maybe you can add lighting effect for the magic circle on the floor too. Anyway it looks beautiful.


It looks like the default battle system. Perhaps try tweaking some of the elements or adding simple card minigame like triple triad?

Hero's Realm

i really love this game! Great work! <3

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

I've been waiting for this. Looks really nice. <3


It's one of my favorites and first rm game I've played. Love it! <3

The Three Visions

The game's getting better at mid to the late game. But it's a bit confusing in the battle. Could you give an option to adjust the battle speed?

Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

how get elementalist stone or wizard? and anyone can share god mode code pls? this game too hard, enemy too op in normal mode -__-

I believe (from my second playthrough) the god mode is NOT easy mode. it grants you high level items and characters early but the difficulty stays the same for the rest of the game in my opinion. Wizard Stone? What's that????

The Three Visions

Hi, thanks for playing this game.
Sorry, but you can't play v1.04 using the old save file. :(
Hope to hear for more from you. :)
I'm not using prev save.

The Three Visions

Continue the game from the Darksteel Cave crystal and got an error when entering the battle.

Avelions - The Ancestors

Well,,,I'm sorry I think it's not worth 4.5 yet.
There are several things I dislike. -almost all enemies near the end of the game CAN'T be defeated no matter how strong my character is. -We should buy the robots in sequetial order? It wasted your money. -the gameplay becomes a mess in the last half of the game. But that's my personal taste, dont get me wrong bro,,,I hope this game do better in the future release.
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