Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Well, I'm an old guy, 71(crap,there goes another year:( who loves RPGs, especially Action, Adven., ever since my older brother got me hooked on The Legend of Zelda.
Would LOVE to create a game of my own. Even purchased the ACE program, but got frustrated when I could not even make a decent town river :(
But that's ok, I still love these independent games..



PlayStation or XBOX, that is the question

I played a ton of games here on RMN, much prefer 2D looking games not 3D like all those on the internet.

Began my love or addiction depending on how you look at it, with The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo 8bit.

Now, for some reason I'm considering a new console but again, prefer the older type games....also, I heard one of them, PS or XBOX allowed you to play the older game on the newer it the PS or the XBOX??

I actually purchased a Used XBOX ONE from GameStop but without any instructions and considering when I hooked it up to my TV, I was totally ignorant about the part where they wanted me to join XBOX on the TV. I was never able to get past the initial instructions so could not get any of the used game I purchased at the same time to actually work. I was to embarressed to tell GameStop a person of my age did not know how to work the damn machine :)

So, here I am asking about the PS and XBOX, which one allows you to play the older games for that console, such as the Final Fantasy games.

Thank you in advance for any help to solve my problem :)

NO! NO! NO!`

Another game making contest? :(
Please, not more contests.....
I have just so much time in my life to play games and
with all the am I expected to finish playing
all the games so I don't miss out on the really good ones :(

OK, back to my desktop to begin another game :)

Language Options

I've read the Summary on several games and thought "yay, I would like to play that game", then after reading the summary, checking many of the screen shots, I come across one that shows me that the game is in German, Spanish, etc.....

I don't know about other players but sad to say I only speak English, and not very great at even that:)

Would it be possible in the Game Options to make a catagory for diffent languages??

Am I the only one with the problem or did the Gods overlook a "game breaking problem"??? :)

Notice Page

Just curious, I have 8 pages of notices of posts made on pages I subscribed too.

Is there a way to delete those?
Do they take up any space that could slow anything down?

OR I simply prefer a clean desk so I would like to clean up those pages and keep everything nice a neat :)

Help opening and using Zelda Classic 2.50

If you remember me, you know I love the original Zelda game.
I've downloaded the Zelda Classic 2.5 to play a game I found on RMN.
The problem is this program is not that simple to open and play a game as is the ACE, VX or other engines.
I found the following that includes 4 exe applications which is usually what I click on to load and play a game on this site.

Can anyone tell me what to click on to get a game to work. REMEMBER, I'm a software DUMMIE :)

romview-exe applicatin 1534kb
zelda-w-exe application 3389kb
zlaunch-w-exe application 3790kb
zquest-w-exe application 4250kb

OK, all software educators can apply at this time :)

Games can be made by anyone

Found the topic title under the rmn logo.
You guys are full a donkey dust :)

I couldn't even make a good stream :(

Not complainin' just sayin' :)

After seeing all the posts concerning sprites, mapping, events and battle systems, I have come to the conclusion that it ain't really that easy to make a game iffin' you ain't got some kind of talent in your bones. :)

Unplayed Games :(

So, I'm playing 3-5 games currently.

I've got about 47 games on my desktop that I have not found the time to begin even though I play about 2-3hrs per day.

Now I see one or two more I want to download.

I also download almost nothing but COMPLETE games so I don't forget where I'm at in the games :(

How do the rest of you find the time to play all these games? Unless of course you only play part of the game :( are you a sneaky player? :)

Download Limits on Games

So, why is there a download limit on a game ???

I tried to download a game for the "Revive the Dead" discussion.
The download said it was for 95.5 MB BUT the download button said it was a fraction over 100 MB and for that reason I cancelled it to check in case I hit the wrong download key.

Then I tried again and as in the past, was told to try again later, about 11min. as I had reached the download limit.....

Why is there a limit??

Thank you God #2 or whomsoever might answer :)

My DLL problems solved ???

So, I downloaded Dego, an action/rpg game made with the Custom engine.
When I tried to play the game I got the error message "can't open game, d3dx9_31.dll not on your computer."

Well, I had this error several times in the past, just a different dll#. So as usual, I went to the internet hunting for that dll file. Every site willing to give me that dll, also wanted to download a CRAP load of other software.
I finally called Dell tech support as I purchased a new XPS 8700 back in Feb.2014 and still had a support contract.

Gave the tech permission to work remotely on my computer. He finally downloaded the correct dll file but when opening the game Dego, he kept getting the same error, and of course the game refused to work :( I also got this error on many of the RM2K games.
After working on my computer for some time he finally found out that I have a current version of Directx that runs the games, but it needed a file from an older version of Directx. Every so often you might get a message that your Directx version is obsolete and you will download the current version.

Well, the game now works, yippeeeeee for me :).

Mostly, I made this post because I have Windows 8.1 and after having trouble with a few games, I was told that some games just don't work with Windows 8.1 Now I find it may not be Windows but the Directx program :)

Just thought I would post this in hopes that someone who also has trouble running the older games and my problem may be your problem and it can be fixed :)

OCD for to many pages

There are delete keys for in and out mailboxes.

Is there a way to remove the NOTICEs for when you subscribe to a game or thread.
I have 12 pages and wonder if they in any way might slow down this site.
I've noticed lately, it can take FOREVER for a page to refresh....sometimes to the point where I just change sites because it looks like something is hung up and will not refresh.

And I have a brandynew computer so don't think it's that :)
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