Yo! What programs do you guys and gals use when you make pixel art? I'd like to try my hand out at some simple 8-bit graphics, but I'm not sure where I should start.


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I use PyxelEdit for all my stuff: Link

It's got good tools for making tiled graphics and creating palettes, as well as helpful stuff like a scaling circle brush/scatter brush and a decent colour replacing tool. It's still in development, so there are some minor issues, but it's served me really well. The only downside is that the animation support isn't very good/sort of roundabout to use.

The main reason I enjoy it so much is because of the way the brush works, which I'm unrealistically picky about. It's got the best one IMO.
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I use GIMP, because it's free and... I dunno, I guess I just had it already? It's fairly simple to use too :D
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I use Photoshop because I got it for
PyxelEdit for me as well. Especially if you ever want to try tiles.
It has a clean simple layout with all you need. You can adjust tile sizes, copy, rotate and do other stuff with tiles, import stuff to edit and so on. I haven't tried to animate anything with it so no idea how that works.
The only thing missing is indexing (is that the term?) the colors so you can actually use the .pngs in the maker. (I used Gimp for that)

I love it. I haven't used it in a while though.. I wanna pixel more. They have a free version of it as well which is perfectly fine to use.
Thanks for the replies everyone! I'll definitely give PyxelEdit a go. GIMP is and will probably always be my main program when it comes to image editing in general.

EDIT: PE seems very solid! I just made a lil' face:'ve got to start somewhere, I guess.
I use Aseprite, which is specifically built for pixel art and game development.
I've been meaning to try Aseprite actually, just... Money.

It looks like it'd be pretty solid for learning/practising/making animations, from what I've seen.
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GIMP, for the same reasons as Kloe.
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I use Graphics Gale. It's completely free and it's pretty much tailor made for pixel art. It has some stupid stuff, though, like forcing you to pay for the full version to make GIFs and weird, un-photoshop like, tool standards.
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GraphicsGale for me too.
As a member of the elite PDN Masterrace, I recommend PaintDotNet
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