Greetings fellow creaotrs of worlds and their fates...

My name is LordBloodySoul and I am a member of a crew called "The Horrorpuppets" (our family RPG-Making company). I am one of five members. My work is the writing of the story, mapping of our world as well as the creation of battlers and events for our RPG.

I am a devouted writer and artist who loves changing the style over time and try out something new everyday.

The Horrorpuppets have been working on our RPG for almost 20 years now. Since 1999 we try to develop this ambitious project, but three years ago we had to lay it to rest, due to home relocations and our real life work. But we decided to take it on once more, about three month ago. Since then we work to change our previous designs into the RPG VX Ace, since this is what we decided to work with.

I hope to gain experiences back that I have necklegted so long. Sorry for my bad english, but I still hope it is all understandable.

I wish for us all to work hard and maybe one day have the project of us Horrorpuppets conquer the hearts of RPG enjoying fans all over the world.

Sincerly thankful Regards

LordBloodySoul - Writer of "The Ages of Agony"
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