Balmung Cycle Part I: The Messenger and the Heretic

In the dungeon of Iggdrasil spring with 3 pillars and a book, which should explain, where to place the pillars, I don't undertsand, where to place the pillars.
Can you please help?

Infinity 3

The Liberty Police Station is closed. How can I open it?
There should be a quest.

Star Stealing Prince

Thank you for the beautiful game. I really enjoyed it, but I didn't understand the end. Will there be a sequal?

Q&A & Help

How can I proceed in Balmag Subterrance? There is a barrier at the entrance, a crystal and 4 lamps.
Thank you, found the solution. Vera has to be the leader of the party.

Q&A & Help

Thank you for the answers, all three of them being very helpful. I forgot about the teleporter, but finally found the town.

Q&A & Help

Thank you for the answer.
I looked at the map and tried to get there from Lindblum, but don't know how. There are mountains everywhere. I have got a letter for the Altair's elder, to use the Altair tunnel. But how to get to Altair?

Q&A & Help

Where is the town Altair?


Also I have problems with Zeul.I'm level 99 with my entire party:
Vahn, Godot, Oalston and Elina. Perhaps I have the wrong members in my party.
I've left 80 potions,4 x-potions,29 ether, 6 turbo ether, 2 X-ether, 1 megalixir,
52 mega-potions.
I used the emblems, how you have suggested.
What can I do? I'm pretty far in the battle, but Zeul kills the entire party at once.

Journey to the East

Thank you for the answer, found it. It's a beautiful game, but I am absolutely not able to defeat Delphinia. Did most
of the members of the Guild before her, but with her it's impossible.
I followed your suggestion with changing the keys. I have a German keyboard, so I changed to WASD and tried to put all characters to X. But partially they flip back afterwards. My best rating with Delphinia is about 50%. I'm near to give up. I tried for hours. It's such a pity! How did other people manage? It's a game for the kids, who are very quick with the keys, I think.
Can you tell me, why the keys flip back?

Journey to the East

It wasn't a bug, I made a mistake with the puzzle.
I've got another question: The woman in the library: Galina (still in the Chancellery?) doesn't sell me a potion.
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