I am Vectra, the Ruler of the Fiendish Elves.

Race?: I'm a FIEND LORD!!!

Favorite Color?: Black

Favorite Game?: Dragon Age Origins

Favorite Movie?: Dragon Age Dawn of the Seeker

Favorite Food?: Sirloin Steak

Favorite Drink?: Orange Juice

Favorite Animal?: Pandas

Favorite Candy?: Airheads

Favorite Fruit?: Peaches

Favorite Music Genre?: No particular genre but I do absolutely love listening to love songs.

Favorite Game Genre?: RPG

Favorite Book Genre?: Romance

Drink Alcohol? Smoke?: Never did and never will

Do you have any siblings?: No, I'm the only child.

Hardest year?: 7th Grade

Best year?: 4th Grade

Strongest RM skills: Eventing, Writing, and interior mapping.

Weakest RM skills: Scripting

Hobbies other than RM?: Playing video games.