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Designing a Boss Monster (Giruveganus)

I'd probably take out the lightning head first due to having dangerous control abilities with Stop and Death, then the fire head because of how powerful its attacks become when it's the only head left. The ice head seems to be the least dangerous of the three. Though if you counted the HP damage, you could weaken the fire head before taking out the ice head, since it doesn't heal up after the others are down.

Open question: mana restoration

The actual Zelda games make you refill magic by collecting pots from defeated enemies or by cutting shrubbery and other things. How about making it something like that?

Lord Killian and the Sacred Heart Shards

I should tell you that a parody is worthless if it only repeats what it wants to make fun of.
Hey, save judgement for when you play the game. Hard to judge a book by its cover these days. There's more to Heartfire than just parody.

It was meant to be more of a warning than a complaint.

Lord Killian and the Sacred Heart Shards

I should tell you that a parody is worthless if it only repeats what it wants to make fun of.

Version 0.8 update

1. How do I get more classes than the six I start with?
2. Since there's a shop giving me virtually as many characters as I want, can't I just create one character at first and grab more in-game?
3. Getting Red/White Mages and outfitting them with Helms of Brilliance is the only way to reliably beat early enemies.
4. Can you adapt to the post-1 nomenclature of spells? e.g. instead of Fire 1, Fire 2, Fire 3 and Fire 4, it's Fire, Fira, Firaga and Firaja.

Puzzles! Looking for feedback.

Take some puzzles that function like earlier ones, but add an element that wasn't there that makes the puzzle much trickier.

Do these skills suck?

In general, I doubt I want any of the weapon swapping feats since I mostly stick to a single weapon and I take the opportunity cost of not dealing damage on that turn.

Unique items: Good or bad?

Any "good or bad" question is better formulated as "what does it contribute to the game?".

Uniques can be problematic to balance, but they have a lot more potential for flavor, much like the difference between a generated protagonist and one provided to the player.

Thieme's Skillset

Supersonic Speed looks completely out of place - this guy is all about tanking hits like nobody's business and blasting powerful Earth element attacks, with a bias towards AoE. Having dash around at high speed and dodge is plain wierd.
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