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Dragon Quest +
A new remix of Dragon Dragon Quest.


Help Me Out: A Survey

Hiya there. I know what you're thinking..."why didn't you put this in Help Me" but this isn't about games. It's about my college final. As you don't know, college finals are revving up and I need you simply to take a short survey on Public Transportation.


I'm utilizing the data for an Human Computer Interaction final. The survey itself is only 10 questions long. If you wanna do it, then do it. If you don't just...um...don't. I have no incentive sorry to say but this is a rather quick survey. For those of you interested in my games, I guess I could release 2 never before seen screen shots from DQ+(A new Minigame) and Father for at least, 1 survey response. I mean, that's all I can do for the fans that I do have...which aren't many XD.

Anything will help, plz...save the dying puppies and take my survey. Your responses are much appreciated and will guarantee my success in not failing this class.

Father: Monster Making Event

Hello RMN. For those of you who are interested in Father, thanks for showing your support. I really appreciate it. Today, I have a mini event that will be taking place. Here are the details:

Example enemies:

Mr. Fowl

Scaredy Cat

Info: Father encompasses an era where human influence has become very strong on wild life and insect life. The main reason for this is GOODY Corp, an unethical corporation, that will do ANYTHING to progress. Thus, wild life has suffered from their continuous forced natural selection, chemical emissions, and overall human influence. So, the monsters should be based off of real animals. That's the cutting point. I guess it is in a way like Mother 3 but the choices you can make are endless.

Running Time: Until Development Finishes.

Objective: Father isn't using Mother 3 enemies any more. I kinda found that to be quite tacky. Thus, I am beginning to create my own monsters for the game. The monsters are going to be influenced by the world. Essentially, the world is corrupting the wild life and upsetting the balance between humans and animals/insects. So... anything goes!


A.) All participants must send me a submission form to be considered.

Here's a downloadable version that you can send me: http://rpgmaker.net/users/Ljink/locker/FATHER_MONSTER_SUBMISSON_FORM.docx

You can also view the information and fill the form out on the Monster Maker Page.

B.) You may submit any number of monsters you want. You can send the sketches via PM or post it on this blog.

C.) Monsters must not use any strong sexual references. I know Crack Cocanine is going a bit far but there's not crack on the dog to be seen. In other words, I don't wanna see bananas, cherrys, or anything of the sort. Unless they are properly clothed.

D.)You must send it as a PNG file!!!
I will not accept any jpg, bmp, or any other file formats. Naturally, cameras take jpegs but you can find numerous raster based programs that allow you to export to PNG.

*REMINDER* The maximum monster size is 128x128 Pixels. That isn't the maximum file size but the monsters will be made in a 128x128 all the way down to a 16x16.

My only hope is that you have fun with this and you'll be able to see your monster in Father when it is released. Until then, you can try out a demo of the game that encompasses what it might be like.

The only incentive for you to participate is that you'll be noted in the credits and you'll be aiding in the creation of Father. I'm not asking that you do picasso work here. Just a sketch that you would make in your notes or something. I have plenty of ideas, I just thought it would be cool if enemies from RMN were on here. But I guess I'm not that popular to run such an event.

Example Submission:


Name: XXX

1.) Name: Crack Cocanine

2.) Monster Attack Phrase: The Crack Cocanine tried using peer pressure...

3.) Monster Stats

-BP: 20 BP

-ATK: 2

-DEF: 2

-SPD: 3

4.) Monster Spoils:

-Sack Lunch (50%)

5.) Monster's habitat: Plains

6.) Monster's behavior: Agressive

7.) Anything else I should know about this monster?: He is a vicious mutt who became addicted to stimulants.

Thank you for the submission. You will be notified if your monster has been accepted via PM.

[RM2K3] Looking For Mappers, Scenario Writers, Testers, Spriters, and any other position that you think may help.

Okay, lez try this agane.

Game Title: Father: My RPG Maker 2003 Swan Song

Short Description: A young man, his friends, and pet cat uncover the mystery of a fiendish corporation.

Father is a game that is inspired by Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games of my childhood. Thus, that is why there are Pokemnon, Dragon Ball Z, and Mother 3 graphics that build the game.
Esssentially, the game will encompass 7 areas, each with their own theme. There is a High School which is inhabited by a specter, a desert that holds a vast amount of tresure in a lost pyramid, there is a jungle on a far off island, a volcanic mountainous area, a swampy marshland, a snowy magical academy, and a city in the sky. Each holds a clue to finding out the plot of GOODY Corp and Will and his friends must travel to each area, each with its own troubles, and progress to the end.
In Game Map:


Will(You can change his first and last name): He is the protaginist of the story. He's simple, easy going, and at the same time he's confused. His father mysteriously passed away after his announcement that he would quit working on a high profile Resurrection project.

Deru Albright: He's Will's best friend and a major Pokemon nerd. He's always teasing Will and he often tries to help him get girls even though he doesn't have any.( Currently working on his portrait)

Kimiyo Miyamoto(Kim for short): She is Will's friend for now but Deru keeps trying to get them together. She's smart, cunning, and very considerate of others.

Mai: Mai is Will's pet cat. She likes fizzy pop, hates milk unlike most cats.

To be honest, the game isn't super deep. The story itself has some deep themes but overall, as far as battles go and leveling up, it's quite simple.

There are 32 total upgrades to get, totaling 8 upgrades per stat. The stats are

BP(Your HP Level): Each BP Disc Upgrade adds 100BP to your meter.
ATK(Atatck Leve): Each adds 1 ATK Point and so on for Defense and Speed.

As far as the game itself, it is being built on RPG Maker 2003 and it's my last game I'll make amateur as I'm in college now trying to learn 3D and storytelling so that I can do this for real but this has been fun. As for the game itself, it features a menu and battle system that don't utilize the actual battle and menu engines already in 2k3. I've devised these on paper then I just put em to action.

The menu is simply, you see all the info you need on one window. You have a cursor that acts as navigation and you can access settings that can enhance your experience such as a Gameplay Timer, Directional Help arrows, and other settings. The items will consist of story items, consumable foodstuffs, and items that you use on the fly like your MX 3000 bicycle. Here's a screen of the actual menu:

One of the defining features of the game is Good Deeds(Pictured above in the bottom right corner). In the game, some areas will require you to perform a certain amount of Good Deeds to progress. This isn't often but when it does happen, it is important. You can look at who needs what kind of help at the town or city bank and once you've helped them, you might get compensated, you might not but you will get 1 mark towards your Good Deed count. There's 99 Good Deeds in all and all of them will have to be done if you wish to access the extra area.

You also see at the bottom left, there's an area called Trades. This is a concept borrowed from Zelda: Link's Awakening where you'd get an item to trade with someone else all the way through the game, until you get something that you actually get to keep. I loved the concept so much in LA that I felt I had to put in in this game in some form.

There's also Automatic items: These will be deployed when you need them. These consist of revival remedies and other items I can't mention yet.

Specials: Specials are this game's gimmick. There's 3 of them. Mattocks, Cut Blades, and Power Rings. Mattocks break 1 rock, Cut Blades cut 1 bush, and Power Rings allow you to push rocks around for 30 seconds. Once again, taking keys from Pokemon as it is dear to my heart.

As with any traditional game, there are status effects. Poison makes you lose 1-5BP every 5 seconds and can be cured with an Antidote. Headache makes you walk around like a crazy fool. This is annoying and can be cured by snorting aspirin Powder... just kidding! Somebody asked me if you're supposed to snort it, no joke. You put it in a glass of water guys... . And finally, Paralysis makes you stand still for sequentially longer periods of time to the point that you're fully paralyzed and must return to your last save point. This can be cured with a Tranquilizer.

I mentioned there's a bank in the game as well. Moneybag's Bank is where you set up your bank and storage accounts. You will need to set up a pinn number to access your bank account when you're at an ATM or a Storage Unit. In addition to this there is a Hotel known as Hart's Hotel, and a store known as Lucky's Superstore pictured below:

That should pretty much cover the game as of now. Just keep in mind that this game is a light hearted game with splashes of deep themes. Nothing too fancy, nor is it too bland. I want this game to be simple and fun as it pulls inspiration from Pokemon, the RPGM2k3 game Wither, and a Gameboy game called The From for whom the bell tolls.(It's basically a precursor to Zelda: Link's Awakening)

If you haven't gotten the gist of what I'm about take a look at some of these screens:

What Help Do I Need?

Listen guys, first off, this game is free to everyone. Once you play it you will find that the quality of the game is usually a cut above the norm but I still want it to be free as this is an amateur game being developed by amateurs. Compensation isn't a thing here. You will of course be glorified in the credits and I give many thanks to you for making this possible but I'm a dude in college just trying to get by. I don't have much to go around with. So I'm asking that you help, with the thought that you'll be helping me create something that I hope becomes dear to people and touches that nostalgia from the GB and GBA days.

So here's what I need:

2+ Co Scenario Writer

Skills: Writer

Level: Advanced (Professional if possible)

Job Description: I am looking for writers that will aid in the creation of mini stories for the game. I'm only one person, and my knowledge of story telling is not as diverse as I would like it to be. I'm learning but I'm not there yet. Which is why I'm looking for people who are able to write short stories. The game is spread around 7-8 areas. I have covered the Ghost in the Highschool, the Desert and the snowy area's scenarios. I would like it if I could get 2-3 stories from each writer. Nothing has to be super deep or anything, in fact I would like it if you focused on comedy and light hearted conversation in your story concepts.

Estimated Time of Work: Until Father is fully developed

2+ Mappers

Skills: Mapping

Level: Advanced (Professional if possible)

Job Description: Mappers are very important to the development of Father. With that beings said, you would have to be very decent at mapping to help. I've been told that I am a very decent mapper and I like to think so. I think I know what makes an interesting map. However, there are only so many ideas that I have pertaining to map making. So here's what I need of you. I would love it first of all if you were familiar with Pokemon style mapping. Large areas that are full of adventure. I would most likely need around 5 maps from each mapper. I will also be assigning you a specific area if you apply. The 5 main areas will comprise of:
-A Town, -A Cave/Tower/Mountain/, -General exploring area(Similar to Routes in Pokemon Games). As of now, I'll be handling the inside of the house as they're quite difficult to see how I'm doing it. -2 secret areas that are made available by use of special items like Mattocks, etc. Things will make a lot more sense when we talk.

Estimated Time of Work: Until All Maps are Completed (A couple of Months at least but it's not like I'll be hounding you or anything.)

1+ Testers (No more than 6)

Skills: Be able to test a game and give decent feedback.

Level: Doesn't matter,just be able to play games.

Job Description: You'll be testing updated builds of the game whenever they come out. This won't be often as the game follows a template that should allow less bugs. You simply need to be able to provide feedback in a PM or word document. Don't be afraid to say anything but be constructive. I will warn you, don't be expecting anything like Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy. This game is much simpler in scope. This is more like a Yume Nikki game or like I've mentioned, Wither.

Estimated Time of Work: Until The Bitter End XD
Just for credibility I am a decent illustrator and I got 8's and 9's on many of my College English finals. I'm not a great writer but I am a creative writer and I do use a lot of voice and personality in my writing. You've seen a couple of portraits from the game in the characters section, but that's just for this game. Other works include:

Dragon Quest + (Still Active) Dragon Quest +


It's got a decent profile built up and I guess people are waiting for it but I kind of fell out of love with it when Square Enix started releasing better games that adhere to the originals. I'm thinking about cutting the extra content except for 1 bonus dungeon.

Where Only Dreams Can Take You (No Longer Active) WODCTY

There Was Also a followup revival to WODCTY but I never released the demo because I wanted to save the ideas for my personal work and once again, time got the best of me and school just wouldn't stop kicking me around. This project was called Project Home: Esteria strory and it was about a group of teens finding out where they belong. During that time period my family was homeless so that's when I thought of that idea because I really didn't know where I fit or if I belonged anywhere. I, as the characters, were trying to find a home. It would have been a great game I think but I was just too over my head again and I had much more important things to work on. The only thing left of it are these screens and strangely I still have the demo. Who knows, I might even pick it back up, but most likely not as it uses exact rips of characters from Tales.

I'm primarily a Manga artist but I do traditional cartoons as well. I actually was the first to do cartoons for our school newspaper. They weren't really good because I had to fit the boring subject matter in the cartoon. I don't have many scans of images that I've done but I will try to get around to it.

I know how tedious this can be. I understand that people may be frustrated to work with someone who hasn't finished a game fully(Dragon Quest + in 90% though). But All I ask is that a group of people come together to aid in my final bow. Once again, no pay. But when you finish the game, I guarantee you'll feel good inside. That's the game's goal. I want to make people laugh, smile, and enjoy what they're playing. Hopefully, someone, will step up and help out. If not, as I have said, I might not make the game that I want this site to have. Thank you.

[RM2K3] Bad Bad Database

Okay, so I've been working on Dragon Quest + and I've hit a hard one. I guess it was my fault do to bad eventing that I forgot to take out when I first started the project in 2012 and the common event happened to activate. Now, that's not the bad part. When that happens, the game locks up and I'm like, no big deal I'll just do a end task like I've done in the past with troublesome windows. So, I open the game back up and the custom title screen, nothing... responds. The arrow keys don't respond, nothing. Now, transferring the hero to a different map isn't as laggy nor do the buttons act as bad. However, when I start from the custom title I can't progress. And running it in full screen I swear only goes at 1FPS. I know 2k3 is a bit laggier on Windows 8 in FS but this was worse than ever. I kid you not, it was running at 1FPS.

But get this, I had an old Database file for the game in a backup folder(it is useless now) but when I replace the current one with the older one, everything works just fine, but the common events that I've added since the backup are no more. Also, even when I do start in another room besides the custom title, I can see the pictures setting themselves up and the screen transitions (i.e "Fade Out") don't work, it just shows up. And yes, I have set the screen trans to the appropriate ones. And get this, every other game works like a charm. It has to be the database that got corrupted somehow. Not a map tree corruption by the lmt file, just a lbd issue.

Just to let you know, I 'm running this on Windows 8 in Compatibility mode and I even tried every other mode it offers. I had no problem running this in Wine but I had to upgrade my laptop to my new one for other reasons. AND, I wouldn't even be here if I had looked at my specs before I bought it and saw that there was no CD drive installe!O.o Heck, not even Wubi works so I can't really install Ubuntu or Zorin right now. sigh... can someone help? Or, is there any kind of fix for this or something that I may use to ensure it won't happen again?

Translation Team

Hiya everybody! It's Ljink! Well, my game Dragon Quest + is going well and I think I'll finish ahead of schedule but I need some help. Ya see, while posting the game all around the web I found 2 masses... well 3 actually that want this game translated. The Japanese, French, and Spanish. I have already found about 3 people aiding in the French translation from a French site called Dragon Quest Fan.

I am fluent enough in spanish but I'm not perfect at it so I'll need help on that translation too. However, the main problem is Japanese translation. I don't know if opening the game in a Jap version of 2k3 will work or not. Then again it wouldn't because Japanese is a don't take me wrong but it is a strange language. And Hello isn't a 5 letter word in Japanese.

SO! I'm asking anyone if they will aid in the translation of the game taking effect starting on January of 2014. If you want in, say so , PM me, saying that you want in and which team you want to be on. I'm taking about 3 French, about 3 Spanish, and any Japanese translators because I don't know the language. Sadly, I cannot compensate you for your time... all I can do is give you a special spot in the credits. I would use Google Translate but we all know how bad that is in translating... especially Japanese. It is okay in French and Spanish though.

So if you can, please help in the translation. You will probably get assigned Maps to do translations for and I'll give you guys that stuff and a readme when that time arrives. Thank you!

This is Ljink, signing off!

CSS: Help Please

Uh, hey guys. This may be the wrong section to post this question but this is the most appropriate topic I saw. So anyway, I'm having trouble implementing CSS into my game profile. (I can do HTML and XML but God forbid I know CSS) The thing is is that it shouldn't be that hard to use though. It's similar to HTML and XML in some ways.

Well back to the problem, I've tried going to top 272 on this site(the CSS article) and copied and pasted the background block into the CSS box of the profile. Even when I copy finished edits, nothing shows up. It's weird. I heard somebody mention that it may have to do with RMN 4 updates but I wouldn't count on that. OH, yeah the image is this...

Sorry if it's huge but anyway. This is what I'm trying to use. I'm trying to add transparency to it as well in the background. Is it not working because the image file is too large? Don't get frustrated with me I don't know this language yet. I just want to know how to do this, and I don't really feel like learning the entire language at the moment. Can somebody help? It'd be greatly appreciated.


Hey guys, I'm doing a Inquiry paper on videogames and I need at least one of your helps... if I'm saying that right. Preferably somebody who knows a bit about the topic at hand, I need you to answer these questions and provide your full name or just your first name when answering these questions. I need to have this interview in as a source by Friday, March 22nd. Please fill it in if you can. If you want me to send you the word file I can do that too. Or just answer here. If you can replace XXX with your name or I'll do that later.

DOOMED: An Interview

This interview investigates how other ordinary people just
like you and I think about videogames and their existence. Whether console games stay
around long or not I interview --- about how he/she feels about today’s changing
gaming field and whether or not it can survive in this economy’s current
condition and our untamed technology field.

Will: Do you feel that videogame consoles will last any longer? Explain.


Will: How do you think the current video game market will recover?


Will: Why do you feel that some gamers are ditching consoles for mobile games?


Will: How often, if you have one, are you on your phone vs. a game console or a handheld?


Will: Is there a reason for the way you answered the question above?


Will: Do youthink gaming companies such as Nintendo aren’t trying to move forward and
compete with mobile games? Why?


Will: Do youthink the economy has to do with the gaming market’s current slump, specifically
pointing out Nintendo’s Wii U?


Will: Although highly unlikely how would you feel if all of a sudden Nintendo went
out of business or Sony’s gaming sector went out of business?


Will: We hear it all the time, are videogame companies doomed? If so why or why not?


Will: Thank you --- for taking time out to take this interview. Any last thoughts?


Thank you very much:D
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