Anyone have any tips on how to get in touch with companies like Nintendo, Square Enix, HAL Laboratory?


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I hear standing outside their respective company buildings and yelling for 5 hours works.

No but seriously, there may be an email or something you can write to? XD Why would you like to contact them? ^.^
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There are several inventions that have recently entered the human consciousness; among them the telephone, the internet, and the stamp and envelope. The websites of these companies often have pages that tell you how you might reach them using these methods.

Telegraph might be a bit old fashioned...
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What do you need to get in contact with them about? If it's business-related, either you'll hear from them first or you'll need a contact to get a word in with them.
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in situations like these, where you need to get the attention of some massive corporate entity, it is sometimes necessary to resort to more aggressive communication tactics
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Make a polished fangame using one of their IPs
Square got the collective. It should be rather ease to get in touch with someone there.

They also got a support chat.
Just ask your uncle who works there.
Are you going to show them how to make better games? That's what I would wanna tell them. They tricked me into paying full price for Mario Tennis on Wii U.
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IDK about composing, but here's how it works for art, and I assume it's similar:

1) Go to company website

2) Jump to the verrrrry bottom

3) Locate "Contact Us" link and click. If there is no such link, they don't want you and you're fucked.

4) If you're lucky, there's a method of submitting freelance portfolios. If not, you're going to have to figure stuff out in each site, because they're all different. I'd suggest asking about the contact info for the creative director.

As a caveat, you're likely to be fighting an uphill battle, since you're not Japanese and don't have any personal connections within the companies. Cultivating professional gam mak connections is a good plan, as is freelancing out to smaller, local projects before pursuing the big guys.

Good luck.
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