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Filter needs your help (again)!

Ah, RMN has changed our account! There were some issues and we've now moved the account to something a bit more accessible. You can access the new account via the Donate link.

That explains it. Great, I did another monthly donation. needs your help (again)!

I just received an e-mail from PayPal. My monthly payment got suspended. Any idea why that is?

Shindra Duel Adventures

This is presented as a card game, but it play very much like a pokemon game. Cards level up and learn moves at fixed levels like pokemon. There is a team rocket-like organization running around and your primary goal is to defeat them. The game length is about 1/3 the length of an actual pokemon game, with about 3 towns. That said, there's alot of features and cool stuff in here. Try it if you are looking for something that looks like RTP but plays like pokemon. (no 1v1 battles though)

I picked blob as starter, but traded it away like an idiot. My final party ended up being chimera (fire is a very good element that alot of enemies are weak to, also has strong heals), ice lady (good mix of ice spells, buffs, and attacks), ogre (slow, but high attack damage after buffs), and god dude (heals, revive, debuff, confusion). I didnt have to actually use revive at any point but it's good to have. The game is about as easy as a pokemon game anyway, so there wasn't anything too intense.

BUG: At event park when i talked to the EOC man, the scripted main menu got partially stuck on the screen after i backed out of the EOC there, disabling all my menus and turning my character invisible. I could still move around the map for some reason.

Hi bicfarmer! Thank you so much for playing my first game. I will look into the bug as soon as possible. That shouldn't be happening. The difficulty was pretty hard to make. If you play it the right way and trade your cards with NPC's or fuse your cards, you can get a pretty good team.

There are some harder challenges in the game. (Some are locked behind passwords.) One you can unlock by beating my second game complete Eling: First Dimension.

Looking for artist who can create a world map


As the subject may suggest, I'm looking for someone who can draw a world map for my upcoming game Twell: Sword of Light. It has to be a map in your own drawing style. I can deliver the full world map in one image where you can see every map of the world. I can also send you the Photoshop file so you can play around with the separate images.

It's a big world overall but you don't have to draw it all in full detail. I also have a small description for it but I think the image itself says a lot.

Send me PM with your portfolio and your price and ask me your questions if you want. Your name will of course be mentioned in the game. needs your help (again)!

Your website makes sure our games will be played. So I have a donation subscription to help. I'm not very active in this community but it would be a nightmare to lose this website.

It's been a year

Well it was all thanks to you bud. If it wasn't for you I never would've had the courage to release it, so I'm extremely grateful. You know how much I enjoyed Shinra Duel Adventures so I'm looking forward to whatever craziness you come up with next.

That really is a long time ago. I almost forgot how we got in contact. That's awesome! I'm happy that I could be a small part of your success. :)

It's been a year

Sounds like it's going to be one exciting game. Good to hear from you again buddy!

Hi! Good to hear from you. Turns out your demo is doing pretty good so far! Get a lot of notifications from your game. That's really great news. :)


Sounds reminiscent of Zelda. The fact that each boss requires you to use the tools and skills you've recently acquired to defeat it is probably my favorite aspect of the Zelda franchise, so this sounds quite promising. Bring on the giant spiders, baby!

I'm not trying to be a Zelda clone because I think Zelda games are masterpieces. But you can find some ideas from a game like Zelda here and there.

Hi, I just came here to say that I didn't forgot about this game, and for what I saw so far, this really has potential to be great. So I'll keep patiently waiting until it comes out, and I wish you good luck with it! :)

You better not forget about it. :p I will remind you when it comes out. I have a lot of material to work with. To give you an idea, I'm around 50% of what I want with this game, maybe 40%. However, I'm not building this from a starting point of the player. I started with the things that I didn't like to make and do the more fun stuff later so making the game is getting more fun later on.


Wow, I really do like the look of it, the spider boss especially! Your artist really did a wonderful job with the sprites. I also do like the layouts of the boss fight areas.

Thank you! :) I'm really happy with the skills of Avee. Also, every boss fight in the game has a unique way the beat. Some require you to use items that you've found in the dungeon or other dungeons. For example, you need to use the bow and arrow to hit the weak spot on the tail of the snake.

[RMXP] Working with Dropbox

Hi, I am new to Dropbox. How does this work? The application can be uploaded to Dropbox, and anyone with the password can access it from anywhere?

You download Dropbox and it will function as a folder on your computer. The files in this folder will be uploaded on your Dropbox account so you can have access to them on any device. You can give permission to other people to use your folder. You do that on the Dropbox website, share a specific folder and give the persons Dropbox account e-mail. That person has to accept your invitation and your folder will be in his own Dropbox folder.