I enjoy playing and creating games (mostly RPGs) and have a love of story and characterisation above graphics. I've been into RM* since '96 and have used all makers - started on the PSX makers, found and used a patched version of the SNES RM, then moved to RM95. When I found RM2K I finally decided to join some forums and I've been a part of the community ever since.

Absolute Justice

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Wolf and Kid
Save your best friend, a wolf.


[Feb] Misao Monthly Round-Up

This year we're going to try and put into spotlight the games that come through the site which are eligible for the Misaos. This is one of many threads that will pop up over the course of the year to show the various games out there available for voting.

The aim of these threads is to get people talking and giving their opinions on the games that are eligible for this years' Misaos. Some of the staff have played some of the games and given their thoughts, and anyone who has played any of the games listed here can give a small summary of what they thought (or provide a link to reviews, Let's Plays or Let's Tries) and it will be added to the relevant post.

  • Green, orange or red names in the posts below indicate games that have some summaries/content added.

  • Greenmeans that it was well-received. Orange means that the game was mixed/average. Red means that people don't recommend the game/that it was badly received this month.

  • Blue or Black names indicate games with no summaries/content.

  • If you want to give a small summary about a game leave a post with the name and the content and it'll be added under the name of the game in the appropriate list. You can include a link to a review, Let's Play, Let's Try or the like with that, but we're really looking for quick little blurbs about each game so that people can just check under the name and see what others thought.

Let's Players (and Commercial Devs) unite! Get yourself some Keymailer action!

So, not sure if any of you other Let's Players on the site know (or care) about this kind of thing but I figured I'd post here so that you can all get a piece of the pie. Hell, even the Commercial Developers on the site can have a piece!

Keymailer is a site (currently in a pretty stable beta) that allows for game creators and content creators to come together and serve each other.

Game Creators
You get access to top tier Let's Players and streamers who have the choice to play your games and show it off to a wide audience. Currently it's free to use, though in the future there will be a small fee for Commercial Devs. Basically, you can send keys from your games to people on the site who want to play and stream games. You can either pick from those who have signed up to get a key from your game, or pick from the people who are on the site.

Each player/streamer can be verified by linking to their twitch, youtube and twitter accounts and you can view their types of games and audience amounts by checking these places to see who is the best fit for your game, the size of their audience and what kind of player they are.

Content Creators
You get access to free keys which you can either accept or deny, for games that have yet to come out, are just new or have been out a small while. These keys are gifts - you can choose to give them to someone else or use them for your own pleasure. Or make content from the games and boost your rating on the site itself.

You get access to small indie games and big name games, both. AAA titles and smaller games, whatever is on the site. You can look through lists of genres, current and future releases and queue up asking for keys to certain games. You will either be accepted or denied (or ignored) but it's an easy way to try and get some content to mess around with.

And with the verification ability, you won't have people pretending to be you in order to score free stuff, either. Your content is also added to your page so that developers can see what kind of stuff you bring out, so make sure to link your pertinent accounts to the site.

Also, if you make content on a game that was not given to you via the site (say you do Fallout 4 videos) it will still count as content for the site to show off, as long as it has the correct tags on the video - which is listed for you on the page for that game.

Personally, I've already asked for some keys on the site and have received one key I asked for and one that I didn't. I've done an LP on the one I asked for and might end up doing one on the other. It's worth checking out!

[JAN] Misao Round-up

This year we're going to try and put into spotlight the games that come through the site which are eligible for the Misaos. This is the first of many threads that will pop up over the course of the year to show the various games out there available for voting.

The aim of these threads is to get people talking and giving their opinions on the games in question. Some of the staff have played some of the games and given their thoughts, and anyone who has played any of the games listed here can give a small summary of what they thought (or provide a link to reviews, Let's Plays or Let's Tries) and it will be added to the relevant post.

Without further ado, the games of this month!

January 2016

Full Games


Green names in the posts below indicate games that have some summaries/content added.
Non-green indicate games with no summaries/content.

[DEV TOOL] Comprehensive List of Reviewers/Feedbackers/LPers/LTers/Play Testers/etc

This topic is basically going to be a series of lists of people who will put their names forward for others to call on for various tasks. The kinds of things we're looking for are:
- Let's Players
- Let's Tryers
- Reviewers
- Play Testers
- Feedback Givers
- etc

Basically, if you're someone who likes to do these kinds of things, sign up here with what you do, and I'll sort a series of lists of names that people can PM when it comes time to ask for help with these things. This way we can cut down on all those 'Help! I need a Playtester/Can someone LP my game/I want a Review!' topics and have a basic database where people who need help can see who is available.

Note that this is NOT a thread to ask for people to help you in.

Keep in mind that you don't have to be currently active. Ideally these lists will have enough people to ask that if someone isn't currently active the one wanting help can just PM someone else under the same heading.


If you want help, DO NOT post in this thread. Instead, PM someone who is under the heading of the help you need. If they don't answer within a few days, try PMing someone else on the list instead.

DO NOT PM someone who is not under the heading of the kind of help you want. PMing a Let's Player in order to ask for Play testing won't get you a play tester, nor will asking someone to review your game when they are under the Play Tester heading.

just spam PM every person on a list. It's a hassle to wait, but pick one or two and ask them, then ask others if there's no reply after a few days or a week. People have lives outside of RMN, after all. Don't just assume that people are ignoring you.

If you are posting in this thread to sign up, list which positions you want to be put under so that I know what you will and will not do. If you want to remove yourself from the thread, post a new reply saying so. If you want to change any of your positions (say, remove Let's Try and add Review), again, make a new comment saying so.


What's the difference between these?
Give Feedback is basically someone who will give feedback based on either playing the game, looking at the game page or other media. It's a more basic way of giving feedback, not usually going more in-depth (though it depends on the person).

Let's Play involves playing the game whilst recording video. It's usually more for entertainment purposes and done with voice-over, reacting in real time to what is going on in the game and pointing out any bugs found whilst playing.

Let's Try involves playing the game whilst recording video. It's different from Let's Playing as it focuses on pointing out feedback more than entertainment (though entertainment can still be a part). Commentary is more often focussed on what to improve and pointing out bugs in all aspects of the game (written, pacing, balance, etc). The gameplay type is more like that of a playtester, trying everything in the game, though playstyle does depend on the person Trying.

Play Testing is the act of playing a game over and over again in order to find bugs, weed out any issues at all (from written to graphical to awkwardness to balancing, etc). The Tester usually either writes up a detailed document with all the issues they find or uses a chat program to go through the game with the developer, pointing out fixes that need doing. The aim is to find every issue, so they tend to backtrack and check all aspects of the game. It's recommended that developers have a few people test their finished games for bugs as fresh eyes and multiple opinions can help weed them out quite a bit better than just one person.

If you have any questions, just ask. I'll answer as I can.

Guess Your Santa!

Secret Santa is now over. All the gifts have been passed around and it's time to give your thanks and guess your santa!

I'll put up the list here tomorrow some time, but til then guess, discuss and enjoy your gifts!

Remember! Don't tell people who you got, and don't put up any of the presents on the site for at least the next 48 hours. Give people a chance to guess.

Present-getters - feel free to share your presents in this thread if you want to bragshow them offshare!

List of Santas > Givers

Thank you everyone who took part. You made each others' Christmas's just that little bit shinier and more special.

RMN PLAYS Tower of Destruction

It has been a long hard trek from the market in the city of Zengis, but you are almost home now. Within the hour you should be back at the family hearth, a tankard of warm mead in your hand and your furred leathers hanging in the corner of the hut. Doubtless, your friends will come around to talk of their exploits whilst hunting when you were away at the market, and they will probably mock you playfully for not having gone hunting with them. Well, someone had to haggle to get a good price for the furs and, as the chieftain pointed out, it might as well be someone with a few brains and a little sense. So you got the job.

Perhaps, you imagine, life would be easier in one of the southern lands of Allansia you have heard of : wicked Port Blacksand, to the south and west; the endless Flatlands with their proud, wild horses and prouder riders; even Arantis, so far away, with its Overpriest and the teeming pirate ships. Anywhere might be better than this bitingly cold region where you have spent your life, in the shadow of the Icefinger Mountains. Perhaps, when the next caravan sets out from Zengis to the Flatlands you may find a merchants who needs a strong and honest bodyguard. But that's a fantasy, and what is real now is the cold...

Except that it isn't as cold as it seemed to be a minute ago. It should be, because the sky is darkening as dusk descends, so it should strike chill indeed. But why is the sky darkening? You realise that it is not long since the water autumnal sun was at its zenith! And what is the horrible screeching and booming sounds coming out of the sky towards you?

You spin around and face the direction from which the ever-louder sound is coming - and throw yourself down to the ground in abject terror. With a great wailing (like a thousand screaming demons) the black sphere of rock shoots past overhead, fire and smoke trailing in its wake. A chunk of molten rock plummets and crashes into the ground close to you, hissing and spitting as it embeds itself in the snow and ice-hardened ground.

You get up, shake the snow off your clothes and run forward to the head of the valley. Peering down you see that the valley is shrouded in smoke, and you can make out tongues of flame rising from the place where you know your home is. You rush on down to find out what terrible fate has befallen your home and your people...

You gasp for breath as you run, flat out, to your home; even as you race down the snow-covered slope, you can hear the screams and wails of the dying. Thick, black, reeking smoke is mercifully beginning to disperse, only to reveal burned corpses and still alive, but injured, villagers.

Huts and cabins are either aflame or completely flattened by the passage of the Sphere. To your horror, you find your mother and farther, dead, in the ruins of their home. You rage with fury and swear an oath to track the progress of the killing Sphere and find out what has brought this terrible carnage apon your people!

What will you do now?
>Leave at once to follow the trail of the Sphere?
>Look around for things that will be of use to you on your trek after the Sphere?
>Look for the Village chieftain?
>Do what you can to help the injured?

Current stats:

A Reminder about Duplicate Accounts

... they're not allowed.

Yes, yes, it's very funny when you make a troll account and play silly in the Welp section or annoy Liberty by making weird game profiles, but due to the new security that is protecting us from spammer hell, there is a real chance that if your troll account gets banned, you will no longer be able to use your real account.

It's the way the new security is set up, so you'll have to find other ways to be a troll that don't make use of duplicate accounts. One person has already tasted the new system (and I don't think they recommend others try), so please, bear that in mind.

Also, if you do happen to get locked out of RMN for some reason and need to get in touch with someone, I'm on RMW, steam and youtube and check those at least once a day. (Ksi on RMW, Libby/littlesatyr on steam and 7thlittleleopard on youtube)

Just PM me in those places. There's also the slack room (it's worth it to sign up there even if you don't use it, just in case you need to get into contact) and the irc.

Please don't post threads on RMW about it. They get annoyed. >.<;

[CLOSED] Secret Santa Sign-Up

It's that time of year again, folks! Time to get your share on~

What is this?
Why, it's Secret Santa, of course!

What, pray-tell, is this 'Secret Santa' thing?
It's a simple thing, really. You throw your name in the proverbial hat and get one in return. You are that person's Secret Santa and, as the name suggests, you must keep the name secret from anyone! Then, before the due date below, you get them a present. On Christmas Eve, you will receive a gift from your own Secret Santa and happy fun times are had by all~

So, how do you get in on this action, you ask?
Easy! Just give a holler in a comment below before the cut-off date. Simple, eh?

Rules are as follows:
- First rule of Secret Santa club. Don't talk about Secret Santa club.
- Second rule of Secret Santa club. See rule #1.
- Sign up below by leaving a comment that lets me know you're joining in.
- The cut-off date for joining is the 12th of December.
- You will have until the 23rd of December to send me via PM the gift for your Secret Santa.
- Do not tell anyone who you got until at least the 26th of December.
- Your gift may be one of the following - a review, something artsy, an LP or LT.
- If you have another idea for a gift, PM me and I'll let you know if it's fine.
- If you suddenly need to drop out, PM me ASAP and I'll do some rearrangements. It would be preferable that you don't drop out, though.
- Does not require a game this year! It can be something small, cute, and personal, just for that person. Or, you know, related to their games too. ;p

How to submit
- For video submissions, use a free-hosting video site like VideoBam, flikr, Break, GorillaVid, Veoh and DailyMotion.
- Send me the link via PM before the due date.
- For reviews and artsy stuffs, send me the text/etc of the reviews/etc via PM before the due date.
- Do not add your reviews, arts or videos to the site until at least the 26th.

flynn (pianotm)
shareware (unity ;p)
sewing tips (housekeeping)
towinit (Red_Nova)

Any questions, feel free to ask~



Point tally:
Team Therese : 110
Team Lucius : 85
Team Harold : 80
Team Marsha : 66

Everyone did a great job in participating and badges will be out shortly. Congrats to Team Lucius for having the most valuable participators on their side and pulling through by sheer force of numbers!

Let's Discuss Fallout 4 - SPOILERS (obviously)

So yeah, why don't we?

Spoilers for up to learning of Diamond City.

So far I'm enjoying it a lot. I made myself a house. Then those assholes moved in to MY house. One of them even stole the wedding ring I put in my safe!!! What a bitch! >:O

But hey, I'm about to head to Diamond City and have yet to run into a bug. Killed a Mirelurk (dem things look crazy guys - there's one in the sewers under Conchord if you want to check it out) and got me doggy~<3

I actually streamed the first 2 hours or so of the game (my internet fucked it badly - damn thing's a mess, so I'm just gonna LP the rest normally) and everyone watching was having fun watching me steal carpets from ruined homes and wrestle with adding walls to a hut, despite the extreme pixellation every time I moved (damn Aussie upload rates >.<; ).

And the perk system? Not sure if I like it better than 3s but I like it as much as 3s and hell, it's fun to scroll through and check out future perks and see what you get for upgrading perks.

Oh, and the power armour is fucking boss! The minigun fight with the deathclaw was crazy! I used my first stimpack in that battle (only one!) and I feel like I did really well, despite getting cornered a few times. Probably didn't help at all that I had filled up with junk items and could not run at all, even using the armour. Ooops! XD

Anyway, discuss stuff here.