I enjoy playing and creating games (mostly RPGs) and have a love of story and characterisation above graphics. I've been into RM* since '96 and have used all makers - started on the PSX makers, found and used a patched version of the SNES RM, then moved to RM95. When I found RM2K I finally decided to join some forums and I've been a part of the community ever since.

Absolute Justice

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Wolf and Kid
Save your best friend, a wolf.


Art and You

Lately we've been sad and not a little angry to notice that there have been instances of people adding art to their game pages but not crediting the creators for that art. As many of you know, there are a lot of artists in the RM community and it not only shows disrespect for them and the content they create for both their own games and others, but also for artists in general.

This is going to stop as of now.

Frankly, we shouldn't need this rule - it's been unspoken in the community for many, many years but it seems it needs to be said straight out.

Taking art without giving credit is not on and if you are found guilty of this you will be either warned or banned depending on the circumstances.

- Any art on game pages that are not created by yourself should have at the least the name of the creator added to the description (if an image) or in a sub-text/comment (if on a page). A link isn't required but adding one would be nice.

- If we notice art that has not been credited, staff will give a warning or banning depending on whether you comply to the rules/have a reason for the lack of credit/prove stubborn.

- It's very easy to find the credit for a piece of art. Open a Google page, go to images, then drag/drop the image itself into the search bar and look for the original instance of that image.

- If we find anyone claiming to have created a piece and find out it's not theirs, banning and the removal of the game page will occur. We take stealing seriously.

- This does not affect what is in your game, except that we highly recommend keeping a read me file with all credits within.

- This does not affect rips, but theft of indie tiles/work/etc has always been looked down on in the community and this has not changed. We will still ban any person found stealing art/maps/music/resources that were created especially for a game.

- This doesn't affect art made for your game by someone else, but frankly, you should be giving thanks via credits (at the least!) to that wonderful someone who made you your awesome shit anyway.

We will allow a grace period before stamping down on this issue, but consider this the final warning.

Content creators, whether they be artists or musicians, deserve to have their goods - and yes, they are GOODS - treated with the same respect you'd treat each others' games. You do not steal peoples' characters. You don't steal their stories. You don't steal their games and repackage it as your own. So enough is enough.

Most Memorable Gaming Moments

We all have moments of gaming that stick out in our minds. Maybe they're embarrassing, maybe they're joyous. Perhaps they're hilarity incarnate. Let's share shall we?

My brother and I played RPGs together a lot when we were younger. We'd take turns playing - I was the map keeper because I never got lost. He was the one who took down bosses that I couldn't. Together we made a formidable team that took down every game we came across - even some non-RPGs.

Come FF8. I was about 18-ish at the time? He's a few years younger. An older cousin told us how great a game it was, but that it was hard. Examples he listed were that it took him about a month to get to the Lunar Cry and the monster boss sleeping in the Research Facility.

So I bought the game, we set up camp in my room (summer holidays~) and set to it. Three days later we'd reached Lunar Cry, were at level 100 and had almost 100 of all the available magic at that point. We were ready to take on the Research Facility.

The first boss was a challenge that took us several times to beat. The last time (the time I beat it) brother was out doing something else. Finally beating that boss I descended into the depths of the facility and finally reached IT. The boss of all bosses, the giant who held Eden.

Figuring I'd just get a taste (and wiped) I engaged. And boy, did I engage. Zell went down pretty fast. Okay, fine, I had revives. Then Squall fell. Alright, revive. Then Selphie. Okay, this guy is hard. Revive.

Half an hour passed. I was knee deep in death and destruction. Selphie was the last of my group alive. I was out of revives, out of the big heals and just used my last potion. I had an Aura stone boosting my chances of Limit Break and a Hero Drink protecting me from being attacked. Selphie was at just over half-health, invisible and alone.

I'd already scrolled past that one spell I'd never used - The End. My buffs were running out fast and I was more than a bit worried. I'd already drawn Eden, and I was determined to keep it!

Finally, my invicibility wore off. Selphie was vulnerable to attack! The monster smashed her down to double digits. I had no healing items, no healing spells. It was nearing an hour on the damn boss and all I had left was Aura. Suddenly, it ran out.

I'm screaming at the screen - "COME ON! COME ON!" Enemy turn is about to come up again. Suddenly, Limit break. "Come on, Selphie. Come on. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplea- YES! THE END MOTHER FUCKER!!! ADAM! ADAM I GOT HIM!"

Brother races into the room as The End starts to play. It's our first time ever seeing it. With bated breath we watch flowers bloom across the screen, then death. We scream and jump and cry! We won. We beat that boss! Our first try!

...then we never got past Tiamat.

2-Day DO SOMETHING Challenge!

What the sam-hill is this now?
It's an event that will run for two days. Count 'em! Two whole days~ Whoop!

Right, yeah, got that part. What are we supposed to do for it, though?
Oh, you know~ Something.

What kind of something?!
Anything game related at all. It's basically an event to motivate people to get their arses into warp-drive and do something game related.

Okay, so... what? Do we just do stuff?
Well, I guess in the most general form. Let's get some details up in hayah~

You take two consecutive days.
You make a push to do as much game making as you can in those two days.
At the end you post up what you did. You can just do a blog post on your game page, detailing what you got done in that time span.

Now, it doesn't matter what you do as long as it's part of game creation in some way.
You have commissions you need to do? That's fine.
You want to make a 2-day game? That's A-okay!
You want to work on your current game? Perfectly oki-doki.
You want to do some reviews or LP/LTs? Sure, go ahead.
You want to frolic in the snow/melt in the sun and mess around doing nothing? No! >:|

Okay then... so when does this start? And how do I get in on the action?
Tomorrow it begins. Time zones don't matter - choose a time, write it down and start. At the end of the two days either write up a blog detailing what you did and link it in this topic, or if you don't have a game page write up your 'blog' report in this topic.

So... this is a thing now?
I may consider making this randomly permanent depending on how many people like the idea.

But this came out of nowhere! I don't have time and there's other things I have to do and-
Yes, it's short notice and I know people are busy. That's where the challenge comes in. Finding time, working around schedules and getting something done - even if it's a map or two. Anything. Something. That's the aim of this small event.

So, get ready guys.

Tomorrow we challenge ourselves!
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Wisao Nominations~

What are the Misaos?
The Misaos are an annual award event given to indie games made in the RM community. 'Misaos' is the general name for the awards such as 'Best Atmosphere', 'Most Technical Prowess' or 'Game of the Year'. You can liken it to a "People's Choice" award, as the games are nominated and voted upon by the community-at-large.

What, then, are the Wisaos?
The original Misaos once catered to more than just Game of the Year or Best 'instert game piece here'. They used to have many more interesting categories that got trimmed over the years. It's understandable - some of them required people to actually put forth names and wasn't really easily automated.

But they were fun. And funny.

So I figured, much in the spirit of Mario and Wario, that I would revive the Misaos of past, rename them and get the ball rolling on the categories that require more input than just pressing a button to nominate. Yes, my friends. The Wisaos require some actual thought...

Let's get this shit started, shall we?

How will this work?

Pretty simple, really! I will put a list of nomination categories. Some will require more to answer than others. Just copy the list to your post and under each category put your answer. You can answer as many or as few categories as you wish.

On the 15th I will then take the lists and cut them down to the top five nominated in each category. Then a new topic will appear with a poll for you to vote for. On the 21st, when the Misaos end, so too will the Wisaos.

So, everyone up for it? Let's go!



[b]Best Cutscene/s[/b]

[b]Best Opening Sequence[/b]

[b]Best Puzzle/s[/b]

[b]Best Minigame/s[/b]

[b]Best non-cliché game[/b]

[b]Best Romantic Subplot[/b]

[b]Best Parody[/b]

[b]Most Non-Linear Game[/b]

[b]Biggest Improvement[/b]

[b]Best Quote (From a Game)[/b]

[b]Cancelled project with the most promise[/b]

[b]Best Game Title[/b]

[b]Best Monsters/Battles[/b]

[b]Biggest Disappointment[/b]

[b]Scariest Game[/b]

[b]Most Innovative Game[/b]

[b]Best Ending[/b]

[b]Best Death Scene[/b]

[b]Game that Best Plays with Your Emotions[/b]

[b]Most Replay Value[/b]

[b]Most Overhyped Game[/b]

[b]Best Fangame[/b]

[b]Game That Most Needs a Sequel[/b]

[b]Best Cliche Game[/b]

[b]Best Cancelled Game[/b]

[b]Darkest Story[/b]

[b]Best Comedy Game[/b]

[b]Most Anticipated Game of 2014[/b]


[b]Best Hero[/b]

[b]Best Villain[/b]

[b]Best Male Character[/b]

[b]Best Female Character[/b]

[b]Best Animal Character[/b]

[b]Most Likeable Character[/b]

[b]Character you Love to Hate[/b]

[b]Most Mysterious Character[/b]

[b]Cutest character[/b]

[b]Funniest Character[/b]

[b]Scariest Character[/b]

[b]Craziest Character[/b]

[b]Most Annoying Character[/b]

[b]Most Interesting Character[/b]

[b]Character you want to see more of[/b]

[b]Best Overall Cast[/b]


[b]Best alternate Game Engine (Not RM series)[/b]

[b]Best Article Writer[/b]

[b]Best Scripter[/b]

[b]Best Reviewer[/b]

[b]Best Writer[/b]

[b]Most Prolific Time Waster[/b]

[b]Best Resource Creator (music, graphics, etc)[/b]

[b]Best Blogger[/b]

[b]Most Prolific Game Starter[/b]

[b]Best Newbie[/b]

[b]Best Gameprofile[/b]

[b]Best Quote (From a Member)[/b]

[b]Worst Change to the Site[/b]

[b]Best Change to the Site[/b]

[b]Best Site Overlord[/b] (There's really only one answer for this one...)

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Merry Christmas you Wonderful People!

Have a great day, all, no matter where and when you are!

Pop your Christmas Salutations and Best Wishes here, guys~

RMN Secret Santa 2013~ [Speculation Central!]

It's that time of year again, folks! Time to get your share on~

What is this?
Why, it's Secret Santa, of course!

What, pray-tell, is this 'Secret Santa' thing?
It's a simple thing, really. You throw your name in the proverbial hat and get one in return. You are that person's Secret Santa and, as the name suggests, you must keep the name secret from anyone! Then, before the due date below, you get them a present. On Christmas Eve, you will receive a gift from your own Secret Santa and happy fun times are had by all~

So, how do you get in on this action, you ask?
Easy! Just give a holler in a comment below before the cut-off date. Simple, eh?

Rules are as follows:
- First rule of Secret Santa club. Don't talk about Secret Santa club.
- Second rule of Secret Santa club. See rule #1.
- Sign up below by leaving a comment that lets me know you're joining in.
- The cut-off date for joining is the 12th of December.
- You will have until the 23rd of December to send me via PM the gift for your Secret Santa.
- Do not tell anyone who you got until at least the 26th of December.
- Your gift may be one of the following - a review, an LP or LT
- If you have another idea for a gift, PM me and I'll let you know if it's fine.
- If you suddenly need to drop out, PM me ASAP and I'll do some rearrangements. It would be preferable that you don't drop out, though.
- You must have a game profile on the site. Collaborations and helpers count - as long as you can call a game yours in some small way, it will count.

How to submit
- For video submissions, use a free-hosting video site like VideoBam, flikr, Break, GorillaVid, Veoh and DailyMotion.
- Send me the link via PM before the due date.
- For reviews, send me the text of the reviews via PM before the due date.
- Do not add your reviews or videos to the site until at least the 26th.

Santas: Giftees
- Liberty : kory_toombs, jomarcenter, psy_wombats, arandomgamemaker
- jomarcenter : Sailerius
- Archeia_Nessiah : Zeuzio
- Marrend : Deckiller
- Sailerius : Ratty524
- calunio : eplipswich
- papasan96 : Archeia_Nessiah
- psy_wombats : edchuy
- Zeuzio : PepsiOtaku
- seiromem : Liberty
- Arandomgamemaker : Zgeneration9
- orochii : seiromem
- Gourd_Clae : irili
- eplipswich : Gourd_Clae
- kory_toombs : calunio
- Ratty524 : Marrend
- Irili : orochii
- Deckiller : papasan96

Any questions, feel free to ask~

Not NaNoWriMo aka 6 parts; 6 to 6

As some of you may know, every November is the National Novel Writing Month. Usually it's a time for people to just up and say 'This year I will write the damn novel in my head and I'll do it in a month!'

I'm not doing that this year. I've been letting myself slack off a bit when it comes to writing so instead of writing an embarrassing book that I'd hide away forever after finishing, I’m starting a challenge to get myself back in shape instead. I'd like company on this voyage.

So what is the adventure I ask you to join me on? Nothing too strenuous, I assure you!

From today (November the sixth) until next month (December the sixth) I will put up six pieces of written work per day.
Short or long; poetry, prose or ideas - as long as they be written, they count. Word length doesn’t matter. Genre doesn't matter. Good or bad or in-between doesn't matter.
What matters is doing something. Six somethings per day for a month. It's time to stretch the writing muscles.

Of course, it wouldn't be a challenge if there wasn't something to actually challenge a person beside the numeral aspect, so I randomly generated a list of words that will act as themes. The idea is to use the same theme for all six of one day, but try not to write the same thing over and over. Imagination exercises~

So what do we gain? Nothing. It's just a fun little challenge to get our writing working again/continue to work. Jump in or not, I'll still post here every day.

If you do want to join in, just have one post per day with that day's six pieces. This is a voluntary challenge, which means you can choose to only do one piece a day or skip a few days and catch up on them eventually. It's casual and just a bit of fun.

Here’s a list of the themes for anyone who wants to play along:

Feel free to jump aboard.

[SIGN UPS] Mystery Mafia - House of Bones

House of Bones
Another Experimental Role Play Mafia
You are one of a group of college students who have been given the assignment of investigating architecture and the changes over the last century. As part of this assignment you are to inspect houses old and new. Some have suggested the local haunted house - a ramshackle building on a hill. Latching on to the idea, the group decides to stay the night in the old building.

Unknown to most, though, some have decided to make this night one to remember...

- No quoting PMs.
- Night is no-talk unless otherwise instructed.
- At least one post per day
- Try to role play when posting, and remember to put the name of your character at the top of your post so people know who you are.
- Majority vote rules.
- Day actions - if there are any - must be sent to me via PM during that day phase.

Sign Ups
Sorceress Kyrsty

And with that we have enough people. PMs will be sent out in about 20 hours!

If you sign up please make sure you'll at least be around more often than not.
Aiming for 13 people but we can start at 11.

Monster Creation, Design and Inspirations

We all have monsters from games and other places that we consider inspirational, interesting and just plain bad-ass. What are these monsters, why do we think they're so amazing, what kind of thought went into their designs and how do you create your own monsters in your own games?

Feel free to discuss in this topic. Please don't try to argue too much - let's keep this friendly, folks!

[Poll] Judging whether to download a game? What do you look for?

After reading a topic by another member on the site I got to wondering what most people use to decide whether they'll download and play a game. It's a relatively simple question, but it can lead to other interesting questions such as :
- is quality or quantity a major factor?
- do people take others' thoughts or recommendations into account?
- do comments change your thoughts on whether to play a game?
- does knowing the person who made it personally or by reputation?
- is game page presentation an important factor?

If you wish to answer those questions, feel free, but the main question is this: