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Ludus Sophiae
RPG with additional elements from various genres.



Slayin' some Slimes

Oh thanks, good catch.
Pretty sure the problem is that I have the damage attatched to the Actor GameObject and the GO gets hidden on death right now, guess I'll have to rework that.

Back in buisness (and possible engine change)

Yeah, the VXAce Ruby version was close to having a demo back in the day. But even then I tried too implement too much stuff that wasn't well suited for a rpg maker game.

If this attempt fails too, the project will be canceled for the forseeable future.

(I say forseeable, because AI might well be a game changer in game making 10-20 years from now.)

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Giznads Very gritty, I like it.

Overhauled my titlescreen and header:

Horrible news, my RPG....... Its gone!

Well, that sucks, but 7 years without a backup?

I lost a project once, but that was in an age before cloud services and cheap usb sticks.
Nowadays I save every 0.5-2 hours to cloud and about once a week to usb.
(usb the whole project, cloud usually just the data or js folders with the changes)

Screenshot Survival 20XX

ellenor: Nice, I like the style, is it all custom art?
Darken: It's hard to make out some of the details, but it is definetly a unique art direction.


Feels like I haven't posted here for ages, been working on improving the usability of my windows, to be used in the battle system. But the later isn't ready for prime time yet.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Today is not opposite day and this is not an april's fools joke.

Battle System Basics

The squished enemies look funny xD.

Yeah, I am getting lazy here, no way I'd get a defeated sprite for every character, so this was the best I came up with.

I must ask, how many characters will be the max in battle?

Max for both sides will be 8, not counting summons or objects like that ice pillar, those don't have a fixed limit.
(Both sides also use pretty much the same skill pool and 8 skills max. Its inspired by Guild Wars 1, though you can pause to input commands at any time.)

Do you think making all these bridges usable is really necessary? RMMV

You could always cheat and make two maps, one for the ground and one for the roof part of the map.

Character & Group Builds

Yeah, guess "*" as wildcard would work too, but I played around a bit and there is enough space for "All", with small L's so I'll leave it at that for now as it seems easier to understand than a symbol.

Character & Group Builds

The only thing I think it's kind of confusing is the "all" option for picking builds and such having no label. But other than that, I'm loving all the new systems look!

Thanks for the feedback.
What do you think would be better, spelling it out as "ALL" or maybe ""?