For over 12 years, I have been creating my own video games and art. I started out by creating games on Microsoft Powerpoint believe it or not and then graduated to Rpg Maker and eventually to more advanced engines such as Construct, Unreal Dev Kit, and Game Maker. I have mastered Adobe Photoshop over the last several years and have become proficient in using Blender. I have a passion for creating, learning, and now teaching =]


Easiest Way to Make a Platformer Game in Only 20 Minutes

Hello RMN,
I know you love video games and I recently made a tutorial on youtube for those looking to make a platform style game quickly and easily. My goal is to promote that video and my website cheapvectorstock.com and I felt this was a good place to do so. My video is free and if you enjoy it please show your support by liking it and sharing it. Thank you RMN and Happy Sunday!

Levelo for PC and mobile devices

This topic is about my start-up Levelo which is in need of funding and the support of communities such as this one. To anyone interested in a gaming start-up, we need your help!

Breakout Hero is a game being developed by Levelo for the PC platform. It is also a reward for our backers of the King Class and higher. This is the reboot trailer showcasing wip gameplay; with all new sound design, improved physics, and improved graphics and art direction. Thank you again to all of our backers and supporters.

For more information on my Kickstarter Campaign and the 5 apps that need funding and community support please visit my page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/725907213/levelo-apps

Thank you so much everyone!


Campaign for Software Start-Up

Hey RMN,
We're on a mission, and we need help. I'm starting a software start-up and campaigning for support. All the information is in the link below so click if you dare. If you can support us that'd be awesome.



Making Your First Video Game Course on Udemy

Hey RMN!

I have a course I recently started on Udemy.com for those interested in making their own video games, but have no clue where to start. My course, "Making Your First Video Game" is intended for a novice, someone who has always wondered how games are made but no idea where to start. I have put together 28 lessons covering everything you need to know about the Rpg Maker game engine in order to create your own game. I go over the basics first and towards the later lessons, show you how to create your own custom systems and graphics. There are over 9 hours of lessons in video format for you to view at your own pace and time.

I saw a need for my course as there aren't many in-depth tutorials for beginners for game design and game making, especially for the Rpg Maker engine. This was my first tutorial series and I learnt a ton making these over the course of several months. I feel I am at a position to continue helping others learn and would love to do so if possible.

So, let me give you guys the summary of my course on Udemy:

Have you ever played a video game and wondered, "How did they do that!?" I've asked that same question many, many times since I was a child. Over the course of a decade I have experimented with different engines and software including Rpg Maker, Game Maker, Multimedia Fusion, Construct, UDK, Torque, Blender, and Photoshop to name a few...all in the hopes of learning how to make my very own worlds come to life.

My video lectures will start off simple and teach you how to use tools to create your very own worlds in the form of video games! I will start off with the absolute basics and go over easy to use engines, working my way up to more advanced lessons over time.

If you are a novice and have no idea how to create your very own video games...than my video lessons are catered just for you. I go slowly so you can follow along and give you all the information you would need to understand the fundamentals while giving you all the freedom to experiment and make each tutorial your own sandbox playground and because my lessons are all videos you can go at your own pace and time.

What you will learn:

Learn the fundamentals of game design.
Learn how to make your own game from simple maps to a full scale epic adventure!
Learn how to use engines to make your worlds come to life.
Learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop to bring your own unique flavor to your games.

I realize most of you already use rpg maker here on RMN but for those that have never tried it or have no idea how to fully utilize the game engine or even where to begin... I feel my course would really help you.

The course is set at $15 but the first 100 users can use the coupon code MYFVG to get a $5 or 33% discount, so all the content and 28 lessons for just $10.

Here is the Coupon Link: http://www.udemy.com/making-your-first-video-game/?couponCode=MYFVG

I am hoping this promotion will generate some interest, I'd love to teach and continue to do so down the line. My future plans include courses in Adobe Photoshop, Blender, Adobe After Effects, and Construct for now.

I welcome feedback and reviews, I will work on better serving my students from them.

Course Link: http://www.udemy.com/making-your-first-video-game/

Thanks for your time everyone!


Community Contest: Map and you could win $25 and other prizes

Lotus Games is starting up a community contest sponsored by Save Point Video Games.

Here are the rules for the contest:

-Post a video response on youtube for this video:

-Create a single map in any engine you wish. It can be 2d or even 3d.
-Play through your map in your video and talk about whatever you wish. Some ideas might be your creative thinking process, you could tell us what inspired you, if there are any objects or areas of significance.
-The map can be any size you wish and can be whatever you wish...forest, town, cave...
-The deadline is May 31st. You can submit your video response at any time you wish though I would recommend you do it sooner than later.

How will the winner be determined??
-Simple, the video with the most likes will be declared the winner! This is why you'll want to post your video response sooner than later, as it will give people more time to view and hit like!

Why should I join this contest??
-Well it's a community event so first and foremost it is meant to be fun!
-The First Place Winner will receive $25 store credit for Save Point...a new gaming company based in North Carolina. You will have $25 to use for whatever game you wish.
-The First, Second, and Third Place winners will receive a FREE copy of the Special Edition of Eden Gate, a home-brew RPG being developed by Lotus Games. The Special Edition is reserved for generous donors to LotuSoftware however the top three will get the game regardless. Eden Gate is currently in development and is due for release by the end of this year.

How can I help?
-You can all help by really getting behind this community event and lending your talents and time to either make maps and post video responses on youtube, supporting each other by going through the videos...commenting and voting on your favorites.
-You can also help by supporting Lotus Games in our endeavors and Save Point Video Games in theirs!

Support for Lotus Games:
-Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lotus-Games/367228413296722
-Follow our blog: http://lotusoftware.blogspot.com/
-Subscribe to our youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/LotuSoft24?feature=mhee

Support for Save Point:
-Like their Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/savepointvg

By just taking a few seconds of your time to hit the like, follow, and subscribe buttons you can really help jump start these two start-ups. We appreciate all your support guys and we think of you first in our endeavors so please help us with your support and together we can make Lotus Games (LotuSoftware) and Save Point Video Games a success!

Good Luck to everyone who participates, I can't wait to see the creativity that will emerge from RMN! Being a member of RMN myself and having dabbled in a couple of mapping contests here, I recognize the talent so I for one can't wait to see what you guys create =]


How to Make Your First Game [Tutorial Series]

Hey RMN so I've been making tutorial videos on youtube for the past few weeks now for anyone interested in making their own video games. This is for people that don't know how to get started and I try to do my best to make it interesting and fun. Now these are the first video tutorials that I have ever done so I'm finding out that I am getting better with time but at the same time I hope you give me a chance =]

I just uploaded my "Part 4: Working with Panoramas" video today and I feel I have created enough videos at this point where people can actually create there own maps from having watched my videos thus far. SO...it's time for a community event!

"Community Note! Create your own map...2d or 3d...any engine you want; this is for newbies, professionals, those who have kept up with my tutorials and want to apply that information to your own map...and post a video response to this video showing off your skills as a mapper. You can use RTP, your custom graphics, or the graphics found in my blog:http://lotusoftware.blogspot.com/2012_02_01_archive.html
Talk about your creative process and your vision for your map...w/e you want. Collaborate and join in on the fun!"

-Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77uB6htgz_s&feature=youtu.be

-Here is my youtube channel where you can find the entire series thus far:

-You can find the LotuSoft blog here: http://lotusoftware.blogspot.com/

-Finally here is our facebook page, make sure to like us...we could use your support!: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lotus-Games/367228413296722

Please rate, like, subscribe, comment! Every bit helps guys and to those of you who do or have already...I want to sincerely thank you!


Also RMN, I do spotlight events on my blog for game developers. If you have a project that you are passionate about, please do message me...If I see you have clearly put love and work into it I will happily spotlight it in my blog! No need to be shy, message me here on RMN or on my youtube page, fb page, or even my gmail: LotusGames24@gmail.com

P.S. To the mods, I wasn't sure whether to put this topic in the creative corner or General D&D if it goes in the later could you please transfer it there? Sorry about that and thanks in advance.

Lotus Games

Hey RMN, I'm Kannes from Lotus Games and I just started a new blog: http://lotussoft.wordpress.com/
You can support us by hitting the "follow" button at the top of our blog page.

Check it out for tutorials on game design, FREE Map and Object packs you can use to make your own games, and posts about gaming news in the industry as a whole. A large amount of this blog will be about my indie games and the development and challenges in making them.

Also go to our Facebook page to support us by hitting the "like" button: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lotus-Games/367228413296722?sk=wall

Thanks for your support guys and gals.


Hey I'm Kannes, I represent Lotus Games. I look forward to sharing my work with the community. Please look forward to it.
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