I enjoy playing and creating games (mostly RPGs) and have a love of story and characterisation above graphics. I've been into RM* since '96 and have used all makers - started on the PSX makers, found and used a patched version of the SNES RM, then moved to RM95. When I found RM2K I finally decided to join some forums and I've been a part of the community ever since.

Absolute Justice

Site last broken: 7th January, 2017
Before that: 24th May 2016
Wolf and Kid
Save your best friend, a wolf.


GAYmak the Rainbow event

RMN is a place of diversity and understanding when it comes to the LGBTA+ community, and we've a fair few openly alternative members when it comes to sexuality and gender, and the community as a whole is great for encouraging people to be themselves and focus on supporting those among us who label themselves as such. This is a great thing and something definitely worth celebrating.

So strike me pink when I realised Pride month was almost over for yet another year without even being mentioned. Fuck that! Let's throw some of that pride around the joint, eh?

And what better way than with an event? Because we didn't just come out of one, now, did we? :DDD

Welcome to GAYmak the Rainbow, a super simple event that will span a week. The event is basically a 'one a day' challenge, with a weekend gammak at the end.

Every day, for seven days, we create a character based on a colour of the rainbow. Then, at the end of the week of rainbow days, a short game over the course of the weekend will be made using any of the characters created during the week.

This is a celebration event so you can start collecting/making resources for it ahead of time.

Here's the general game plan:
- Every day I'll post a topic with the colour inspiration for the day into which you post your created characters.
- Character creation must include a small blurb about the character (who they are, description, etc) and a small graphical image of them (this can be a sketch, a sprite, a portrait, an MS Paint image, etc).
- Characters must be based on the colour of that day in some way, shape or form.
- Since this is a Pride event, I will ask that you try to make a character that isn't just a straight female/male. Mix it up. Try to expand your horizons and push yourself, but remember to be conscientious about your character depictions.
- Every day that you post an image you will receive a badge for that colour. At the end, if you hit all the days, you will get a rainbow badge.
- You will have until the game make weekend starts before the threads get locked, so if your characters aren't in their respective threads by then, you'll miss the badge for that colour day!

At the end of the days, an event page will go up for the weekend GAYmak. It will take place midnight site-time (GMT 0, iirc) Friday and end midnight Sunday. The event page will go in to more detail about the GAYmak itself.

The first colour topic will go up on Saturday, and to be nice I'll tell you that it will be Red.

Would it be allowed for us to star other people's characters from this thread in the gamemake on the weekend without limiting it to just our own?
With their permission, I don't see why not. I know not everyone has time during the week to create characters. Some people feel that they're not good at it either. You can definitely choose to only make one character during the week and use that with a combination of others' characters. Or just use others' characters (with their permission!) fully.

[POLL] RMN Birthday Event

Here are the ideas that you all talked about. Now it's time to vote.

Retro: Make a retro game in the style of DQ or FF1/2.

Escape the Room: You are locked in a room. There are puzzles to complete in order to escape. Do that.

Bangers and Smash: Take two reasonably well-known (easily identifiable) franchises and smush them together.

Themed event: Just a typical event with a time crunch.

Cameos, whilst popular, is a bit exclusionist since it requires that people either know others on the site or have played games on the site (which leads to the sticky issue of misrepresentation). We'll leave it for another event, perhaps.

The idea thread was here:

(2017) RMN Birthday Event Ideas

It's that time again - RMN's 10th birthday* is just around the corner and there's been a lot of discussion about what we're going to do this year. We've got some neat ideas tossed around in discord so I figured we'd present a few in this topic and you guys can throw in what you'd like to see.

If something is overwhelmingly popular we'll pick that up, otherwise we'll do a poll of the ideas that are doable, inclusive and popular.

Two points that are not for debate:
- This will be a 10 hour event (over a weekend) OR a 10 day event.
- It will start on the 2nd of June.

Some ideas we have already are:

= Smashers and Bash
Take two very different franchises (book/movie/series) and slap 'em together.
Carebears and Biker Mice From Mars/Star Wars and Rainbow Bright/IT and My Little Pony/TRON and The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar, for example

= Badaption 2: Return of the Baddening
Make a game based on a bad adaption of a movie/book/series.

= Escape the Room
Make an escape the room challenge game where you have to puzzle your way out of a locked room.

= RMN Cameo
Put us all in a game. Yup.

= Retroville
Make a game that uses early DQ/FF type aesthetic. This means square-square tiles and very limited colour schemes. Simple is as simple does.

= Just a Normal Event
Theme, time and done. Let you guys do the rest.

Any other likely ideas I'll add here. Let us know what you think/want!

Tower of Iddlai [Tabletop] [RP]

I will be holding a small tabletop campaign over Discord, using a custom campaign, set-up and setting. I'm creating this thread to let possible players and watchers know about it (and thus sign-up if interested).

Things to Note
  • The game will be recorded and later released episode by episode as a podcast.
  • A microphone is a necessity, as interactions will be done by voice chat using Discord.
  • Up to 5 players only (4 will be fine, though)
  • Time will be 9pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on Fridays/Saturdays (double-checking times with people now).

Current Players (FULL!)
- pianotm
- Trihan
- Jeroen
- NeverSilent

- Caz (part-time)
- psy_wombats (part-time)

- Liberty (DM)

(Part-time means they won't be in every week, but will show up as cameos sometimes, time permitting.)

Character Creation
Your Build

You may choose one of these base classes:

Warrior: High POW. Medium INT and CON. Low AGI. +1 Armour.
Mage: High INT. Medium AGI and CON. Low POW. +1 Spell.
Rogue: High AGI. Medium INT and POW. Low CON. +1 Lockpick.
Farmer: High CON. Medium AGI and POW. Low INT. +1 Food.

As you gain levels, you will be able to promote to Master classes. These will be based on how you've built your hero and what their starting class was.


There are four stats:
CON - this denotes your defence, health and resistances against physical ailments.
POW - this denotes your strength, damage output and physical ability.
INT - this denotes your intelligence, magic and non-physical resistances.
AGI - this denotes your speed, acrobatic performance and luck.

Your class denotes your base stats, and you may add 3 points into any of those stats to customise your build.

Every time you level up you will gain an extra 3 points to put into these stats and customise your character.

Experience will be based on damage done to enemies (each point of damage will be +1 EXP), so it benefits you to attack instead of standing back and letting others do all the heavy work. Healing and buff skills will have their own EXP gain.

Your Skills

You may start with one of the following skills, based on your class. Mages may pick two skills.

Slash - A fast slash. Deals more damage based on your AGI.
Shield Bash - A protective stance that baits the enemy to attack you. If they do you will deal damage based on your CON.
Stab - A powerful attack that is based on your POW.
Critical Strike - An attack that does low damage but has a chance at dealing double damage based on your INT.

Wind Spin - Wind-based damage that hits all enemies. Based on AGI stat.
Fire Bloom - Fire-based damage that deals heavy damage. Based on POW stat.
Healing Dew - Water-based healing. Based on INT stat.
Protective Dust - Earth-based protection against ailments and damage. Based on CON stat.

Shadow Strike - Low damage, chance to blind based on AGI.
Sweet Spot - Low damage, can maim a foe based on INT.
Slash Hack - A slashing attack based on POW.
Block Stab - Strike back for double damage if enemy attacks. Based on CON.

Fumble Flail - Variance damage based on POW and dice roll.
Tumble Weed - Dodges all attacks for this turn, based on AGI.
Infuriate - Increases ally's attack for a turn, based on INT.
Slake - Heal self/ally, based on CON.

Passive Skills
Interaction may require the use of passive skills such as lockpicking, deciphering and the like. The success of these skills will be based on what your class is expected to know - dealing with animals, for example, is something Farmers will excel at, but they'd be terrible at reading ancient languages. Failure and success will be determined by dice roll.

Your Items

You may start the game with one type of food, one piece of armour and one memento. Warriors may pick two pieces of armour. Farmers may pick two pieces of food.

- Cheese and Bread (+5HP)
- Wine (+3HP, 2 uses)
- Jerky (+3HP, Guts)

- Leather Bracer (+1 CON, +1 POW)
- Boots (+1 CON, +1 AGI)
- Kneepads (+1 CON, +1 INT)
- Padded Tunic (+2 CON)

- Silver Coin
- Leather Sheath
- Wooden Pendant
- Silver Ring
- Diary Page
- Leather Pouch
- Lock of Hair
- Carved Doll

You do not start with weapons - they will be found through your journey. You may end up wielding some strange weapons indeed - from chair legs to chain whips to monster limbs.

Your Character

To create a character you will need the following information:

Name: Name of your character
Class: The class they are
Stat changes: Where you spend your 3 points
Skill/s: Which skill/s they have
Items: Their starting items.

Phobia/s: (Must have one)
Description/History: Even just a basic one.

If you've questions, ask~

Creating Politics and Governments

Let's chat a bit about the creation of governments when it comes to games, and how politics plays a role in your story.

This is NOT a topic to air political grievances but there may be some talk about current or past political and governmental structures.

When I make a game I try to do so in a realised world. Part of that is creating different governmental groups for different areas of that world, and referencing them. Of course, to reference them I'd have to have an idea of what they are, how they run and their general aim in regards to the current climate of that world, during the course of the game. I might have to touch on the history of those governing bodies, too, as well as past or present actions that they've had on the area in which the party roam.

Do you make politics a big deal in your games? If so, in what way do you do so? Do you have different governing bodies and what kinds do you like using? How do you go about creating those governments? Do you draw inspiration for them from anywhere in particular? Are there any real world mirrors or do you try to avoid that?

Let's talk about creating political worlds/stories and the governments made for them!

Let's Write a Story! (RMN SPACE ODDESSEY)

Like many other threads we're gonna tell a story but this time there's a few rules.

- You must write 50 words. No more, no less.
- You must leave the last sentence unfinished so someone else can complete it for you.
- Where possible, leave at least two posts between your last one, before adding more to the story.
- Try not to go too off-track. The idea is to write a story together, so certain concepts, characters and the like should kind of match up from post to post. That said, space is the limit! Have at~
- Easy? Easy.
- Here's a quick word-counting site:

We'll start nice and simple:

"Goddamn it, Mary! I told you we should have left that fucking cat back on Helios 15. Why'd you bring the mangy animal with us?"

Jack Barrington, Space Marine, was not having a good day. In fact, it could be said that he was having the worst day of his incarnation.

"What? Are you going to pilot us back to the wormhole just for Snowball?" asked Mary.

"Why the hell not?" Jack slammed the shuttle's reverse. "Next time, we're skipping straight from Helios 12 to Helios 17."

"Asshole. Dying normally is unpleasant enough and you're gonna go back through the one place that broadcasts your entire birth and life cycle galaxy-wide."

"You know how they say dying is nowhere near as unpleasant as being born?"

Jack was grinding his teeth "I'm DYING to find out!"

Mary sighed, she never understood his stubbornness, nor his relationship to animals. Was he a complete enigma?

He didn't want to bring the damned cat in the first place!

Now here he was, turning the ship around, like an irritated mother fulfilling her threat to her obnoxious children.

"A rough and tumble space marine, going through hell for a cat."

"What will your buddies think when you bring their cat back?"

"McDoogle and Jam Five will understand just fine. They were there that day."

"Jack, it's been 8 years."

"I know, Mary. And it's still buggin' me. That's how big of a deal it was. Snowball has to go."

"Jack, you're an idiot. The mission would have failed without Snowball. That cat saved your life!"

"Yeah," growled Jack, eyes staring darkly ahead, "and made me look like an absolute fool in the process!"

Mary threw up her hands with a loud groan.

A claw pulled at Jack's pant leg. His body stiffened. "No way that cat was here the whole time! I'd swear we left him there."

"Snowball!" Mary was so happy to see her cat safe and sound.

"No reason to go through the wormhole, then." Jack sounded seriously disappointed.

"Well then! No delays, after all!" Mary nudged Jack playfully. "Come on, you erotic watermelon! We have a few spare minuetes if you wanted to... enter my wormhole?"

Jack's eyes widened at the thought, "Right now!? I thought you said 'No Delays'?"

"I think that's a worthy delay, hehe" replied Mary.

Jack didn't know whether to argue or to make love. He decided to ignore her stifled chuckles instead. After all, her wife, Petra (an Old World army veteran who could twist his whole body into a pretzel if she ever got the inclination to do so) was a good friend and Jack had a simple rule when it came to buddies spouses: Only with the buddies present.

"No delays, missy."

It saved his life before, and having an image of Petra "dealing" with a molester flash up made him feel good about the decision.

Mary was a little disappointed. She pulled the cat up and started petting it, which made Jack delightfully horny. He wanted to be that cat.

Surely Petra would forgive Mary for one, small act of passion with someone else... They were galaxies apart, besides, how was he meant to deal with his sexual urges otherwise?

But there wasn't time for that, they couldn't delay because there was imminent risk of their package expiring.

Suddenly, Gibblet 86, autonomous helper droid, rolled in from the rear chamber.

"Am I interrupting question mark?" queried Gibblet.

"I keep telling you, don't say the 'question mark'." Jack replied.

"My monotone vocal synthesizer makes it hard for humans to distinguish question from statement. Please understand that I am programmed to--"

"Alright! I get it. What do you need?"

"Unknown objects on approach period. They do not appear to have weapons armed comma, but since they are on an intercept course comma, I thought you'd like to know period."

"Mary, you and Snowball get yourselves to the weapons bay. I'll be counting on you to hold them off while I drive this hunk of junk through the upcoming solar array. Feel free to break out the plasma cannons, but remember, we're on a budget. Bot, go strap yourself in your pod."

With a quick nod, Mary clutched Snowball to her chest and backflipped out of her seat.

"Impressive exclamation point!"

"Bot! Pod!" said Jack gruffly.

"Yes sir period."

Shaking his rugged head, Jack pawed at the controls with sweaty determination. His focus had been thrown a little by Mary's proposition. He wiped his big hands on the towel he always kept nearby. Perspiration was a real problem for him.

He looked at the objects on the sensor net and breathed a sigh of relief. They were ships of the Kawaii, the most inoffensive, and adorable aliens imaginable.

Contacting them, he heard, "Please help, us! We're turning feral and killing everything in sight!"

No sooner had the Kawaii emissary said that than there was a mewl of pain and a spurt of red from somewhere off-screen.

"Jack, we have to help them!" cried Mary on the intercom.

"Dammit Mary, first the stupid cat and now Kawaii aliens on some kind of drug." Or poison. But what would the two of them be able to do about it?

Jack sighed and gave Mary a frustrated look. She clearly was filled with determination. "If you have a plan, tell me. If you don't, just leave it."

"Well... they're killing everything in sight, so if we blindfold them, then they'll be back to normal, right?"

Jack thought for a second. A surprisingly good plan. They just needed to beam over with some blindfolds, and catch them by surprise.

Jack transmitted, "Kawaii ship, prepare to be boarded. In exchange for our assistance, you be willing to take a cat off our hands?"


"Just kidding!"

On the ship, they have to crouch. Mary sees a blue furred creature, three feet tall, with enormous eyes. Her heart melts. Suddenly dozens of them are all over them! Battle shrieks ring through

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=



It's time for another Liberty-ran mafia game. Yeah, you know what that means - more experimentation and crazy shit going down. Woo! Just wait til you play my Trump mafia in the future. Fun times. Anywho, we're not here for Trump. No. We're here to battle it out between our Anime Waifus/Husbandos to see whose reigns supreme!

To Play
Pick an anime (or other fandom - book/movie/tv series/game/etc) waifu/husbando and throw them in the ring.

Greetings contestant, and welcome to Battle Royale! Your name has been chosen from the many thousands out there to compete in the ultimate game of survival, where only the best of the best will be able to walk away alive. Be prepared to fight for your right to live!

Only two people will be able to survive to the end. To that end it is encouraged that you partner up with others in order to survive. Being in a partnership gives some bonuses, though going it alone can also be a good decision.

- You may partner up with any living character during day phase (only when the game begins), but you may have only one partner at a time.
- To partner with someone, send a PM to Liberty indicating the name of the person you wish to partner with. You will receive an answer in reply to your request (whether it be acceptance or denial).
- If you are already partnered with someone and wish to take a new partner, you must first break the current partnership.
- If you offer to partner with someone who has already expended their new partner quota for the day, the offer will be rejected. You can still offer to partner with other people in that instance.
- If you offer to partner with someone and they do not wish to partner with you, your offer will be rejected. You can still offer to partner with other people in that instance.
- If you offer to partner with someone and are waiting on a reply, but then enter into a partnership with someone else, the previous partner request will be cancelled.
- If you change your mind about a partner request before they answer back to your request, the request will be cancelled.
- To break a partnership use the tag #solo in the thread or in the partner chat.
- You do not need to take a new partner if you break a partnership.
- You may have only one new partner each day phase.
- You cannot team up with a new partner during night phase (unless informed otherwise), though you can choose to break a partnership at any time, night or day.
- To break a partnership at night phase must send a PM to Liberty with the #solo tag.
- When you are partnered you will be allowed to contact each other. You will be provided a link to a place you may talk, Night or Day.
- You may pass an item to a partner by using the command #item give <name>, but only to your current partner. If you have no partner you cannot pass items to them.

To clarify, you may only join in a new partnership once per day phase, never at night. You may break partnerships at any time and may use either the #solo command in thread or in a partner chatroom. You and your partner need to head to the same zone during the night phase, but during day phase you may be in different zones to each other.

- You may travel to any zone during the Night Phase, unless told otherwise.
- If you have a partner you must travel to the same zone together during the night phase (but not during day phase).
- You may travel to any zone on the map regardless of current position, unless informed otherwise.
- You MUST tell me where you're travelling or if you're staying put. If I do not hear from you where you intend to go, you WILL be moved randomly.

Night Actions:
- Every night phase you must send Liberty a PM indicating which Zone you are moving to. If in a partnership you must choose a zone to move to together. You may exist in different Zones during the day phase.
- If you do not send a move command you will be moved automatically and at random.
- Every night phase you may use either an item and/or skill that you have in your possession. You may only use one item during night phase unless directed otherwise. Skills may be used at the same time.
- To use an item: #use <item name>
- To use a skill: #skill <command>

Basic Rules:
- No talking in the thread during night phase.
- No talking if you are dead.
- No editing posts.
- Multiple posting in a row is allowed.
- No out of thread communication, bar Partner rooms.
- When a partnership is broken you may not post in that Partner room (though you can still refer back to it.)
- Codes and encryption is allowed, however only between those who have been partnered, due to keys having to be private (thus only accessable via Partner rooms).
- If you do not post enough during a day to make me feel as though you're participating, you will be modkilled.
- Every day phase you may choose to sacrifice someone. It is not compulsory, however doing so will make the Patrons happy. Happy Patrons mean more goodies given out for your use.
- The Sacrifice will be the person with the most votes on them at the end of the Day Phase. In the event of a tie, Patrons will vote amongst themselves.
- To Sacrifice use the tag #Sacrifice <playername>
- If the person Sacrificed is the Serial Killer, every living person will receive a special prize.
- If the Serial Killer is killed during the Night Phase, the person who killed them will get an ultra special prize.
- If the Serial Killer survives to the end, only they win.

- Timing: I cannot say exactly the timeline for Night Phase things, except that bar some exceptions, the general layout is Solo > Move > Items/Skills/etc

When you die you will not be allowed into the typical dead chat but instead become a Patron. Patrons can affect a number of different circumstances within the game including choosing Zone effects, giving gifts and effecting certain particulars. Votes will be held in the Patron room to choose the changes, or be given power depending on certain criteria.

Each person has a skill. Each person is a potential friend. Each person is a potential enemy.

Fight. Survive.

Currently Alive
- Asuna (Sword Art Online - Trihan)
- Pascal (Tales of Graces F - Hexatona)
- Sans (Undertale - Frogge)

- Lisa Hayes (Macross Saga - Delsin7): Sacrifice, Innocent
- Reisen Udongein Inaba (Touhou - psy_wombats): Fish Sword, Innocent
- Agnes Oblige (Bravely Default - Blobofgoo): Sacrifice, Innocent
- Balthier (Final Fantasy 12 - Zeuzio): Boom Mine, Innocent
- Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa - oddRabbit): Sacrifice, Innocent
- Shinobu (Bakemonogatari - LockeZ): Shot by Delsin7, innocent (lol)
- Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail - demonlord5000): Sacrifice, Serial Killer
- Tracer (Overwatch - Kloe): Sacrifice, innocent
- Miaka (Fushigi Yuugi - Cave_Dog_is_back): Shot by LockeZ, innocent
- Hana (The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki - Irog): Shot by LockeZ, innocent
- Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill - TungermanU): Unknown cause of death, innocent
- Ononoki Yotsugi (Monogatari - karins_soulkeeper): Sacrifice, innocent
- Undyne (Undertale - NeverSilent): Sacrifice, innocent
- Maya (Phoenix Wright - Jeroen_Sol): Boom Mine, innocent
- Akatsuki (Log Horizon - Bart_Sol): Sacrifice, innocent
- Alita (Battle Angel Alita - pianotm): Self immolation, innocent
- Inspector Runge (Monster - Natook): Bear, innocent

- TungermanU
- karins_soulkeeper
- Bart_Sol
- Jeroen_Sol
- Natook
- Irog
- Kloe
- NeverSilent
- pianotm
- demonlord5000
- LockeZ
- Zeuzio
- blobofgoo
- psy_wombats
- Delsin7


The 2016 voting period has closed and the results are in! The amount of votes this year has exceeded those of the past 8 years, at 1707 votes total! Let's see the results now, shall we?

But before that, for those who are confused as to what the Misaos are, here's a bit of history:

What are the Misaos?

The Misaos are an annual award event given to indie games made in the RM community. 'Misaos' is the general name for the awards such as 'Best Atmosphere', 'Most Technical Prowess' or 'Game of the Year'. You can liken it to a "People's Choice" award, as the games are nominated and voted upon by the community-at-large.

Why are they called 'Misaos'?

In aeons past, the Misaos were organized and run by the good folks at #rm2k on and hosted on The Queen's Court website. iishenron (a.k.a. FinalDragon) came up with the name based on a character from one of his favorite animes: Rurouni Kenshin. Specifically, the character Makimachi Misao. The name has stuck, despite the fact that every year people wonder where the name Misao comes from (and they say that the name is silly). For better or for worse, this is what the awards are known as. Besides, the less-than-serious nature of the name suits the less-than-serious nature of the awards!


Best Graphics & Artwork:
Pocket Mirror

Raddest Setting:
Soma Spirits

Best Sound & Music:
Soma Spirits

Trippiest Game:
The Huntress of the Hollow

Most RTP Game Award:
Quest for the Peace Sword

"Lawsuit Waiting To Happen" Award:
Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny

Best Game Title:
Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

Best Storytelling and Direction:
Soma Spirits

Best Protagonist/Characters:
Soma Spirits

"Kefka Award" Best Antagonist:
The Huntress of the Hollow

Best Shyamalan:
The Ledge

Best Intro:
Aria's Story

Best Finale:
The Huntress of the Hollow

The "How the Hell Did They Do That?" Award:
Revenant Gods: Ragnarok Chronicle

Best Gameplay Balance:
Three Ghostly Roses

Best Dungeon/Level/Puzzle Design:
Soma Spirits

The Most Boss of Fights!:
Revenant Gods: Ragnarok Chronicle

Best Fan-Game:
Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny

Most Fun And Addictive!:
Soma Spirits

Best Old-School Game:
Three Ghostly Roses

Sleeper Hit of the Year:
Three Ghostly Roses

Most Promising Demo:
Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

Game of the Year:
Soma Spirits

Congratulations to all of the winners and thanks to everyone who voted this year!



Appreciate the person above you

I APPRECIATE <insert member list here>!



May 2017 be a much better year than the last!