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Broken Reality
fantasy world with lots of exploration



Broken Reality - Version 14

Guys, for updates on the game development, please check either Itch.Io (https://lord-rutsah.itch.io/broken-reality) or the facebook page. The devlog system itch.io uses is great. I have hired an artist to do the basic party members and the class girls, and he is doing a brilliant job. Check the devlogs to see the details.

Broken Reality - Version 14

Hi I was wondering when the next update was estimated to come out. I keep coming back everday to check up on this wonderful game lol. Best of wishes.

When the stars align and great Cthulhu awakens from his eternal sleep... Honestly I'm struggling with how much work there is to do. There is new stuff all over. I'm hoping it will be done by the end of February.

Broken Reality - Version 14

And how can i beat onyeka without killing her
Sorry for the delayed answer.

In the current version you are playing, no, you can only kill the drow queen. In the new version I am currently making (I have already made her content) you can not only fake her death, meeting her later and earning rewards for that, but you can also marry her and reach a game ending with that (she is much more developed as a character, there is even an h-event with her, and quests to do with the dark elves). It will require the player to have negative karma though.

Yes, the letters were written by Hyou. If you find and read all 3 letters of Hyou before meeting him, you are allowed to spare him instead, meeting him again much later in the game, when he will have opened up a shop and will help you with another quest.

If you are a berserker, you get the choice to fight her one on one, and after defeating her in combat, you get the choice to either kill her, or spare her.

Broken Reality - Version 14

Hey Rutsah! I wanna start by saying great game you have here I'm up to floor 7 atm and I'm having a lot of fun. I hope you can polish this game to a level where you can sell it on steam. (or maybe put it up on early access).

I have noticed a few bugs here and there but the ones that i felt i need to notify you about is that you can bring more than 2 perks (which i assume you intended for the max being 2) from the fortune teller, i myself am running like 5 of them. The other bug I noticed is the weather changing when you walk in the middle of the floor 7 town its quite jarring/annoying because you have to pass through there a lot from the gargoyle to the inn.

A little suggestion in the story is maybe create a narrative at the beginning to compel the player to interact with the teleport stones and climb the 'floors'to reach the end of the game. Does not have to be along the lines of Mother telling you "Hey you try get to progress the story by touching the portal stones".

-The game will actually be uploaded to Steam in 3 patches. The one I am making now ("Into the Jungle"), the next one which will be a mini-patch (I call it "the Hogwarts Update"), and the last one before the Steam release (the "Theodoxa" patch). The game will remain free, but there will be a large DLC at around 8 euros with tons of extra content.

-You are actually meant to take as many as you'd like. They all have downsides to them anyway, and it allows players to be creative with what they wish to gain and give up. -I have already fixed the weather for the next patch, same for the lag you mentioned in your next comment. In general the next patch will run much smoother than the current version. The bug you mentioned in Floor 10 has also been fixed.

-The game is currently in the version 13.8. The Theodoxa patch (2 patches from now) will be version 14.0. In version 15.0 the whole concept of Floors will be removed completely, and the world will become united, with much bigger freedom in which direction you wish to follow and with what order you want to visit the areas. The current portals will be changed to fast travel points, which you must discover to activate (they will be separate from the bosses). The game will be pretty much open-world.

Broken Reality - Version 14

Hey,i found somethings on the 8th floor, specifically on Imperia.

I healed Right, so i helped the Mad King in my run. After the last event against Leona, inside the magic shop, there is a sheep and a man talking. Interacting with then will make a error appear:
"Script 'Popup message' line 347: NoMethodError occurred.
undefined method 'screen_y'for nil:NilClass"

Then, after Ezalor healed Right, he says that Azar (i'm a blood magus) is in the inn north of the castle, but she is not there. Now, i don't know if you didn't add the event yet or if it's missing entirely.

Inside, the portal room in the castle, there are some adventurers talking about being on a game. And in the 9th floor, the majority of Hana's and Bloodfang's portraits appear as the old ones. (i know that you're changing this things gradually, but i think it's worth to point where they are)

I have fixed all of these in the new update, excpet for ezalor talking about Azar. That's where I will put one of her future missions.

Broken Reality - Version 14

I have yet another question. If you free Cherry before ending Tala's quest on the Gatekeeper's Core, the item (Gatekeeper's core) will lose all it's usefulness?
If so, i will go back on the save files and complete it before losing more time.

If you free Cherry you cannot give the Core to Tala, but the Core is still a usable item that can cast burn once per battle (it is not consumed). In the first place, you might have chosen to keep it for yourself anyway.

Broken Reality - Version 14

Found a bug.
When you try to present evidence to the sheriff about the succubus case, a error will appear.
"Unable to find file: Graphics/Characters/$Hachi2"
I guess this is probably because i had Hachi on my team in the moment already

Nah, it's because I f@ck around a lot trying to tidy up the countless sprites I had made in the game's files in the past. I have already fixed that for the next version, but for now just copy-paste any of the images in graphics->characters folder and rename it "$Hachi2".

Broken Reality - Version 14

I can't find the code for Bastet's chest on floor 5. It's annoying really, how i can't figure it out, i can't be this stupid. (912 does not work, so i can't be it i suppose).
I already roamed the entire brothel up and down and couldn't figure out about the code

Might as well spoil it here, but pay close attention to exactly what the picture with the code says. She is already around 1 years old in the picture, so her birthdate would be 912 - 1 = 911

Broken Reality - Version 14

Help! I can't get out from the area after cleared Kaliska Quest.(the area I mention is Kaliska quest)

Just go back and speak with the witch. Then you can get out from the east.

Broken Reality - Version 14

I'll give that a try, but it's laggy even in the very beginning. I started a game last night, and there's a weird stutter just walking across the wooden tiles of the home (it disappears on the grass outside). The port city after you pick your class is similar, with a weird walking stutter that disappears on the grass.

Other than that, it's the delay for battles to start. And last time I played, I found some area where you climb up a mountain and dive into some weird hellish place, and oh my god that crawled so much it was killing my system.

I'll give the next version another shot. I do dig it overall, though I think the plot's a bit incoherent early on; did you originally have this as a different game? Because the first few floors - and the entire concept of floors - seems like a Sword Art Online rip, but then you also start out on an island and take a boat to the mainland.

People simultaneously seem to think they're in a video game and in a real world, and it's unclear if this is two separate story drafts beating each other up or a lore point that in-universe the world's kinda weird.

PS, I dig berserker. And I like the Vanilla Killer background. Big boosted stats + that martyr perk to tank makes things a breeze. Though it does mean I have no idea what abilities berserkers get :D

-Those are sound effects, based on the surface. They do cause a bit of a lag on older systems, but I have managed to reduce it in the newest version.
-The next version will require you to restart the game (which is good, because I have been changing a sh!tload of stuff in it, including what perks are available and what the remaining original perks do). + It will have collectibles and other stuff, + new quests.
-The game did start as a game set in the SAO world (it's complicated, it wasn't exactly SAO to begin with). Since then the storyline has been completely retconned, and I am changing it more with every patch so it is a proper fantasy world, D&D style.
-If you find any remnants of the old plot (people mentioning SAO, video games etc), do report them. I change them wherever I find them. (leave the mentions of "Floors" now, they will be changed in patch 15, which will be after Steam's release. I am planning to only leave "Illfang's" name from the original SAO features).