I enjoy playing and creating games (mostly RPGs) and have a love of story and characterisation above graphics. I've been into RM* since '96 and have used all makers - started on the PSX makers, found and used a patched version of the SNES RM, then moved to RM95. When I found RM2K I finally decided to join some forums and I've been a part of the community ever since.

Absolute Justice

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Wolf and Kid
Save your best friend, a wolf.


[DEMO] RSDVI: The Realms Shattered



Narissa is a young woman living in the peaceful village of Louva. Filled with wanderlust and a desire to know as much as possible about different places and people, she is considered an oddity - especially as the people of her world prefer to stay on the paths that have already been built.

Her love for knowledge and exploration becomes the cause for upheaval, however, when her curiosity sets off a dangerous trap laid a millenia ago by a vengeful woman whose desire to destroy eclipsed her own capacity for life.

Now she and those who choose to join her on her journey must travel across the worlds to find a way to stop a dead woman's plan before it is too late, for failure to do so will result in the destruction of not one, but two worlds.


NAME: Narissa Louvelle
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
REALM: Mirror

An orphan who is filled with a love of exploring and cartography, Narissa is considered an oddity by her peers who prefer their simple lives of creating arts and crafts. Indeed, she is a rarity in her Realm, a peaceful world with very few warriors and wars. Through her actions are the worlds endangered and she must resume the responsibility of saving them.

NAME: Jidor Minnette
AGE: 19
REALM: Mirror

A young man whose family has been traders to and from various cities, he is no stranger to travel, though he prefers to stay close to home and his family. Jidor became Narissa's friend three years ago whilst making a delivery to her village. He has since been roped into several of her expeditions into the forests between their home towns, much to his general amusement/annoyance.



RS!DVI Teaser Demo: HERE!


Let the celebrations for the new year begin!

What are you looking forward to doing in 2009?

What does the new year mean for/to you?

How did you celebrate?

What are your resolution?

One big (hopefully) topic for all those little New Years questions/comments/et ceteras!


Well, the fireworks display was cancelled this year because of drunks last year messing NY up for everyone. So I just spent a quiet evening at home among friends and family. Sent off a few texts and phone calls, got a few surprise messages. Had a bit of champers.

Looking forward to new classes on mythology and symbolism in the new year. It'll be great fun! Also looking to get a car.

Resolution? Maybe get fitter and to be healthier. >.<

Now, how about you guys?

Christmas Greetings!

Merry Christmas all!

Yeah, so I'm 'down under' and it is officially Christmas day down here. Have a great Christmas guys and hope it's a great one!

General Feedback Topic

Okay, so we've got the Screenshot topic for feedback on the graphical side of our projects but what about the imaginative/technical/theoretical side? I suppose we could each make a new thread to ask if our butt looks big in this our super-duper space fight extraudinaire with flashing lights and space-bar mash-a-thon would sound fun. Or whether you should be able to edit a character or have static stats in your dungeon crawler or... or... or...

I think you get the idea.

So here's a topic to get feedback for your ideas. Two rules though -



This topic is to generate feedback on each other's ideas and to help said ideas develop.

* - Flaming is not tolerated. Constructive criticism is.
Flame: That idea stinks.
CC: I don't think that idea would work because...

Elemental Ups and Downs

I'm fiddling with the DBS and decided I wanted to implement an MP cost modifier, dependant apon what terrain you are currently on.

For example: Say I'm roaming around in an Ice Cavern, my water spells will cost less MP to use (and be a bit stronger), but fire spells will take more MP to use - and be a bit weaker.

Now, I'm using 2K3, have four elements that will be altered by this, with four tiers of strength.

I was thinking about tracking the current tile via X/Y co-ords, then making every spell a switch and having IF cases in battle events (luckily only one character uses magic ^.^) but is there an easier way to do this?

Any ideas?

-+- OKAMI -+-


You play as the Sun God/dess, Ameratsu, a white wolf whose job it is to rid the world of the evil demon, Orochi. On the way you meet many curious and unforgettable characters, defeat many monsters, complete many quests and retrieve your missing powers in the form of the celestial signs. The world comes alive with the stroke of your brush and ink, creating many effects including rain showers, wind storms and the destruction of obstacles that get in your way.



I know it's been out now for a few years (I think it was released in 2006?) but I was introduced to this game by a friend who lent me his copy. I just finished it last night and I have to say that it was one of the best plays I've had in a long time. (Since Suikoden V came out, actually.)

Has anyone else had the pleasure of playing Okami?

Pranks! Pranks! Pranks!

What funny pranks have you pulled lately? Any really good one's where the prankee was fooled completely? Or did you have one backfire on you?

Share your zany pranks!

There's only two main pranks that I indulge in, really.


The old 'hide behind the door and jump out scaring the life out of the prankee' type is what I usually roll with. I'll do it about three or four times a week - on a slow week. There's just so much opportunity in my house! You'd think they'd have learnt by now that closed doors are things to be feared, but no, they keep falling for it. ^.^ Silly peoples. ::)


This is more when my sister is bored. She'll rope me into making prank phone calls to random numbers. The calls are mostly her pretending to be a phone company employee asking about their plans and whether they'd like to change. (Yes, she pretends to be a telemarketer for a phone company.)

I prefer the personal touch, myself, where I pretend to be someone they know just calling to check up on them and see how they're doing. It's surprising how easy it is to lead people to think they know who you are.

I don't do it too often because it makes me feel guilty, especially after this one time where it backfired and an old woman thought I was her daughter who hadn't called her in months. ;.;

Poss (sister's nickname) used to have some funny ring tones on her mobile and she'd call up and play the ringtones. ^.^ It was hilarious. Especially with the naughty 'Alien' one.

Although that backfired when this girl called us back because she had caller ID. She pranked us for the next couple of days and mum had no idea who was calling. Needless to say, we weren't gonna tell. XP

Liberty's Poetry Corner

Okay, so I write a lot of poetry and I'd like to share some to get a general idea of what I could do better (considering that one day I'll be selling/publishing some of this stuff. ^.^)

Most of them are pretty short and very few of them rhyme. I also have a habit of not naming them. ::)

Thank you!


Eye strokes
A brush on canvas
Spreading colours and shades.
Firm pushes
That belie an intimacy
Among strangers.
Caressing and arousing
Pull closer the subject to intention.
A fetid aroma wafts
Around decaying flesh, yet youthful, still.
Rough taste
Sour on the tongue
A texture that burns the breath.
In the comfort of a hotel room
I paint the body of a lover,

^^^This one is actually being sent to a competition soon so any quick critiques are doubly welcomed.


Certain deer
At times of the year
Feel the heat of the season
Certain men
Have the same ken
With just a hint more reason


Squatters in their own land
These people, once rulers
No longer judge the manners of their visitors
But hawk and cry
Draw near these tourists
Selling bloody memories to strangers
Whilst the dead regard them with scathing, eyeless gazes

They remember the youth of this land

Recurring Accidents

Does anyone have a problem with recurring accidents/problems in their life? Things like bad luck with injuries, being flooded out of house and home or even losing things like important documents?

It doesn't have to be just you. I can be things that often happen to the rest of the family as well.

For instance:

My family has major bad luck when it comes to fires. We've had over ten in the last twenty or so years and some of them were pretty major. Of course, there are the simple ones, like chimney fires - but then there's the ones where the whole house burns down. Yeah. Fire + my family = BAD!!!

Submission Error?

I'm not sure if this an error or not, but when I go to add a resource it's not shown on my submissions page afterwards - which it used to, as 'pending'. I don't know if this means that I've used up my submission space (if we have such a thing) or if the code was changed so that it no longer shows until approved.

Just figured you'd like to know, in case the resources I've added aren't, well, being added.

EDIT: I have two full submission pages. Just an FYI.