I may have little wings, but I have a big dick heart.

Hey there. I've been into game making since about 2008, but it wasn't until 2014 I was able to complete my first ever game! The game was started and finished in a single week for a contest. In one week I was able to do what I struggled with for 6 years. 6 WHOLE YEARS. HILARIOUS ISN'T IT.
A character driven story of grief, revenge and redemption in this SNES inspired fantasy RPG.


[RM2K3] Switch Skills not appearing in battle

Okay, so I'm running into a bit of a problem and I'm pretty much tearing my hair out. I'm sure it's a simple solution, but I cannot figure this out.

All that I want is for escaping a battle to be an actual skill. I have it set up like so:

Now, there's absolutely no problem with it appearing in the characters ability list when you're on the camp menu, but it doesn't appear in battle. Is this a known bug or am I just being dense? Please help.

RM2k3 Sprite Requests

EDIT: OMG I posted this in the wrong place. I'm so sorry. Staff please halp!

Hello. Since my sprite talents begin and end with sub par re-colours I’ve been forced to ask for help! This is obviously for RM2k3 since I refuse to change with the times. I have two requests:

Firstly I’m looking to put this female in wheelchair. So meet me behind Subway at 2AM and we’ll ambush her. As the character is basically in a coma and she needs to be moving in some cutscenes (so a bit of animation is needed too) a wheelchair is the only way I can do it, I can’t have her being pushed around in a bed all the time, that is ridiculous! I realise this could be a difficult request since the wheelchair probably needs to be created from scratch and MUST fit the First Seed style as well please. If the character set is awkward to work with, that is totally fine and we change it to whatever works. I would very much appreciate any attempt on it! Read further for what I can offer.

The second request is less important, but I would still love it if someone could attempt these two characters hugging (for the side ideally, but does not matter). It’ll be used in cutscenes, so it can take up more than one box and it does not need any animation or anything, it’s a simple platonic hug so no hands on butt checks or anything either! Thanks!

If anyone wants to be kind enough to do anything for free (wow the cheek of me) I would definitely credit you, plus I’ll be super nice to you for the rest of my life and hold doors open for you and stuff. Otherwise I can pay you a small fee via PayPal if need be. PM me for details on that and if you’re interested in any possible future requests (basically more poses) I’m trustworthy I promise! Thanks for taking the time to read. If I missed out anything important just post and I'll answer asap. Thanks so much.

Game Drive?


I was just wondering if anyone is still participating in Sam's Game Drive event. It hasn't been updated or mentioned in ages, I don't think he's been around for a while, and I wanted to see who's given up and who's still going. I've been working on mine quiet a lot!

I don't want to steal Sam's thunder or anything, I just want a head count and maybe an update from you guys. Oh! And incase anyone has forgotten, the deadline is June 1st!

Map files not in project

Hey, I'm having a bit of trouble with my project. Whenever I create a new map the Map.lmu file does not appear in the project folder. I have about ten or so maps and the project has no problem running but where the hell are the files and will they run on someone elses computer? This is also true for some of my resources, for example; my system set is not in the project folder but is found in Rm2k3's database and I can use it no problem.

I'm running Rm2k3 on Windows 7 (which I'm brand new to). Thank you.

Pacing VS Character Development

I usually avoid making these serious discussion topics because I'm not the greatest writer you'll meet, I'll keep it short and sweet.

As the title might suggest, I'm curious to know how you guys are able to pace your story while still hopefully offering adequate character development. I'm often in the classical “crossed armed swinging forward and back in my chair” pose, wondering how I can make this scene shorter and what characters dialogue is going to get cut in order to do so. I think as RPG players we can happily at times expect that long cut scene and want to see more of so and so but as players and creators of RM RPG games I always get the impression we mustn't stay in one scene for too long that doesn't offer plot, more so in the first chapters in the game. I know some games are character based that has no heavy story arc, but they seem to be far and few in between.

You don't need to answer these in this format, but some guidelines:

-Do you know of any games on this site that has a good general pacing and character development?

-Are you giving your villains enough development and how/ where are you slotting time for them into your game?

-You must grab the player at the beginning so is it better to set the scene than to introduce characters?

VX - Editing graphics

Hey guys, so I'm fooling around in RPG Maker VX for the first time in god knows how long and I've run into a problem. I'm using the Melody script so I wanted to edit some system graphics like Icons and such but every time I edit something it messes up the transparency and the icons show backgrounds it didn‘t before. Same goes for anything I edit.

I'm using MS paint so maybe that's the problem, or maybe its set to an incorrect file type. I've been trying to correct it but I don't know what I'm doing. Can anyone point me in the right direction? This isn't really my area.


A topic about driving.

Hey guys, I don't think I've seen a topic about driving here before. It's always been something I like talking about, I'm not so much into cars and I have no knowledge about them but I'm fine if the topic goes into that direction.

For my 17th birthday my mum paid for a bunch of my first driving lessons. I was never really bothered about it and I was going to wait before I started but since some were already paid for I went for it. I still remember my first lesson, I thought we were going to sit in the car while he explains a bunch of stuff and we'll move a bit in a straight line or something, nice and simple, no pressure. But no, he made me drive down this nice old country lane first to get me going and then we approached a round-a-bout. This was like my worst nightmare back then, I was actually sweating as I saw it in the distance. I told him there was no way I was gonna to do this, but he made me. Somehow we survived (probably because it wasn't busy ) and I felt on top of the world afterwards.

I probably had the best instructor ever. He was really mean, rude and shouted a me at lot for doing just little mistakes, but because he did that it made me focus more for fear of doing anything wrong. I would have hated a pansy instructor who would have just replied “Oh that's fiiiiiiiine honey” to everything.

I know some of you aren't old enough to drive yet, but please join in!

-Do you drive? If yes, are you a good driver? If no, why not?
-What car do you have? Post pictures if you have any.
-Had any accidents or has anything bad or funny happened to you?
-Were you or are you lucky enough to have parents that will paid for your lessons?
-How many times did it take you to pass?

Game Updates Off?

I was thinking, I know it might sound silly but would it be possible to have the option to turn off and on my game updates appearing on the homepage? For example, if I want to edit some grammar or change something very little, or I want to update things without drawing attention. "OMG you're working on this again??! Where's the Demo? DEMO, DEMO?!!" I have the option.

Would you be willing to implement that or something like it, sometime in the future? Thanks.

Advert Topics

I don't think we should allow Advert topics to be posted that lack a demo! Here's why:

Considering how many people ever release a demo, adverts are just pointless hype, especially when it's already posted on the sites database, it can generate enough interest that way (and now we have game updates to help that).

I keep reading game topics, get interested and realise there's nothing to play and sometimes nothing to see. It should be brought to my attention when I can do more than "Sounds good!"

Topic's like this are exactly what I'm referring to

What do you think?

Is this serious?

Every now and then when play testing, I'll wander onto another map and BAM... I'm hit by messages like:

"Map 51.lmu. could not be created" and the game shuts down.

I try going to the same map again a minute later, and it's completly fine. Sometimes when I save it happens too "Map 12.lmu. Could not be saved". Click on it again and it's works, no problems.

This only started happening recently (Past month or so) think it's anything to worry about?
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