then drag/drop the image itself into the search bar and look for the original instance of that image. If you cannot find credit for art you've used, remove it from the page until such time as you can.

Just a note - game pages do not disappear when someone is banned unless the creator demands its removal or it is found to be breaking the rules of the site in some way. Your page will remain up, but you will not be able to touch it at all. Also note that most bans are not forever. They usually last a few months in most cases.

[Ace] Menu Scene Edits

Hey guys, I've been editing a script for a while now, just brute-forcing the numbers and lines to get it to look like I want, but there's two issues that have me stumped.

The script/s I'm using is Fomar0153's 1-5 person Party script.

So, what I'm aiming to do is make a one-person menu that looks nice and balanced. So far I've managed to get rid of the faceset, moved the hero name/level over and get rid of the Next EXP text. But I'm stumped at two should-be easy things:-
1 - Making the name bigger via font size change and bolded, and
2 - Moving the HP/MP gauges/stats down a line to go underneath the name/level.

Here's what I've got so far, visually:

This is what I'm aiming for:

And here is the script - do note that I've already edited a few things in it. Also note that currently they is only this script in the game, so there shouldn't be any compatibility issues to worry about. ^.^

Fomar's script:

1-5 Member Party Status Huds
by Fomar0153
Version 1.0
Automatically uses up all available space in the status menus.
This is a member+ script.
Follow the instructions in the MembersPlus module.
Known bugs
module MembersPlus

  # Set this to the number of people you want to take part in battle
  Battle_Party_Size = 1
  # When one person is in the party you can draw a portrait, it should
  # be placed in pictures and then you can notetag the actor e.g.
  # <portrait RalphPortrait>
  One_Member_Party_Use_Portrait = true
  # When 5 people are in the party their faces can sometimes overlap slightly,
  # this prevents that.
  Five_Party_Trunc_Faces = false


class Window_MenuStatus < Window_Selectable
# * Get Item Height
  def item_height
    (height - standard_padding * 2) / [$game_party.members.size, MembersPlus::Battle_Party_Size].min
# * Draw Item
  def draw_item(index)
    actor = $game_party.members[index]
    enabled = $game_party.battle_members.include?(actor)
    rect = item_rect(index)

  if MembersPlus::One_Member_Party_Use_Portrait && $game_party.members.size == 1
    bitmap = Cache.picture(
    contents.blt(rect.x + 130, rect.y + line_height * 4, bitmap, bitmap.rect)
  if MembersPlus::Battle_Party_Size == 5 && $game_party.members.size >= 5
    draw_actor_simple_status(actor, rect.x + 108, rect.y + line_height / 4)
    draw_actor_simple_status(actor, rect.x + 0, rect.y + line_height / 2)
  case [$game_party.members.size, MembersPlus::Battle_Party_Size].min
    when 1
      draw_exp_info(actor, rect.x + 5,rect.y + line_height * 4)
      6.times {|i| draw_actor_param(actor, rect.x + 4, rect.y + line_height * (9 + i), i + 2) }
    when 2
      draw_exp_info(actor, rect.x + 4,rect.y + line_height * 4)
# * Draw Experience Information
  def draw_exp_info(actor, x, y)

    s_next = sprintf(Vocab::ExpNext, Vocab::level)
# * Draw Face Graphic
# enabled : Enabled flag. When false, draw semi-transparently.
  def draw_face(face_name, face_index, x, y, enabled = false)
    return super(face_name, face_index, x, y, enabled) unless MembersPlus::Five_Party_Trunc_Faces
      bitmap = Cache.face(face_name)
      rect = % 4 * 96, face_index / 4 * 96, 96, 96)
      rect.height = [rect.height,item_height - 2].min
      contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, rect, enabled ? 0 : translucent_alpha)

class Game_Party < Game_Unit
# * Get Maximum Number of Battle Members
  def max_battle_members
    return MembersPlus::Battle_Party_Size

  class RPG::Actor < RPG::BaseItem
    def portrait
      if @portrait.nil?
        if @note =~ /<portrait (.*)>/i
        @portrait = $1
        @portrait = @name

class Window_BattleStatus < Window_Selectable
# * Object Initialization
  def initialize
    super(0, 0, window_width, window_height)
    self.openness = 0
# * Get Digit Count
  def col_max
# * Get Spacing for Items Arranged Side by Side
  def spacing
# * Get Item Height
  def item_height
    line_height * 4
# * Draw Item
  def draw_item(index)
    actor = $game_party.battle_members[index]
# * Get Basic Area Retangle
  def basic_area_rect(index)
# * Get Gauge Area Rectangle
  def gauge_area_rect(index)
    rect = item_rect_for_text(index)
    rect.x += 4
    rect.width -= 8
# * Get Gauge Area Width
  def gauge_area_width
    return contents.width / item_max
# * Draw Basic Area
  def draw_basic_area(rect, actor)
    draw_actor_face(actor, rect.x + 1, rect.y + 1, actor.alive?)
    if $data_system.opt_display_tp
      draw_actor_icons(actor, rect.x, rect.y, rect.width)
    if $game_party.members.size <= 2
      draw_actor_name(actor, rect.x , rect.y, rect.width - 100, default.font_size = 22)
      draw_actor_icons(actor, rect.x, rect.y + line_height, rect.width - 100)
      draw_actor_name(actor, rect.x, rect.y, rect.width)
      draw_actor_icons(actor, rect.x, rect.y + line_height, rect.width)
# * Draw Gauge Area
  def draw_gauge_area(rect, actor)
    if $game_party.members.size <= 2
      rect.x += 100
      rect.width -= 100
    if $data_system.opt_display_tp
      draw_gauge_area_with_tp(rect, actor)
      draw_gauge_area_without_tp(rect, actor)
# * Draw Gauge Area (with TP)
  def draw_gauge_area_with_tp(rect, actor)
    draw_actor_hp( rect.x, rect.y + line_height, rect.width)
    draw_actor_mp( rect.x, rect.y + line_height * 2, rect.width)
    draw_actor_tp( rect.x, rect.y + line_height * 3, rect.width)
# * Draw Gauge Area (without TP)
  def draw_gauge_area_without_tp(rect, actor)
    draw_actor_hp(actor, rect.x + 10 , rect.y + line_height * 2, rect.width)
    draw_actor_mp(actor, rect.x + 10 , rect.y + line_height * 3, rect.width)
# * Draw Face Graphic
# enabled : Enabled flag. When false, draw semi-transparently.
def draw_face(face_name, face_index, x, y, enabled = false)
    return super(face_name, face_index, x, y, enabled) unless MembersPlus::Five_Party_Trunc_Faces
      bitmap = Cache.face(face_name)
      rect = % 4 * 96, face_index / 4 * 96, 96, 96)
      rect.width = [rect.width,item_width].min
      contents.blt(x-16, y, bitmap, rect, enabled ? 0 : translucent_alpha)

I'm balls at scripting, though I do try my best, and I've come so far, only to get stumped on these two - what I assume to be - small things. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time. ^.^