The Way Ep 3

DOwnloads are currently pending submission, should show up REAL soon.

The Way Ep 4

DOwnloads are currently pending submission, should show up REAL soon.

The Way EP 6

20 Hours MINIMUM. You'd have to miss out on LOTS of things to finish in that time.

The Way EP 6

The guide is like 499/500 Incomplete, I'd like to fill in for that last part of Episode 6.

Somehow find your way through the cart puzzle, ask on the forums if your stuck. After you reach the end of the track, go up into the next screen, then right into the next screen. Open the nearby chest for a notch item. Go up and take the left fork, not the stairs. There will be another notch item. Take the stairs, left, then down the stairs. There will be a patch leading down. Follow it into a room containing notch items. Exit, back to the stairs, take the right and pick up the nearby notch item. Go into the next room.

Follow the patch to the next screen. Follow the path into the next room again, where you will be lectured. After that, there will be three doors on the bottom of the room. Take the rightmost one (make sure you save) stand in the middle of the Pentagram for a minute to fight a lesser. Win this and you will get a series of notch items.

Exit, head into the left most door. Climb down unbelievably long double set of stairs and into the next room. Then in the next screen, down the LONG flight of stairs into the next screen. Go down, a little bit left. There will be a place to jump up into a piece of parted land. Jump onto it, follow it to some notch items. Jump back, fight your way through to the next screen.

Down the flight of stairs. There will be two fork options leading to down and right. Take the down fork, and get the notch items. Back, follow the right fork into the lower section (getting the incredibly obvious notch item before going). There will be a save point and a notch item. Save, and try to walk through the little squeeze. You'll fight a boss. Mince technique will utterly destroy this boss, if you have it.

Into the next screen. You get to choose between the Endings.

Reaches Ending â€" Complete the four Shadow plunge tests, go into the top hole and beat the two bosses with the last one being super difficult, but not impossible. Basically, get every notch items possible, get all techniques possible, get the best auras possible, best companions, get some luck charms and a couple of tries.

Lexus Ending â€" Complete all side quests relating to her almost perfectly, go into the leftmost door at the final choice.

Normal Ending â€" Not do one of the Lexus sidequests, go into the leftmost door at the final choice.

Try to get all the endings.
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