Star Stealing Prince

I played a little of your game, and So far... I love it; The graphics are beautiful. And I was wondering if it would be alright to do a let's play of it.. ^^


... Oh pickles o.o; I'm so sorry. Yeah, I mean josh. An i dunno. It was just a thought that came to me. (Spoiler for those who haven't played)
Cause the little scene in the demo. Where he see's the white haired boy.


That's weird.. I never encountered that bug. It came up saying he didn't wanna see/talk to his dad.

But omg >w< This game has me really excited. See, this is why I love RPG maker.. Some people just have brilliant idea's. Too bad the game companies can't take a page out of the ordinary players book. To see what we ACTUALLY like in/about games. Instead of most of these new games that have awesome graphics, but lack a decent story/ plot-line.

But yeah; Good luck with your school projects Lucy. Though I must ask; Is the white haired boy in the game, Gonna disappear in the end?.. I've kinda grown fond of him and Alex.

And is Alex gonna end up inside the game? o.o


I would offer to help.. But, I don't know a lot of German. ^^; So, guess that would be useless, huh? And yeah, I do like it. The plot seems pretty solid, and the graphics are absolutely beautiful. I can't wait until you have the whole game ready.

Anyway, Thanks for sharing ^^

I am also trying your other game(Although it's in German) "Ice and Dark"


Amazing... there were only a few miss-spellings, but xD then again who is perfect, right? I was enjoying the demo so much... that when it ended. I felt a part of me become disappointed. Cause i loved the plot, it isn't everyday you see someone make a game within a game. Got a little annoyed with the puzzles. -facepalms-Worked it out after watching Crystal Dust on YouTube. But anyway.. i ended up downloading the German one since it has a longer demo just means Google will be making itself more useful to me. I must know what happens next *-*

Pocket Mirror

I quite enjoyed the demo; The main part I adored was the little girl and her face sets. Must have taken a while to get fantastic artwork like that drawn for the little girl.

And I loved the text window. Her voice was adorable, and the way you used the tile-sets, was amazing. ^^ Keep up the good work~

Will she have a name? Just curious.

Eternal Wish - White Wishes

Is the project still being worked on? Or has it been dumped?.. Cause I really enjoyed the Demo. And have been waiting a while to see if there were anymore updates. But besides that, I enjoyed the graphics of the game. You did pretty good with it.

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

v.v Am I the only one that is having problems downloading this game?>.< Each time it gets to 9% in the download, it flips out and goes "Error". Is there any other way of downloading it?

Love and War: Act I

... All I can say to that is.. Oh my god! -fangirl squeals- This was AMAZING! Truly amazing. I loved it! Though Juno kind of shocked me. Both him and Ryan.. Have such sweet melodic sounding voices. And lavie <3 My favorite girl character. Looking forward to Act II.

P.S: I love the artwork. It was brilliant!
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