I need a name for a damage stat that is more harshly mitigated by armor. Attackers using this stat are much more damaging to low-armor targets than to heavily-armored foes.


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"My father told me this would happen."

But if you don't like that, I guess "Finesse" would work.
I did this once: Damage was calcualted by (Power - Defense) * Multiplier and weapons were broken up into high power / low multiplier and low power / high multiplier (with a bit of defense falling off as hp dropped). I called them Hard and Soft Attacks since inspiration of the whole thing came from Hearts of Iron 2 where brigades had similar attacks. Soft attacks were more effective against brigades with low hardness (ie: infantry brigades) and hard attacks were more effective against high hardness enemies (ie: armored divisions). Pretty bland names though, maybe cutting that is affected heavily by armor and piercing for not?

Hahaha I completely misunderstood what you are going for! I've got nothing atm then.
Okay, I guess I should've given this some more context.

This issue sprung out of musings on armor-penetration stats. Since my damage is literally just "skill damage, times attack, divided by defense," percent-armor-penetration is literally a "deal more damage" stat, indistinguishable from Ph. Attack.

This stat is therefore a form of flat-armor-penetration found on certain weapons. Having 10 Stat means "you ignore 10 of your target's Defense." This translates to much more damage to frail targets than to heavily fortified ones.

I considered something like "Sharpness" or "Keenness" but a name that -also- explains its function would be excellent. I suppose I have plenty of screen space for reminder text if I can't find a suitable name, though.
Piercing? Or maybe just call it Armor Penetration, for clarity's sake.
Well, some old projects of mine that had a stat vaguely like this called it "Trauma", which was elaborated as "amount of flesh destruction" and would have no effect on an enemy who's armor rating was above the weapon/attack's Piercing rating.

It was based on terminology I saw being used to describe the effects of different types of guns and ammunition, though other times "Piercing" was "Penetration" and "Trauma" was "Stopping Power" or "Tissue Damage/Displacement", or something like that.
Piercing? Or maybe just call it Armor Penetration, for clarity's sake.

My only issue with that is that people expect Armor Penetration to be better against... armored targets, rather than the opposite.

I think I'll lean towards just labeling the stat's effect wherever it's listed. I have the space for it.
Flay/Flaying is the best I came up with during teeth hygiene. Excoriate came up as a synonym which sounds neat (it's the x).
"Rend" stat or "Rending" damage might be a good word for that?

"penetration" on its own works perfectly fine imo too - it doesn't mention armour but the number of the stat will let people know the "penetration rating" of the weapon.

(Or "edge" if you wanna be cheesy)
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Evisceration, impale, cleave, rend hide (hide being leather and cloth type armors), pierce hide, hide penetration, low-armor defense break (kind of wordy but that has that technical edge that some RPers like and does describe your tech), low-armor break.
Maybe something synonymous with damage? I know, damage is such an all-round term. >.<;

Blunt damage

Or Hollow Point bullets :)
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Exploit Frailty: "Increased damage to weakly-armored targets."
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