Feedback on Chapter 3 Wanted! :)

Might be a bit late but I loved the game so...
1.Loving the story and how everything relates
2.Mika because she was helpless when 'bad things' happened to her and her village and it will have effected her more as a child than Micaiah as she was more mature. I also like Fleur and Rainer because of their personality and how this will affect them later on, scarring them deeper.
3.How does the boy think of Mika now after finding out about her? Will he be scared or not trust her later on?
4.Probably stay with her because he thinks she has changed, though i like the idea of having to gain his trust again by chasing him but stopping a thing get him.
5.I'm wondering more about Micaiah after Mika's story was explained
6.It's great how dark things have become, this is a massive step up from the previous chapters as more is explained. I also like how the horror aspect fits in so well.
7. The scene where you get chased down the stairs and can't look at the woman, I died so many times until I realised you need to burn the book, I kept trying to go around it. But the creep factor was definetely there.
8.Chapter 3, Mika
9.Not really
10.Yes. I was so scared when you had to go straight down and avoid looking.
11.The flashbacks but if you want the gamemplay ,again, the Chase scene lol.
12. (I was gonna put up a screenshot of the creepy face that pops up if you try go go left or right in the last scene of chapter 3 but it didn't work so... whoops)
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