I do VPN services. I am often asked what it is and why it is needed. And I always answer: "VPN helps to make an Internet connection on the device". I will not tell you exactly how it works - it takes a very long time. But one thing is worth saying - it works. And since most of the owners of devices are devices from Apple, I can recommend VPN Master - Best VPN security for iPhone. As for Android devices - I do not know what to advise, because I have an iPhone). As for the PC, there are several options here - VPN extension for browsers and individual applications on the computer. The first works only inside the browser and the second - for all traffic passing through the device - browsers, applications and anything else. Both that and another works according to one principle - they change the user's IP, making it invisible to different defense systems. If you need help related to protecting the device on iOS - contact me. I will definitely help than I can)
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