I love you all so, so, much! Just remember that, and don't ever stop being the best that you can be!

I'm not on drugs. I just love you all.

Fantastically Fun

Thank you for playing! I did not expect to see this lovely playthrough here by you, kory_toombs. I am glad that your child found the music very happy. I made it myself using the program FL Studio. I think I do need to change it up over time, though.

But yes, some of the way that I do the puzzles might be frustrating or counter-intuitive. But I'm glad you played and thank you very much. :)

5 Days to Go: Gunn

You have a man named Gunn! This is so awesome! I am so proud of you and I hope that you continue to make marvellous things!

Picked up Season 1 of Space Dandy today. Hopefully it's as good as everyone's made it out to be.

I think that sometimes you must not get caught up in the furor of what other people might say and judge with eyes unclouded of hype. Then you will be able to understand truely what you think of this dear anime. Much luck to you!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Just your stock Wolf monster.

That is a nice screenshot you've got going on there.

Maps Weekly!

What an ominous map you've got going on there. How fun!