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RM2K(3) games don't work on Windows 7

Just got a new system which uses Windows 7 (64-bit), I tried running RM2k(3) games and got the error:

This seems to have something to do with DirectX. I have DirectX and running dxdiag detected no problems. I tried compatibility and stuff but obviously still got the same error. Any help regarding this is much appreciated.


Hey everyone! I've been lurking on rmn for a while and found it really useful and inspiring. I decided that I just have to join the community... so here I am and this is my first post.

i'm 17. Not much of a developer *yet* though i'm getting pretty good at frankenspriting and recolouring (using fireworks though... anybody else using it??) but I'm hoping to develop a full-fledged game in the next 4 years (for self satisfaction if nothing else)

Oh yeah... the profile pic is my first scribble art(?) that i'm putting up publicly... not good i know, but i hope that one day i may become a good pixel artist. Cheers! XD
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