For over 12 years, I have been creating my own video games and art. I started out by creating games on Microsoft Powerpoint believe it or not and then graduated to Rpg Maker and eventually to more advanced engines such as Construct, Unreal Dev Kit, and Game Maker. I have mastered Adobe Photoshop over the last several years and have become proficient in using Blender. I have a passion for creating, learning, and now teaching =]



Easiest Way to Make a Platformer Game in Only 20 Minutes

Hello RMN,
I know you love video games and I recently made a tutorial on youtube for those looking to make a platform style game quickly and easily. My goal is to promote that video and my website cheapvectorstock.com and I felt this was a good place to do so. My video is free and if you enjoy it please show your support by liking it and sharing it. Thank you RMN and Happy Sunday!

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Lockez: That's a very detailed description. Thanks for taking the time to do that. Your idea is definitely do-able, I think in a true marsh I can implement something like that. When I have an area like that I'll post it and you can tell me if it's to your liking. Thanks again!

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@CashmereCat: Perfect, posting this definitely paid off. I'll lower the opacity then and save this for truly reflective surfaces. Thanks!

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Ratty: Right I realize that, I was thinking the amount of reflection is based on more location and amount of rain. This place rains a lot and the amount when it rains can be a lot, enough to turn the grasslands into a marsh. Do you think it's still too reflective for that? Considering the water when it's super reflective is probably a good couple of inches above the ground. I appreciate the feedback and would love to hear your response/critique.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Nebelsoft: Yeah the run is based on acceleration so it takes him a while, but as WIP 2 below shows...I have switched it so now auto-run is enabled and if you want to walk you can hold space. Thanks!

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Blindmind: That means a lot coming from you, thanks brother! ~Sano
@JS: Thanks so much, my hard work is definitely paying off..this would be the start of my dream game for sure.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I was considering doing a tutorial on working with textures and panoramas for Rpg Maker. I made a concept image for it so far and if people are interested in doing similar things I'd be happy to help.

Full Map

Extra Screens

Breakout Hero

Thanks Kentona! Heh that's very old school, my first system was a snes but I did come across an Atari at my older cousin's home when I would visit as a kid. For me Breakout Hero is the perfect way to learn the ins and outs of a new engine and begin learning how to create some custom stuff. It's been a fantastic learning experience for me as I'm doing everything solo. I've definitely learned a lot in the last year and hopefully I can continue learning and creating. Of course a team would also be nice, might ask RMN if anyone is interested =]


Are any of these graphics custom? I'm in love man.