Finally got started with Ace! Any tips on some must-have scripts/fixes? So far, I've added an auto-shadow killing script and a script that fixes the followers' jumping.


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"wait you made this a career?"
You'll probably want some of yanfly's scripts but other then that it really depends on your project
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Yanfly's message system has become a must-have for my Ace projects, as is Tsukihime's resource-checker, despite the known issues with it. Which... I might have a fix for?
@charblar and Marrend: I've added some Yanfly scripts already, after seeing how awesome they were in VX. They seem very user-friendly and versatile. I know that Yanfly has a good reputation as a scripter, so using his scripts feel like a safe bet.

@Red: That's a pretty awesome script, Red! It contains a lot of important things without being too complicated.

Thanks for the tips everyone! Ace definitely feels like a huge improvement after using VX for so many years.
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