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A case for RPG Maker

The reason for this perception is simple: Easier to access => easier to make games => more games => more crappy games

Also, it takes away the sense of superiority from people who know how to program a game, but not how to make one.

H.A.C.T. (Horror Antagonist Creation Tips)

I'd think you could mostly lump rule #3 and #4 together, as well as #5 and #6. A horror antagonist could just have access to equipment you don't to give the edge. One thing you can do by making the horror villain more down to earth is to prove the player "this could be you".

An Evil Piece of Information

While I like the article, why is it listed under Game Design and not Writing?

Using Enemy Attack Patterns

Baron Nefarious can be dealt with just by healing every round. Tank & Spank is appropriate for raid dungeons where even giving simple instructions to your teammates is a daunting challenge, but this shouldn't be the norm for singleplayer RPGs.

Things that make combat boring + solutions

There are other ways to balance crowd control, too.
Like giving crowd control abilities cooldowns, or making an enemy immune to crowd control for a set amount of turns after being afflicted by a stun/freeze/whatever.

Then there's also what guild wars 2 does: every major enemy or boss gets several stacks of a buff that makes it immune to crowd control. whenever the enemy gets hit by a crowd control ability, it loses a stack, and once it loses all the stacks, it becomes vulnerable to the next crowd control ability, then it gets all the stacks back after it's hit by one. This will probably require scripting, though.

The simplest option would be to make the boss only resistant to the states, but personally I think this solution is too luck-based.

Indeed, there's far more that could be done to make them more useful - thing is, you want the ability to be neither completely useless, nor do you want it to completely remove the gameplay of the fight.

Things that make combat boring + solutions

Some of these concepts are really good!

I've been thinking about a "pick your party game" like Final Fantasy Legends or Dragon Warrior III for some time now and some of the classes were going to be pretty unorthodox, like an "undead" class not being able to be healed by healing spells (possibly having the opposite effect) and having a specific way to do so (biting/drain enemies, eating meat), but it never crossed my mind to make a "healing buff spell"!


Make sure the opponents are threatening enough (either with dispels or damage) that throwing healing buffs on everyone is always the best option. The point of it is to make the healer actually pay attention to what the opponents are doing.

Don’t Throw Away That 2k3 Just Yet

Honestly, if you really want to advertise RPG Maker 2003, you should list things it can do VX/XP/ACE can't. Your article pretty much only says to me that 2k3 does work, but the newer ones are still better at it.

Plus, you can totally upscale 2k3 sprites to feign a retro look in VX ACE.

Five points of designing a boss

1. Players can respond to Paralysis in Pokémon in the following ways (which often is prevention rather than cure):
-Let something take it that's already slow which won't be hindered as much
-Send in something immune to paralysis (like an Electric-Type)
-Use Magic Coat to deflect non-attacking paralysis moves
-Hide behind a substitute

-Let the afflicted Pokémon use Rest or Refresh
-Let a teammate use Heal Bell, Aromatherapy, Healing Wish or Lunar Dance

I forgot a few things:
-Against Stun Spore, switch in a Grass-Type or a Pokémon with the ability Overcoat or Sap Sipper or the item Safety Goggles.
-Against Thunder Wave, switch in a Ground-Type or a Pokémon with the ability Lightning Rod, Volt Absorb or Motor Drive.
-Against attacking moves such as Body Slam or Discharge, send in a type immunity or a Pokémon with the ability Shield Dust.
--Also, you can try to change your opponent's ability to Sheer Force.
-Send in a Pokémon that has a different status problem.
-Have your paralyzed Pokémon out as the opponent uses Smelling Salt.
-If it's raining, having Hydration as your ability heals paralysis.
-If it's sunny, Leaf Guard keeps you from getting paralyzed.
-Holding a Cheri Berry or Lum Berry cures Paralysis once - the ability Harvest or the move Recycle can get these back.

Furthermore, Pokémon with Quick Feet don't lose speed, Pokémon with Guts or Marvel Scale get stronger and Pokémon with Magic Guard can't be fully paralyzed.

Lastly, you can punish your opponent for paralyzing you with the moves Facade, Gyro Ball, Trick Room and Psycho Shift.

Just showing how deep Pokémon really is

How To Procrastinate

I'm really grateful for this guide - thanks to you, my makerscore is still as low as it is right now.

Boss Design Theory

Bosses also help the tension/release cycle of a game - the player can relax and experiment within normal battles while he needs to stay on his toes and show his skill during boss fights.
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